09 March 2014

NMB48 Kenkyuusei Shimazaki Momoka Announces Graduation

On March 8th, NMB48 Kenkyuusei Shimazaki Momoka announced that she will graduate the group because she wants to focus on her studies. Her graduation show is scheduled for March 14th and her last activity will be a handshake event on March 15th.

Shimazaki Momoka who is currently NMB48's youngest member joined the group in December 2012 as part of the 4th Generation. She is the fifth 4th Generation member who leaves NMB48.

This is the second graduation announcement for NMB48 in a week. On Monday Nakagawa Hiromi had already announced her leave. Her graduation show is one day before Momokas.

Shimazaki Momoka's graduation announcement
Original Message
I, Shimazaki Momoka, will graduate from NMB48.
At age 11, I joined NMB48 as part of the 4th Generation. Now I am 13 and in the time until today, I have been able to make various experiences, I was able to get support by many people, I was able to spend a really happy time, and I am grateful for that.
But while being active (in NMB48), I worried about balancing NMB48 and my studies.
I thought "If I graduated now, I would not be able to meet all those people again who supported me" and so I tried my best. But I also thought, if I didn't choose studying now I would not be able to advance, so in order to be able to advance on the way to my dream, I now chose to graduate NMB48.
I am really sorry for not being able to repay all those who at times supported, at times  encouraged me. I will never forget the love I have received from you. I also will never forget the people who took care of me in NMB48. I want to make use of all the things I have learned (in NMB48) and work hard with all my power in order to grow into a wonderful adult. I will focus on my studies, and definitely fulfill my dream.
Also I will treasure the time I have left in NMB48 until my graduation. Please support me until the end.

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