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AKB48 Is Looking for a Part-Time Member
Following OtonaAKB, AKB48 came up with a new form of temporary membership: part-time idol. Find out more about this new project here.
AKB48 Team 8 Makes Theater Debut
AKB48 Team 8 performed its first theater show on August 5. Get more information about the shonichi performance here!
SKE48 Announces 7th Generation Auditions
SKE48 is looking for new members and this time the fans will be part of the decision about who joins the group!
AKB48 37th Single Senbatsu Election - Final Results
AKB48 held its election for the 6th time and for the 1st time Watanabe Mayu won it. Check out the full results here!
Details on the AKB48 Group Pennant Race
The AKB48 Group teams will compete against each other in a new event, the AKB48 Group Pennant Race. Points will be awarded based on theater ticket applications, theater version handshake ticket sales and sousenkyo votes.
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29 June 2014

SKE48 15th Single Title and Senbatsu Announced

On July 30th SKE48 will release its 15th single and now the title and senbatsu have been announced. The single is called [Bukiyou Taiyou] ('clumsy sun').

For the first time in SKE48's history senbatsu consists of 20 members. Iwanaga Tsugumi, Kumazaki Haruka and Futamura Haruka make their senbatsu debut. Transferred/concurrent members Miyazawa Sae, Watanabe Miyuki, Sato Sumire and Yamada Nana also appear for the first time in SKE48 senbatsu.

SKE48 15th Single [Bukiyou Taiyou] Senbatsu
Team S: Azuma Rion, Oya Masana, Kitagawa Ryoha, Futamura Haruka, Matsui Jurina, Miyazawa Sae, Watanabe Miyuki
Team KII: Oba Mina, Takayanagi Akane, Furukawa Airi, Furuhata Nao, Yamada Nana  
Team E: Iwanaga Tsugumi, Umemoto Madoka, Kimoto Kanon, Kumazaki Haruka, Sato Sumire, Shibata Aya, Suda Akari, Matsui Rena

In: Iwanaga Tsugumi, Kumazaki Haruka, Sato Sumire, Futamura Haruka, Miyazawa Sae, Yamada Nana, Watanabe Miyuki

Out: Ishida Anna, Kizaki Yuria, Yamada Mizuho

Official Announcement video:

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27 June 2014

NMB48 Yogi Keira Announces Graduation

On June 24th, NMB48 Team N member Yogi Keira announced her graduation because she wants to focus on her studies. Her graduation show will be on July 2nd.

Keira joined NMB48 in 2011 as youngest member of the 2nd Generation. She became an original member of Team M when it was formed in early 2012 and was shuffled to Team N during the Dai Sokaku Matsuri. She made NMB48 senbatsu four times, for [Oh My God!], [Junjou U-19], [Bokura no Eureka] and [Kamonegikkusu].

Yogi Keira's Message
Original Message
I, Yogi Keira will graduate NMB48.
I passed the NMB48 audition and joined as 2nd Generation member when I was in my 6th year of elementary school.
Right after joining I was chosen as senbatsu member for the 2nd single "Oh My God!" and also for the following single and then Team M was formed and I could be active as a team member.
I could also do a lot of different work and was able to participate at many concerts, I really, really had a fulfilling time everyday.
But I also had stuff to think about, now I am a third year junior high student which means I am an exam student (note: meaning she has to take high school entrance exams this school year). Thinking about my future I felt that I want to become able to speak English and I also want to study abroad.
I feel like balancing school and work would be a difficult thing in this case. So I consulted with various people and thought about it and in the end I chose this way of graduation because I have to decide my life for myself.
But I haven't given up on my dream of becoming a hollywood actress so I will do my best to become a great hollywood actress in the future!
Everyone, thank you so much for supporting me all this time. All those who supported me and all members who worked together with me, I really love you. My remaining time in NMB48 is short but please support me!
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20 June 2014

AKB48 Tops Oricon First Half 2014 Ranking

Oricon has released its rankings for the best selling releases of the first half of 2014. As expected AKB48 takes the Top3 spots with [Labrador Retriever] on #1. #4 and #5 are taken by Arashi but on #6 Nogizaka46 already makes an appearance with [Kizuitara Kataomoi] ranking higher than any AKB48 sister group singles. 

In the album ranking AKB48 also took the top.

All 48/46 relevant rankings are:

1. Labrador Retriever- AKB48 1,764,489
2. Mae Shika Mukanee- AKB48 1,151,372
3. Suzukake Nanchara- AKB48 1,086,491
6. Kizuitara Kataomoi- Nogizaka46 538,090
7. Mirai to wa?- SKE48 502,835
9. Takane no Ringo- NMB48 443,069
11. Sakura, Minna de Tabeta- HKT48 322,186
30. Barette- Nogizaka46 91,800
39. Sansei Kawaii!- SKE48 72,887
50. Koi Suru Fortune Cookie- AKB48 55,626

1. Tsugi no Ashiato- AKB48 1,036,751
25. already- Not yet 85,844
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New Announcements: AKB48 Group Tokyo Dome Concerts+ NMB48 2nd Album

As announced on June 19th, AKB48 will again hold concerts in Tokyo Dome. Three concerts are planned for August, one by AKB48 alone and two by the AKB48 Group. This is the third time for the AKB48 Group in Tokyo Dome and the first time an AKB48-only concert will be held.

The dates are:
August 18, AKB48-only
August 19, AKB48 Group
August 20, AKB48 Group

One day earlier NMB48 also had news to announce. The group will release its 2nd album on August 13. The title is yet unknown but several contents have already been revealed. The album will include all singles from [Bokura no Eureka] and songs for the new teams. The DVD will have the following extras:
-MVs for [Ibiza Girl] and the new team songs
-theater shows: [Koko ni Datte Tenshi wa Iru], [Idol no Yoake], [Tadaima Renaichuu]
-concert: [NMB48 Request Hour Setlist Best 50 2014]
-NMB48 feat. Yoshimoto Shinkigeki Vol. 9

A short PV for the album's lead song [Ibiza Girl] has already been put up on the NMB48 Youtube Channel:

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Team 8 Okubora Chinatsu Leaves AKB48

As announced on June 18, the newly formed Team 8 has now already one graduation. Okubora Chinatsu who represented Gifu Prefecture left the group that day because she had difficulties balancing her work in AKB48 with her schoolwork.

The Team 8 members began their activities only two months ago. Since the team is supposed to have a member from every prefecture in Japan new auditions will now be held in Gifu Prefecture. Girls aged 12~20 who live in Gifu can apply until July 4th.

Okubora Chinatsu's Message
Original Message
Hello to all fans,
I am Gifu Prefecture representative Okubora Chinatsu. I am sorry for doing so after such a short time, but I have to tell you that I have decided to retire from being an Team 8 member. Since we started our activities a bit more than 2 months have passed, but for me there are a lot of things which, due to my AKB48 activities, I could not do the way I would want to do them for example balancing work and school. And I began to think that if this goes on I could not be myself in front of the fans...In parts I also felt that since I have already started (AKB48) I want to do my best at it, so I worried a lot but please let me retire now from my activities as Team 8 member. I am sorry for this selfishness.
Since I am the represantative for Gifu prefecture, I cause a lot of trouble with this (decision) to all those who supported me in my home region and all fans, but from now on I will cheer for Team 8 as a fan. I will do my best in my own way, so I'd be happy if you continued to support AKB48 and Team 8.
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16 June 2014

NMB48 Announces Nationwide Tour

On June 14th NMB48 announced its first tour for this year. The tour will be the first nationwide one NMB48 does. Up until now they have only toured Osaka Prefecture, the Kansai region, then West and then East Japan.

The tour starts on July 9th and ends on September 19th. A total of 10 concerts in 9 venues have been announced. The concerts will be held team-wise with 3 concerts each by Team N, Team M and Team BII and one concert by NMB48's Kenkyuusei.

The tour dates are:

July 9
NHK Hall
Team N

July 10
NHK Hall
Team N

July 14
Nihon Tokushu Togyo Shimin Kaikan Forest Hall (Nagoya Shimin Kaikan)
Team N

July 15
Hiroshima Bunka Gakuen HBG Hall
Team BII

July 16
Sunpalace Hotel & Hall
Team BII

July 22
Sendai Sunplaza Hall
Team M

July 23
Omiya Sonic City Hall
Team M

July 24
Kobe International House Kokusai Hall

September 18
Alpha Anabuki Hall
Team M

September 19
Centennial Hall
Team BII

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13 June 2014

JKT48 6th Single [Gingham Check] Released And Launch Concert Setlist

JKT48 have released their sixth single [Gingham Check]. The Sousenkyo single went on sale on 11th June 2014.
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10 June 2014

Oshima Yuko Theater Graduation Show Setlist

On June 9th Oshima Yuko graduated from AKB48. Her graduation concert had already been held one day earlier at Ajinomoto Stadium but her final show as a member of AKB48 was performed in the theater where it all began.

The main part of the show was a remake of Team K's 4th Stage Show [Saishuu Bell ga Naru] the show Oshima Team K performed most recently. Some additional songs were also included. The show was held by Oshima Team K but other current members as well as graduated 2nd generation members made an appearance to see Yuko off.

Oshima Yuko Graduation Show
Date: June 9th
M01. Mammoth
M02. Saishuu Bell ga Naru
M03. Boyfriend no Tsukurikata
M04. Erai Hito ni Naritakunai
M05. Ookami to Pride (Goto Moe, Shimoguchi Hinana)
M06. Return Match (Uchida Mayumi, Shimada Haruka, Fujita Nana, Matsui Jurina)
M07. Hatsukoi Dorobou (Kitahara Rie, Hirata Rina, Furuhata Nao)
M08. Gomen ne Jewel (Abe Maria, Suzuki Shihori, Maeda Ami, Muto Tomu)
M09. Oshibe to Meshibe to Yoru no Chouchou (Nagao Mariya, Fujita Nana)
M10. 19-nin Shimai no Uta
M11. Nakinagara Hohoende (Oshima Yuko)
M12. Stand up
M13. Coolgirl
M14. Kaiyuugyo no Capacity
M15. Ai ni Ikou

EN1. Shamu Neko
EN2. Melos no Michi
EN3. Sasae (all Oshima Team K members)
EN4. Gingham Check (Oshima Yuko, Kashiwagi Yuki, Kizaki Yuria, Kitahara Rie, Kojima Haruna, Kojima Mako, Sashihara Rino, Takahashi Minami, Matsui Jurina, Matsui Rena, Minegishi Minami, Miyazawa Sae, Yamamoto Sayaka, Yokoyama Yui, Watanabe Mayu, Watanabe Miyuki)
EN5. Everyday Kachuusha (as above)
EN6. Kyou made no Melody (as above+ Umeda Ayaka, Kobayashi Kana, Kuramochi Asuka+ graduated 2nd generation members Kasai Tomomi, Sato Natsuki, Takada Ayana, Noro Kayo, Hayano Kaoru, Masuda Yuka, Matsubara Natsumi)
--MC-- (members say goodbye to Yuko, Yuko makes her graduation speech)
EN7. Sougen no Kiseki (all)
EN8. Heavy Rotation (all except the graduated members)
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AKB48 in Ajinomoto Stadium+ Oshima Yuko Graduation Concert Setlist

On June 7th and 8th AKB48 took over the Ajinomoto Stadium for two days of events. On June 7th a short live was held followed by the 37th Single Senbatsu Election. On June 8th Oshima Yuko's graduation concert followed. The latter was originally planned for March 30th but had to be cancelled due to stormy weather. The setlists for both shows can be found below.

For the encore some of Yuko's fellow 2nd generation graduated members made a special appearance (reports differ on who of them actually came) .

AKB48 in Ajinomoto Stadium
Date: June 7~8

Day 1
M01 - Koi Suru Fortune Cookie (Senbatsu)
M02 - Medley: AKB48->SKE48->NMB48->HKT48 (all)
M03 - Aitakatta (all)
M04 - After Rain
M05 - Kimi to Niji to Taiyou to
M06 - Shoujotachi yo
M07 - Oshiete Mommy (Papico CM song; Owada Nana, Kojima Mako, Shimazaki Haruka, Matsui Jurina, Watanabe Mayu, Tsukamoto Mariko) 
M08 - Ponytail to Shushu (Team 8)
M09 - Oogoe Diamond
M10 - Kimi no Koto ga Suki dakara
M11 - Ai no Sonzai (title song of the AKB48 documentary; Kizaki Yuria, Kashiwagi Yuki, Kitahara Rie, Kojima Haruna, Sashihara Rino, Suda Akari, Takahashi Minami, Matsui Jurina, Matsui Rena, Minegishi Minami, Miyazawa Sae, Yamamoto Sayaka, Yokoyama Yui, Watanabe Mayu)
M12 - Mae Shika Mukanee
AKB48 37th Single Senbatsu Election

Day 2 - Oshima Yuko Graduation Concert  
M01 - Nakinagara Hohoende (Oshima Yuko)
M02 - Heavy Rotation (all)
M03 - Aitakatta (all)
M04 - Everyday Kachuusha (all)
M05 - Flying Get (all, center. Oshima Yuko)
M06 - Shoujotachi yo (new election senbatsu)
M07 - Itoshiki Rival (Yokoyam Team K) 
M08 - Heart no Dasshutsu Game (Minegishi Team 4)
M09 - Kimi wa Kimagure (Takahashi Team A)
M10 - B Garden (Kuramochi Team B)
M11 - Anata ga Ite Kureta kara (Oshima Yuko)
M12 - Scandalous ni Ikou (Oshima Yuko, Kojima Haruna)
M13 - Boku to Juliet to Jetcoaster (Oshima Yuko, Tano Yuka, Muto Tomu)
M14 - Shuumatsu Not yet (Not yet)
M15 - Juuryoku Sympathy (all)
-----MC ----- 
M16 - Iiiwake Maybe (Team 8)
M17 - Ibiza Girl (NMB48)
M18 - Nagiichi (NMB48)
M19 - Rock da yo, Jinsei wa (HKT48)
M20 - Melon Juice (HKT48)
M21 - Mirai to wa ? (SKE48)
M22 - Okidoki (SKE48)
M23 - AKB Festival (AKB48)
M24 - Hikoukigumo (AKB48)
-----MC ----- 
M25 - Oshiete Mommy (Papico CM song; Owada Nana, Kojima Mako, Shimazaki Haruka, Matsui Jurina, Watanabe Mayu, Tsukamoto Mariko) 
M26 - Kinou yori motto Suki (Smiling Lions) 
-----MC -----
M27 - After Rain
M28 - Kimo no Koto ga Suki dakara
-----MC -----
M29 - Seishun no Inazuma (Oshima Yuko, Miyazawa Sae; both tap dancing)
M30 - End Roll (Oshima Yuko, Matsui Jurina, Minegishi Minami, Yamamoto Sayaka)
M31 - 1994-nen no Raimei (Oshima Yuko, Kashiwagi Yuki, Shimazaki Haruka, Matsui Rena, Watanabe Mayu)
M32 - Kinjirareta Futari (Oshima Yuko, Takahashi Minami)
-----MC -----
M33 - River (Mae Shika Mukanee Senbatsu)
M34 - First Rabbit
M35 - Oogoe Diamond
M36 - Sayonara Crawl
M37 - Gingham Check (all)
-----MC -----
M38 - Yakusoku yo

EN1 - Kyou made no Melody (Oshima Yuko's graduation song; graduated 2nd Generation members appear)
EN2 - Sougen no Kiseki (2nd Generation)
EN3 - Sasae (2nd Generation)
(all members present at the concert shake hands with Oshima Yuko) 
EN4 - Mae Shika Mukanee
EN5 - Heavy Rotation
EN6 - Labrador Retriever
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09 June 2014

AKB48 37th Single Senbatsu Election - Final Results

On June 7th, AKB48's 6th Senbatsu Election was held at Ajinomoto Station to determine the senbatsu members for AKB48's 37th single which will be released on August 27th. About 70,000 fans waited in the continuing rain to see AKB48 Team B's Watanabe Mayu taking the AKB48 Group crown for the first time. With 159,854 votes Mayuyu also beat Sashihara's record of 150,570 votes from last year.

Last year's winner Sashihara Rino came in 2nd and Kashiwagi Yuki 3rd. With the graduation of three AKB48 top girls, Oshima Yuko, Shinoda Mariko and Itano Tomomi and with Watanabe Miyuki dropping out of senbatsu ranks 4 senbatsu spots became open and were taken by girls who never made senbatsu in the elections before: AKB48's Kawaei Rina, SKE48's Shibata Aya, Nogizaka46 concurrent member Ikoma Rina and HKT48's Miyawaki Sakura. Ikoma Rina also had the biggest increase in ranks: from none to #14.

Kawaei Rina did not participate in the whole event due to her injuries but came by for a few minutes to receive her trophy and deliver her thank you speech. Iriyama Anna is still on rest and did not appear but she was called by phone after her rank was announced and delivered her thank you to the fans.

This year's coupling centers are Nagao Mariya, Iwasa Misaki, Fujie Reina and Matsumura Kaori. For Iwasa Misaki it is already the second time she gets a center position in the elections after already taking the Next Girls main spot in 2012.

This year's results show unexpected election newcomers, high rises, heavy falls and one member who could keep her rank, Yokoyama Yui at#13. Check out the full results to see what this year's election had to offer.

Full results:

Rank Name Team Votes
-----Upcoming Girls line-----
80Oshima RyokaAKB48 Team B9,561
79Komada HirokaHKT48 Team H9,609
78Miyazaki MihoAKB48 Team K9,674
77Kobayashi AmiSKE48 Team E9,931
76Ogasawara MayuAKB48 Team B9,946
75Saito MakikoSKE48 Team E10,089
74Abiru RihoSKE48 Team KII10,092
73Yakata MikiSKE48 Team S10,733
72Yoshida AkariNMB48 Team N10,982
71Tanabe MikuAKB48 Team B11,041
70Maeda AmiAKB48 Team A11,117
69Yamauchi SuzuranSKE48 Team S11,510
68Umemoto MadokaSKE48 Team E11,538
67Murashige AnnaHKT48 Team KIV/NMB48 Team N11,586
66Iwatate SahoAKB48 Team 411,873
65Nagao MariyaAKB48 Team K12,448
-----Future Girls line-----
64Matsuoka NatsumiHKT48 Team H12,569
63Uchiyama NatsukiAKB48 Team B12,749
62Nishino MikiAKB48 Team 412,824
61Kotani RihoNMB48 Team N/AKB48 Team 412,913
60Sakaguchi RikoHKT48 Team H12,937
59Yabushita ShuNMB48 Team BII14,119
58Jonishi KeiNMB48 Team N14,194
57Ishida HarukaAKB48 Team K14,358
56Oba MinaSKE48 Team KII14,555
55Furuhata NaoSKE48 Team KII/AKB48 Team A14,634
54Yamada MizuhoSKE48 Team KII14,942
53Ichikawa MioriNMB48 Team BII15,045
52Kuramochi AsukaAKB48 Team B15,543
51Okada NanaAKB48 Team 415,873
50Kimoto KanonSKE48 Team E/HKT48 Team KIV16,002
49Iwasa MisakiAKB48 Team K16,100
-----Next Girls line-----
48Motomura AoiHKT48 Team KIV16,449
47Sasaki YukariAKB48 Team 416,726
46Iwanaga TsugumiSKE48 Team E17,479
45Tano YukaAKB48 Team K17,608
44Isohara KyokaSKE48 Team E17,616
43Shiroma MiruNMB48 Team M17,616
42Ota AikaHKT48 Team KIV18,143
41Yagura FuukoNMB48 Team M/AKB48 Team A18,596
40Kinoshita YukikoSKE48 Team KII18,822
39Anai ChihiroHKT48 Team H18,825
38Tashima MeruHKT48 Team H18,875
37Furukawa AiriSKE48 Team KII19,315
36Kojima MakoAKB48 Team K20,414
35Umeda AyakaNMB48 Team BII20,658
34Futamura HarukaSKE48 Team S20,881
33Fujie ReinaNMB48 Team M20,956
-----Under Girls line-----
32Kato RenaAKB48 Team 421,877
31Takayanagi AkaneSKE48 Team KII/NMB48 Team BII21,972
30Oya MasanaSKE48 Team S21,984
29Yamada NanaNMB48 Team M/SKE48 Team KII23,299
28Takahashi JuriAKB48 Team B23,612
27Tomonaga MioHKT48 Team KIV/AKB48 Team B23,766
26Takajo AkiAKB48 Team B24,415
25Moriyasu MadokaHKT48 Team KIV27,054
24Muto TomuAKB48 Team A30,097
23Kizaki YuriaAKB48 Team 430,154
22Minegishi MinamiAKB48 Team 433,162
21Kodama HarukaHKT48 Team H/AKB48 Team K33,545
20Iriyama AnnaAKB48 Team A34,002
19Kitahara RieAKB48 Team K34,666
18Watanabe MiyukiNMB48 Team BII/SKE48 Team S36,108
17Matsumura KaoriSKE48 Kenkyuusei37,967
-----Senbatsu line-----
16Kawaei RinaAKB48 Team A39,120
15Shibata AyaSKE48 Team E39,264
14Ikoma RinaNogizaka46/AKB48 Team B40,089
13Yokoyama YuiAKB48 Team K40,232
12Miyazawa SaeSNH48 Team SII/SKE48 Team S45,538
11Miyawaki SakuraHKT48 Team KIV/AKB48 Team A45,538
10Suda AkariSKE48 Team E48,182
09Takahashi MinamiAKB48 Team A57,388
08Kojima HarunaAKB48 Team A62,899
07Shimazaki HarukaAKB48 Team A67,591
06Yamamoto SayakaNMB48 Team N/AKB48 Team K67,916
05Matsui RenaSKE48 Team E/Nogizaka4669,790
04Matsui JurinaSKE48 Team S/AKB48 Team K90,910
03Kashiwagi YukiAKB48 Team B/NMB48 Team N104,364
02Sashihara RinoHKT48 Team H141,954
01Watanabe MayuAKB48 Team B159,854
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03 June 2014

AKB48 Reopens Theater

After the attack on May 25th, AKB48 had closed its theater for a week and cancelled all planned shows. Now the theater has been reopened.

The first show was held on June 2nd by Takahashi Team A, the team to which the injured members Iriyama Anna and Kawaei Rina belong. Both are still on a break and did not appear at the show.

To protect the members AKB48 made several changes to its security system. Metal detectors were established at the theater entrance. The number of security staff was also increased and for the opening show 6 policemen from the local police station also were on lookout in the theater.

Additionally, a kind of fence was established between the audience and the stage. A new step for AKB48 who always put great importance into being "close" to their fans.

Also it seems that due to the attack fans have already lost one of the AKB48 Group's fan services: during the show on June 2 the members did not see off the fans with high fives as usual and it is questionable whether the high-fives will be introduced again any time soon.

Furthermore it was not possible to watch the show on the monitor in the lobby as it usually was because for now only people with a ticket to the specific show or those who are on the cancellation waiting list will be allowed into the lobby (I don't know whether this is just a temporary rule or one that applies to all shows from now on).

For the upcoming election and concert in Ajinomoto Stadium belongings will be checked and metal detectors used as well.
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