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AKB48 Is Looking for a Part-Time Member
Following OtonaAKB, AKB48 came up with a new form of temporary membership: part-time idol. Find out more about this new project here.
AKB48 Team 8 Makes Theater Debut
AKB48 Team 8 performed its first theater show on August 5. Get more information about the shonichi performance here!
SKE48 Announces 7th Generation Auditions
SKE48 is looking for new members and this time the fans will be part of the decision about who joins the group!
AKB48 37th Single Senbatsu Election - Final Results
AKB48 held its election for the 6th time and for the 1st time Watanabe Mayu won it. Check out the full results here!
Details on the AKB48 Group Pennant Race
The AKB48 Group teams will compete against each other in a new event, the AKB48 Group Pennant Race. Points will be awarded based on theater ticket applications, theater version handshake ticket sales and sousenkyo votes.
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31 May 2011

Next AKB48 Concert announced: Seibu Dome

After quite a long wait since the last concert, AKB48's next concert will be on 22 to 24 July 2011. It will be held in Seibu Dome, which seats an incredible 35,655 people, more than double of their previous one at Yokohama Arena which seated only 17,000 people.

This is by the way AKB48's first 'dome' concert. Congratulations!

They will also be having a nationwide concert tour in August. A total of 15 concerts in 13 cities.

8/1 - Fukui
8/2 - Kagoshima
8/4 - Kouchi
8/8 - Tottori
8/10 - Aomori
8/12 - Miyagi
8/15 - Hiroshima
8/17 - Niigata
8/19 - Hokkaido
8/22 - Toyama
8/24~25 - Aichi
8/29 - Shiga
8/30~31 - Hyogo

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Tanisaki Tomomi graduates from SDN48

SDN48 2nd Generation member Tanisaki Tomomi has graduated. In a recent blog post on 29th May, she announced her graduation. No official reason was given.

Tanisaki, commonly known to fans by her nickname, Bambi, was in Senbatsu for Ai, Chuseyo She was originally in Undergirls B for the GAGAGA single.

The blog post can be found here.

SDN seems adamant on leaving no favourites for me. First Yukapo, now Bambi? This is what my top 5 look like now:

1. Ninomiya Yuka
2. Ito Kana
3. Kato Mami
4. Tezuka Machiko
5. Tanisaki Tomomi

All my enthusiasm for the SDN48 stage in Singapore is gone. I still want to watch it of course, but seriously, wtf. Is this a graduation season or something? I'm really not happy, but what can a fan do about it.

Still, I wish Bambi all the best in the future.
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29 May 2011

AKB48 12th gen Kenkyuusei profile pictures

Iwata Karen

Sasaki Yukari

Saeed-Yokota Erena

Omori Miyu

Muto Tomu

Tano Yuka

> Takahashi Juri

Hirata Rina

Suzuki Rika

Debuting only a few weeks ago, the profile pictures of AKB48's 12th generation Kenkuuseis are finally up on the official site. One interesting fact is that all of them are born within 1994 - 1998, ageing from 13 to 17 years old. Quite a young bunch.

Just judging from the profile pictures, my favourite from this bunch would be Iwata Karen and Muto Tomu. Which are your favourites?
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27 May 2011

Maeda Atsuko to take lead role in remake of HanaKimi drama

AKB48 frontgirl Maeda Atsuko will take the lead role in a remake version of Hanazakari no Kimitachi he ~Ikemen☆Paradise, aka HanaKimi.

The drama will start in July and is planned to be aired on Fuji TV every Sunday 9.00pm, which is a golden timeslot. It will have modifications to the original story. The original drama was broadcast in 2007 with an all-star cast.

The drama theme song will be AKB48's 22nd Single. It is not known who will be Maeda's co-stars.
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Rino Sashihara's 200 Blog Updates Challenge

Remember not too long ago how AKB48 member Sashihara Rino had a challenge called the Sashihara Project where she updated her blog 100 times in 24 hours?

She recently took on a similar challenge again on May 20th, this time to create 200 blog entries in the same time span of 24 hours. She said that the reason for doing this was to celebrate the 1st year anniversary of her blog.

Yahoo Japan News reported that the "Rino Sashihara's 200 Blog Updates Challenge" created the highest records ever among all Ameba blogs, by receiving more than 91,000,000 page views and 810,000 comments. Congratulations to Sashihara for creating history!

You can read the translated posts at blog48. The (poor) translators are still in the midst of finishing the 200 posts.

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26 May 2011

AKB48 21st Single [Everyday, Kachuusha] sells a million in 2 days!

Everyday Kachuusha ORICON sales
Day 1:  942,475
Day 2:  142,233

Total: 1,084,708

If there's any sign that AKB48's popularity is gonna decrease anytime soon, I don't see it. All they are doing now is rising and rising. AKB48's latest Single Everyday, Kachuusha smashed the 1st week sales of their preceding Single Sakura no Ki ni Narou in just a single day! Sakura no Ki ni Narou sold 942,479 copies in it's first week, and Everyday, Kachuusha sold 942,745 on it's release date, just barely making it over by 266 copies. Only 57255 copies left to a million!

Which of course wasn't a problem for AKB48 even with the usual sales drop after the 1st day. They managed to sell 142,233 copies and bring the total so far to 1084,708 copies. Everyday, Kachuusha is now #2 in the "Oricon best 1st week Single sales", and there's still 5 days left! Only 124k copies stand between them and Mr.Children's Namonaki uta, the Single with the best 1st week sales in Japan history.

#1: 1.208 mil:  Namonaki Uta / Mr.Children
#2: 1.084 mil:  Everyday, Kachuusha / AKB48
#3: 1.068 mil:  Addicted To You / Hikaru
#4: 1.028 mil:  Dango 3 Kyodai / Kentarō Hayami, Ayumi Shigemori, Himawari Kids, Dango Gasshōdan
#5: 0.958 mil:  Winter, again / GLAY

Do you think they will break the top? Comment!
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AKB48 3rd Senbatsu General Election - Early Results

Voting for AKB48's 3rd Senbatsu Election has started yesterday on the 24th. On the 25th after 1 day of voting, AKB48 announced the early results at the AKB48 theatre. Lots of big surprises! However do remember that this is only the early results, only a small portion of the total votes. There are still loads of unused voting cards left. There will definitely be a lot of movement from this result to the final result.

Results are as follows
Note: Since there is always the big problem of the Team colours, for this time I used the colours of the election posters from here. Except I darkened the Green of Team K to differentiate with Team KII.

01Oshima YukoAKB48 Team K17156
02Maeda AtsukoAKB48 Team A16452
03Kashiwagi YukiAKB48 Team B12056
04Takahashi MinamiAKB48 Team A8833
05Watanabe MayuAKB48 Team B8582
06Shinoda MarikoAKB48 Team A8016
07Sashihara RinoAKB48 Team A7357
08Itano TomomiAKB48 Team K6596
09Matsui RenaSKE48 Team S6559
10Kojima HarunaAKB48 Team A9537
11Miyazawa SaeAKB48 Team K5157
12Takajo AkiAKB48 Team A5096
-----Media Senbatsu line-----
13Minegishi MinamiAKB48 Team K3931
14Kitahara RieAKB48 Team B3860
15Kasai TomomiAKB48 Team B3102
16Matsui JurinaSKE48 Team S2843
17Yokoyama YuiAKB48 Team K2753
18Sato AminaAKB48 Team B2685
19Masuda YukaAKB48 Team B2201
20Kuramochi AsukaAKB48 Team A1793
21Takayanagi AkaneSKE48 Team KII1761
-----Senbatsu line-----
22Nakagawa HarukaAKB48 Team A1571
23Akimoto SayakaAKB48 Team K1502
24Hirajima NatsumiAKB48 Team B1484
25Yamamoto SayakaNMB48 Team N1444
26Umeda AyakaAKB48 Team K1441
27Miyazaki MihoAKB48 Team B1378
28Suda AkariSKE48 Team S1139
29Ota AikaAKB48 Team A1129
30Hata SawakoSKE48 Team KII1118
31Kizaki YuriaSKE48 Team S1053
32Oya ShizukaAKB48 Team A904
33Oya MasanaSKE48 Team S885
34Watanabe MiyukiNMB48 Team N854
35Sato SumireAKB48 Team B852
36Matsui SakikoAKB48 Team K814
37Oba MinaAKB48 Team Kenkyuusei811
38Komori MikaAKB48 Team B792
39Yagami KumiSKE48 Team S779
40Fujie ReinaAKB48 Team K778
-----Undergirls line-----

Remember to vote for the members you support! Voting started yesterday 24 May 2011, and will last until 8 June 2011. Voting tickets are included all copies, except theater, of AKB48's 21st Single Everyday, Kachuusha.

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25 May 2011

AKB48 3rd Senbatsu General Election - Election posters

Another important part of the Senbatsu Election is the election posters. All of the participating girls gets an individual poster resulting in 152 posters, a fact that reflects this year's hard competition. The girls decide the design of their own posters and can so individually appeal to their fans.

A small 3R photo of one of the election posters is included as a gift in the 21st Single theatre version.

Remember to vote for the members you support! Voting started yesterday 24 May 2011, and will last until 8 June 2011. Voting tickets are included all copies, except theater, of AKB48's 21st Single Everyday, Kachuusha.

Pictures of the posters are blow the jump, click for bigger size. Which are your favourite poster designs? Comment!

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status update

hi Melos here. As usual I apologise for the lack of posts. To put it straight, I'm sick. Very sick. Been down with the flu for the past 2 weeks and it doesn't seem to be letting up. Don't know what strain it is that's so tough but it doesn't show symptoms of those killer strains like H5N1 and such. Already been to the doctor 2 times in this week alone. I'm not in the state where I can be out of the house for long periods of time. It's not easy to concentrate on anything. However I am pushing my mind to it's very limits now. Hopefully I can finish this backlog of news today. Hope you understand.
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22 May 2011

AKB48 Kenkyuusei Suzuki Shihori Promoted to Team B

Announced on a Theater no Megami performance today, AKB48 12th gen Kenkyuusei Suzuki Shihori has been promoted to Team B. She will be filling up the gap created by graduating member Oku Manami.

Some information about Suzuki Shihori (Shihorin), she is 17 years old and is currently in 3rd year of High School. She is the tallest member in all of AKB48, standing at 171cm (the previous tallest was Shinoda Mariko at only 168cm). Her other nickname is Purple, because a kanji in her name is the kanji for purple (鈴木帆里).

Shihorin takes Kasai Tomomi's spot in Candy for the Kenkyuusei version of B5.

Shihorin was actually a member of AKB48 before. She was a 7th gen Kenkyuusei, and actually got promoted to Team B during the Team Shuffles 2 years ago. However she withdrew from the group shortly after because she felt "half-hearted and felt that she could not continue with her naive way of thinking, while her peers were desperately trying to achieve their dreams". Then during the Tokyo Aki Matsuri concert last year, she surprised everyone by appearing back on stage with the rest of the 11gens.

Some fans aren't that happy about Shihorin's promotion. "Like someone who got her turn but then left. Comes back later when the queue is long and the staff decide it's ok to let her jump queue." was what one person said.
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21 May 2011

Team N 2nd Stage [Seishun Girls]

On May 19 NMB48's Team N performed its second stage Seishun Girls for the first time.

Team N 2nd Stage [Seishun Girls]
No. Romaji Japanese Translation Singers
M00 Overture - - -
M01 Seishun Girls 青春ガールズ Young Girls Team N
M02 Beach Sandal ビーチサンダル - Team N
M03 Kimi ga Hoshi ni Naru Made 君が星になるまで Until you become a star Team N
MC1 - - - -
M04 Blue Rose - - Yamamoto, Ogasawara, Kishino, Fukumoto
M05 Kinjirareta Futari 禁じられた2人 A Forbidden Pair Yamada, Yoshida
M06 Ame no Doubutsuen 雨の動物園 The rainy zoo Watanabe, Kondo, Jonishi, Shiroma, Kadowaki, Mori, Matsuda, Kinoshita
M08 Fushidara na Natsu ふしだらな夏 A loose summer Ogasawara, Jonishi, Kinoshita, Fukumoto, Mori, Yamada, Yamamoto, Watanabe, Yoshida
MC2 - - - -
M09 Don't disturb! - - Team N
M10 Virgin love
- Team N
M11 Hizukehenkousen 日付変更線 International Date Line Team N
MC3 - - - -
M12 Boku no Uchiage Hanabi 僕の打ち上げ花火 My launched fireworks Team N
M13 Yakusoku yo 約束よ It's a promise, you know Team N
EC - - - -
EC1 Korogaru Ishi ni Nare 転がる石になれ Become a rolling stone Team N
EC2 Cinderella wa Damasarenai シンデレラは騙されない Cinderella won't be deceived Yamamoto, Watanabe, Yamada, Ogasawara, Yoshida, Kondo
Ame no Doubutsuen
Watanabe: Elephant, Kondo: Giraffe, Jonishi: Penguin, Shiroma: Chimpanzee, Kadowaki: Panda, Mori: Camel, Matsuda: Lion, Kinoshita: Zebra

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MELOS no Michi new format

MELOS no Michi
Current writers:
Mayuyued: transferred

1. Many a times we write drafts before we post. Often, we wait for more information before posting that draft. Sometimes that information doesn't come, so we basically only have 2 or 3 lines of info in that draft. So the draft gets pushed back, waiting waiting and waiting until that draft becomes old, then we have no choice but to delete the draft because it is outdated.
2. Writers are busy with school and other personal life. Me and Kieyuku is in college, Moonlight is in University, and i'm not sure what Sada is doing (she's doing fine though, just that SKE doesn't have much stuff going on). This is not uncommon, it happens a lot to many blogs.

SOLUTION: new format
1. Short detailed posts about whatever is writable (includes small news), with included thoughts and feelings and scepticism etc. This will be postable by any of the staff members. This is to ensure quick distribution of news.
2. 1 big combined post of all the small combined post on the same subject, but without the thoughts and feelings and scepticism.
     - for example there will be small posts like "akb48 37th Single announced", "akb48 37th single covers", "akb48 37th single tracklist" and so on, this will all be combined into a big post "akb48 37th single".
     - Will implement 'change logs' to differentiate the new info from old info in the combined posts.
     - Will also link the combined post in the small posts, and vice versa, at the bottom of the posts.
3. current writer positions will be promoted to "team leader" or something like that. I'm not good with this type of naming. anyway they will be the one doing the combined posts.

- Info tables and the like will still be included in the combined post.
- WILL NOT post stuff like "AKB48’s Takahashi Minami fangirls over Shonen Jump" or "No Sleeves is everywhere and Minegishi Minami is a tsundere" (which she isn't btw) or stuff like "It’s time once again for AKB48’s AKBINGO’s muchaburi dodgeball!". Will leave those to Tokyohive to do. It's what they do best.

Stage reviews: will still be continued.
Concert reviews: if the writer wants to do it.
TV Show reviews: 1st episode and last episode.
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17 May 2011

Team N 1st stage [Dareka no Tame ni] Review

I had the opportunity to visit the NMB48 theater last month and to see NMB48’s first stage show Dareka no Tame ni live. This is the first time I write a review, I hope you enjoy it.

For all those who cannot see it live, the DVD of N1 will be released on June 22nd.

Team N 1st Stage [Dareka no Tame ni]
M01Tsukimisou月見草Evening PrimroseTeam N
M02Warning--Team N
M03Tanjoubi no Yoru誕生日の夜Birthday NightTeam N
M04Bird--Kishino, Yamamoto, Kinoshita
M05Nage Kissu de Ichi Otose!投げキッスで撃ち落せ!Knock him out with a blown kiss!Watanabe, Kondo, Kotani, Shiroma, Shinohara, Yoshida
M06Shinkirou蜃気楼 MirageYamada, Ogasawara
M07Riderライダー -Jonishi, Matsuda, Mori, Kadowaki, Fukumoto
M08Seifuku ga Jama wo Suru制服が邪魔をするMy school uniform is in my wayYamamoto, Watanabe, Ogasawara, Kondo, Yamaguchi, Yoshida, Yamada, Kishino
M09Natsu ga Icchatta夏が行っちゃったThe summer went awayTeam N
M10Koike小池 -Team N
M11Tsuki no Katachi月のかたちThe shape of the moonTeam N
M12Dareka no Tame ni ~What can I do for someone?~誰かのために ~What can I do for someone?~For someone's sake ~What can I do for someone?~Team N
EC1Medleyメドレー -Team N
EC2Namida uri no Shoujo涙売りの少女Tear-seller girlTeam N
Medley = Beginner -> Chance -> Ponytail -> Heavy
Note: I watched the performance on April 3rd. On this day two members, Yamada Nana and Shinohara Kanna, were absent so two Kenkyusei, Yamaguchi Yuuki and Koyanagi Arisa subbed for them. Yamaguchi did the part of Kinoshita in Bird, Kinoshita did Shinohara's part in Nage Kissu de Uchi Otose!, Kondo Rina did Yamada's part in Shinkirou and Koyanagi Kondo's part in Rider.

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12 May 2011

Ushikubo Sara, Yamaguchi Nau, Ninomiya Yuka to Graduate

11th gen AKB48 Kenkyuusei Ushikubo Sara and Yamaguchi Nau have announced that they will be officially withdrawing from the group on 19 June 2011, and 2nd Gen SDN48 member Ninomiya Yuka will be graduating today.

Sara and Nau's graduations were announced through the official AKB48 blog and no official reasons were given for their graduation. Yuka announced her own graduation during the SDN48 show on the same day. She left as she hopes to pursue a career in theater.

It is part and parcel for Kenkyuuseis to withdraw from AKB48. I have to admit I've never taken that much notice of the two girls which makes me feel a little guilty now. I did like Sara somewhat, but I didn't watch enough Kenkyuusei LODs to get attached to her.

On the flip side, I'm still feeling a little upset about Ninomiya Yuka (aka Yukapo)'s graduation. I was taken completely aback upon finding out. Yukapo was my SDN48 oshimen so I took it somewhat hard. She had changed her blog URL just a week or so before and I thought that it was perhaps a good sign her management was doing something. I never expected the graduation!

I left a comment to congratulate Yukapo on her graduation, telling her to work hard and that i'm happy for her and would support her no matter what, but when I was writing that message I was, in fact, feeling really terrible. I had been looking forward to her coming to Singapore for an SDN48 show. Some things aren't meant to happen, huh.

I wish the best of luck to the three girls for their future endeavours!
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03 May 2011

SKE48 [SKE48 ni, Ima, Dekiru koto] Set List

Here's the full setlist for the Dekiru koto Concert.

April 29th: A new tour "SKE48 Summer Zengoku Tour" (Performances in Nagoya 6/27-28 , Tokyo 7/2, Sendai 7/3, Sapporo 7/5, Osaka 7/9, Fukouka 7/10)
May 2nd: The teams for the SKE48 Summer Zengoku Tour (6/27 Zepp Nagoya S&E,6/28 Zepp Nagoya S&KII,7/2 Zepp Tokyo S&E,7/3 Zepp Sendai S&E,7/5 Zepp Sapporo S&KII,7/9 Zepp Osaka KII&E,7/10 Zepp Fukuoka KII&E)

Finally a SKE48 concert, too bad this was a very boring setlist. SKE48 needs some new songs like now. Where's KII3? I hear the outfits were really cute though.

April 29th performance (Afternoon)
M00 - overture (SKE48 ver.)
M01 - Tsuyoki Monoyo (Team E)
M02 - Aozora Kataomoi (Team KII)
M03 - Gomen ne, SUMMER (Team S)
M04 - 1!2!3!4! Yoroshiku! (all)
M05 - Nagisa no Cherry (Mukaida Manatsu, Matsumura Kaori, Kobayashi Emiri, Inuzuka Asana)
M06 - Ame no Pianist (Hara Minami, Kobayashi Ami, Takagi Yumana)
M07 - Choco no Yukue (Kuwabara Mizuki, Deguchi Aki, Ueno Kasumi, Kaneko Shiori)
M08 - Mangekyo (Ogiso Shiori, Kato Tomoko, Takeuchi Mai, Uchiyama Mikoto, Kito Momona)
M09 - Onna no Ko no Dairokkan (Yamada Erika, Abiru Riho, Umemoto Madoka, Iguchi Shiori, Mizuno Honoka)
M10 - Nageki no Figure (Nakamura Yuka, Mano Haruka, Yamashita Yukari)
M11 - Kono Mune no Barcode (Kizaki Yuria, Isohara Kyoka, Goto Risako)
M12 - Junjou Shugi (Oya Masana, Nakanishi Yuka, Furukawa Airi)
M13 - Kagami no Naka no Jean de Arc (Yagami Kumi, Matsumoto Rina, Yamada Reika, Akaeda Ririna, Yakata Miki)
M14 - Shonichi (Team E)
M15 - Shiroi Shirts (Team E)
M16 - Mirai no Tobira (Team KII)
M17 - Romance Rocket (Team KII)
M18 - Jealousy no ALibi (Team S)
M19 - Seifuku no Me (Team S)
M20 - Sotsugyoushiki no Wasuremono (Shirogumi)
M21 - Cosms no Kioku (Shirogumi)
M22 - Dareka no Sei ni wa Shinai (Akagumi)
M23 - Seishun wa Hazukashii (Akagumi)
M24 - Chime wa LOVE SONG (Shirogumi)
M25 - Pinocchio Gun (Akagumi)
M26 - Aitakatta (all)
M27 - SKE48 (all)
M28 - Soba ni Isasete (all)

EN1 - Banzai Venus (all)
EN2 - Koi no Onawa (Matsui Rena, Oya Masana, Takada Shiori, Deguchi Aki, Hirata Rikako, Suda Akari, Hiramatsu Kanako, Kuwabara Mizuki Takayanagi Akane, Ogiso Shiori, Hata Sawako, Furukawa Airi)
EN3 - Te wo Tsunaginagara (all)
EN4 - Ai no Kazu (all)

April 29th performance (Evening)
M00 - overture (SKE48 ver.)
M01 - Tsuyoki Monoyo (Team E)
M02 - Aozora Kataomoi (Team KII)
M03 - Gomen ne, SUMMER (Team S)
M04 - 1!2!3!4! Yoroshiku! (all)
M05 - Glory Days (Suda Akari, Sato Seira, Imade Mai)
M06 - Pajama Drive (Kato Rumi, Ishida Anna, Hiramatsu Kanako)
M07 - Ookami to Pride (Kinoshita Yukuko, Wakabayashi Tomoka)
M08 - Temodemo no Namida (Matsui Jurina, Matsui Rena)
M09 - Wimbledon he Tsureteitte (Kimoto Kanon, Takada Shiori, Hirata Rikako)
M10 - Tenshi no Shippo (Kuwabara Mizuki, Takada Shiori, Hirata Rikako)
M11 - Kareha no Station (Hata Sawako)
M12 - Omoide Ijou (Sato Mieko, Takayanagi Akane, Saito Makiko)
M13 - Two years later (Team E)
M14 - Kiss Shite Son Shichatta (Team E)
M15- Rakuen no Kaidan (Team S)
M16 - Koi wo kataru Shinjin ni Narenakute (Team S)
M17 - Rope no Yuujou (Team KII)
M18 - Kayoubi no Yoru, Suiyoubi no Asa (Team KII)
M19 - Sotsugyoushiki no Wasuremono (Shirogumi)
M20 - Cosmos no Kioku (Shirogumi)
M21 - Darekano Sei ni wa Shinai (Akagumi)
M22 - Seishun wa Hazukashii (Akagumi)
M23 - Chime wa LOVE SONG (Shirogumi)
M24 - Pinocchio Gun (Akagumi)
M25 - Aitakatta (all)
M26 - SKE48 (all)
M27 - Soba ni Isasete (all)

EN1 - Banzai Venus (all)
EN2 - Koi no Onawa (Matsui Rena, Oya Masana, Takada Shiori, Deguchi Aki, Hirata Rikako, Suda Akari, Hiramatsu Kanako, Kuwabara Mizuki Takayanagi Akane, Ogiso Shiori, Hata Sawako, Furukawa Airi)
EN3 - Te wo Tsunaginagara (all)
EN4 - Ai no Kazu (all)

May 2nd performance
M00 - overture (SKE48 ver.)
M01 - Tsuyoki Monoyo (Team E)
M02 - Aozora Kataomoi (Team KII)
M03 - Gomen ne, SUMMER (Team S)
M04 - 1!2!3!4! Yoroshiku! (all)
M05 - Glory Days (Mukaida Manatsu, Yakata Miki, Ishida Anna)
M06 - Pajama Drive (Yamashita Yukari, Tsuzuki Rika, Mano Haruka)
M07 - Ookami to Pride (Yagami Kumi, kizaki Yuria)
M08 - Temodemo no Namida (Kaneko Shiori, Nakamura Yuka)
M09 - Wimbledonhe Tsureteitte (Takayanagi Akane, Yamada Reika, Wakabayashi Tomoka)
M10 - Tenshi no SHippo (Kimoto Kanon, Ueno kasumi, Shibata Aya
M11 - Kareha no Station (Matsui Rena)
M12 - Omoide Ijou (Matsui Jurina, Kinoshita Yukiko, Hiramatsu Kanako)
M13 - Shonichi (Team E)
M14 - Wasshoi E (Team E)
M15 - Hazumisaki (Team KII)
M16 - Kayoubi no Yoru, Suiyoubi no Asa (Team KII)
M17 - Shoujo wa Manatsu ni Nani wo Suru (Team S)
M18 - Rakuen no Kaidan (Team S)
M19 - Sotsugyoushiki no Wasuremono (Shirogumi)
M20 - Cosmos no Kioku (Shirogumi)
M21 - Darekano Sei ni wa Shinai (Akagumi)
M22 - Seishun wa Hazukashii (Akagumi)
M23 - Chime wa LOVE SONG (Shirogumi)
M24 - Pinocchio Gun (Akagumi)
M25 - Aitakatta (all)
M26 - SKE48 (all)
M27 - Soba ni Isasete (all)

EN1 -Banzai Venus(all)
EN2 -Koi no Onawa(Matsui Rena, Oya Masana, Takada Shiori, Deguchi Aki, Hirata Rikako, Suda Akari, Hiramatsu Kanako, Kuwabara Mizuki Takayanagi Akane, Ogiso Shiori, Hata Sawako, Furukawa Airi)
EN3 -Te wo Tsunaginagara(all)
EN4 -Ai no Kazu(all)

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Singapore to host AKB48’s first overseas 3-in-1 concept project

For those Singaporean readers out there, I created a new blog for Japanese Idols that come to Singapore (that includes AKB48 of course).

The content for this post is the same as in AidoruSG (only for this post, with maybe a few exceptions). Be sure to check out AidoruSG regularly!

Anyway my comments will be here:
Have to say, $50 is quite cheap for the price. I was definitely expecting much more, around the $80 range. $50 accounts to 3324yen. In the AKB48 Theater, ticket pries are 3000yen for males, and 2000yen for females. So each of us is only paying 324yen for all the girl's flights, lodging and food. Not to mention their staff and camera crews too! Sure, $50 seems expensive, but if you count all those stuff mentioned in, I'd even go as far as to say that price is a bargain.

Singapore has been picked to house AKB48 and their sister group’s first overseas theatre where concerts will be performed on a regular basis, in a similar format to Japan’s. The world’s first AKB48 Café, as well as South-east Asia’s first AKB48 Official Shop, will also be set up in Singapore.  This exciting project will be housed at *SCAPE – a building in the heart of Orchard Road designed for youth talent development and a melting pot of youth culture.

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