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14 August 2010

AKB48 Team Pigg Battle

Some time ago, there was a competition going on in Ameba Pigg, a game sort of like Second Life for Japanese, entirely in Japanese. First announced at the Yoyogi concert (see post here). The Pigg characters of all the members of AKB48 (except Shinoda Mariko due to a contract with another company) were split into 10 teams of various sizes. They will be competing for the title of Team Pigg, and their song will be featured on the B-side of AKB48's 18th Single which will be released on 27 October.

We have no information on the songs, only the team name, members on that team, and the title of the song.

Here are the teams:

Team NameSongMembers
Love CompanyThirstyOshima, Sato A, Nakaya, Miyazaki
MINTKimi ni Tsuite
Maeda At, Katayama, Kasai, Nito, Matsui S
UDeleteItano, Masuda, Komori, Kobayashi, Hirajima, Matsubara, Oya
Lolita Peter Pan
Tenshi no Fruit Parfait
Watanabe, Ishida
EYESNEXT HEAVENTakahashi, Nakatsuka, Nakagawa, Oku, Iwasa, Uchida
Uso Desho?
Kuramochi, Kojima, Umeda, Kikuchi, Sato N, Chikano
Cosmos Tokei
Merry Go Round
Kashiwagi, Fukie, Sashihara, Maeda Am
Shaku ga Hoshii
Renaiun Joshotai
Minegishi, Takajo, Oota, Nonaka, Tanabe
Barairo Countdown
Miyazawa, Kitahara, Sato S, Nakata, Yonezawa, Suzuki
Sally Akimoto
Kamuchakka Wataridori Bojou

To vote for the group of your choice, you have to buy their flowers in the AKB48 Gym inside Ameba Pigg. Each flower cost 20 ame. The team which sells the most flowers are the winners.

The results were released on 09 August. Results after the jump

More after the jump

And now for the results.

5. 100,374 : Sally Akimoto - Kamuchakka Wataridori Boujo
4. 104,635 : U - Delete
3. 108,575 : GIRLS・ING - Uso Desho?
2. 116,254 : Love Company - Thirsty
1. 134,918 : MINT - Kimi ni Tsuite

So my reactions? Acchan's unit wins. No surprise there, I knew that they would. The main surprise came from "Sally Akimoto" with 100,374 units. Congratulations for Sayaka. This is really an amazing feat, considering that Sayaka doesn't really have that big of a fanbase in Japan, plus she is alone in the team. I voted for Love Company obviously, since Amina is in it. But I'm not disappointed that her team didn't win. After all MINT has Haachan, who is also in my Top 10, and also partially because I'm used to Amina not being featured.

Waiting for Haachan to pwn the song with her vocals and dance.

Video from winning team MINT

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