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10 August 2010

Team A 6th Stage [Mokugekisha] Review

I'm probably the last one to do this. Sorry bout that, exam period plus project submissions and my GPA ain't really that good. Well it's the holidays now so expect a mass of updates. First up is my review of Team A's new Stage [Mokugekisha] meaning Eye-witness. Now with pictures!

Team A 6th STAGE [Mokugekisha]
OPMiniskirt no Yoseiミニスカートの妖精Miniskirt fairyZenza Girls
M01Mokugekisha目撃者Eye-witnessTeam A
M02Zenjin Mitou前人未踏UntroddedTeam A
M03Ibitsu na Shinjuいびつな真珠Distorted pearlTeam A
M04Akogare no Popstar憧れのポップスターLonged-for popstarTeam A
M05Ude wo Kunde腕を組んでCrossing my armsMaeda At, Nakaya, Kuramochi
M06Enjou Rousen炎上路線Blazing roadsSashihara, Takajo
M07Itoshisa no Akuseru愛しさのアクセルAffection acceleratorTakahashi
M08Hoshi no Mukougawa☆の向こう側Beyond the starsKojima, Nakata, Oota, Iwasa
M09Saboten to Gold RushサボテンとゴールドラッシュCactus and gold rushShinoda, Katayama, Matsubara, Nakagawa, Oya, Maeda Ami
M10Utsukushiki Mono美しき者Beautiful personTeam A
M11Ai wo KureアイヲクレGive me loveTeam A
M12Matenrou no Kyori摩天楼の距離Skyscraper distanceTeam A
M13Inochi no Imi命の意味Meaning of lifeTeam A
EC1I'm cryingI'm crying-Team A
EC2Zutto Zuttoずっと ずっとAlways, alwaysTeam A
EC3PioneerPioneer-Team A
* Zenza girls will perform at the beginning of every Stage. 
* Bolded girls are the center.

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OP - Miniskirt no Yousei
One of the best songs of this Stage, and it doesn't even belong to this stage. Funny how all the Zenza Girls songs are so good, all of them better than most of the songs in their respective Stage. Miniskirt no Yousei is my second favourite of the 3 Zenza girls songs, first place goes to B5's Romance Kakurenbo. This time, the Zenza girls are actually a subgroup named [Miniskirt] (you can see my post here) and this is their promotion song. I wonder if their going to rotate the members for this song. The song and dance is normal idol stuff but crazily addictive. The costumes are cute too.

M00 - Overture

M01 - Mokugekisha
OK the Overture ends and now I'm waiting for the girls to appear and..........WTF IS THIS?! Their playing some old video of some demonstration. (people in the forums say its videos during the Berlin Wall period so I guess that's what it is). OK that was weird. I don't like the video. Then the music starts and the lights come on to show the girls lying on the stage. Is that a first? I think so. The song itself is fine, the chorus is good. I love the use of the movable stage. But I'm not digging those costumes, looks horrible on them. If they want to use coats they could always do something like this. The song ends with the video being played again. But this time with the girls standing in front of the screen to create a cool effect. Cool, but I still don't like the video.

M02 - Zenjin Mitou
Costume change! They remove their hideous coats to reveal the usual AKB type of costumes with the usual multiple colour variants. Actually what I said earlier about the coats being hideous, I take it back. This is worse. Should have kept those coats on. As for the song, It's boring. It's too plain. I had problems keeping myself awake by the end of this song. One of my least favourite songs in this Stage.

M03 - Ibitsu no Shinji
Alright now to the good parts. Finally something faster paced and catchy. I thought I was gonna fall asleep before the first MC. Takamina and Mariko dancing on the stage during the opening totally reminds me of K6's RESET. And that's a good thing. And the whole dance during the instrumental. Team A finally gets a song with more movement. I can't remember the last time they got a song with this much activity. This is my second favourite group song in this Stage.

M04 - Akogare no Popstar
The song starts off slowly with a beautiful Acchan solo. Wow her voice is definitely getting better. Not that her voice previously was bad, it was good at most. now its great. Then the song gets much faster and lively. Very fun pop song that makes me want to dance.

M05 - Ude wo Kunde
Long pause from when the end the MCs to when the song starts. Very good vocal song. Like I said previously, Acchan's voice is really great. Mocchi too. The 3 girls look so beautiful here. The only thing I didn't like was the piano. If you noticed, it malfunctioned during the show. But good news is that they have been removed in the second show, don't know if they are permanent or temporary. The problem with this song is that it's positioned in front of Enjou Rousen, and this song pales in comparison to that.

M06 - Enjou Rousen
Second favourite unit song. It's a great song, sorta fierce and strong and very catchy. I love hand movements before the second chorus. Even though Akicha doesn't have much of a vocal power or skill, her voice together with Sasshi sounds great. Quite a surprise because I absolutely don't like her solo lines in Zutto Mae Kara. Great dance moves too. I like the pink and blue combination, usually for units we get costumes with the same colour. Oh and I almost forgot. Sasshi might be physically and mentally the weakest girl in AKB but she can sure rock the stage. She did it in B3 with Kagami no Naka no Jean da Arc, and in B4 with Itoshiki Natasha, and she's doing it again in A6 with Enjou Rousen. I'm liking this girl more and more.

M07 - Itoshisa no Akuseru
I'll start by saying that TAKAMINA IS KAKKOII!!! (cool). Jedi Master Taka LOL. Even fiercer song then the previous. First I thought the sword was just getting in the way, until she unhooks it and starts swinging it around. VERY COOL. This is the only fast paced solo song in the whole of AKB. And that's good because I was getting tired of all the solo ballads. No doubt the best solo song in AKB. Very fierce song and very fierce Takamina. Good use of the flashing lights too.

M08 - Hoshi no Mukougawa
BORING unit. Made even more boring by positioning it after Itoshisa no Akuseru. All the energy gained from that song got lost. I was expecting a cute unit with some dancing but we get a ballad-ish song. Really a waste of Wasamin's talent. And I love Chiichan too so I'm sad. The chorus starts fast and horrible and ends slow and gorgeous. But you know what's my favourite part of this song? When they dance to the start of Saboten to Gold Rush.

M09 - Saboten to Gold Rush
This is my favourite unit song. Am I the only one who loves this song? There are lots of people who refuse to listen to this song because this a leftover unit and members get shafted and blahblahblah, Sorry, but I find that totally dumb. Having more members in a unit does not make the unit crap at all.Why are you even in this fandom then...
Strangely, Mariko always gets the leftover unit but at the same time all her units are great. I loved Manatsu no Christmas Rose (but that took a while) and I love this song. It has a great dance too as well as great costumes.

M10 - Utsukushiki Mono
The song starts out great, gets even better, AND THEN THEY START TALKING! then it just goes downwards from there, though Acchan's talking segment isn't so bad compared to the others. But the song would still be much better if there was no talking at all. Seriously ruined the song.

M11 - Ai wo Kure
Ok this one is just plain boring. Dance is energetic but boring and nothing special. Definitely my least favourite group song. Can I not talk about it any more? On to the next song....

M12 - Matenrou no Kyori
Big improvement from the last song. I like the sound of this song. Sounds like a song from a K stage. So does the dance. I like all the increased movements in this Stage. A5, although my favourite Team A Stage, was pretty calm and low on energy.Very nice effects with the lights at the beginning

M13 - Inochi no Imi
HORRIBLE LOOKING PANTS!! Hope they never use those ever again. As most stick to jeans. So far the only successful use of pants is in K6's Kiseki wa ma ni Awanai. Anyway as usual, all AKB stages has a slow sad song before the encore segment and this stage is no exception. And as usual most of them need understanding of the lyrics before you finally get the song and see its beauty. It sounds good though. And Takamina gets a cap lol. Well she is the captain and so on but I think the cap's purpose is more for raising her height lol. Cause with the cap on, she doesn't look short at all.

M14 - I'm Crying
Definitely my favourite group song. It gives off the backstreet boys vibes lol. I absolutely love the leg movements during the chorus. Their so simple but yet so intriguing. Oh and this is the only part of the stage where they wear any seifuku!I like the costumes. I'm a sucker for seifukus and over-knee socks XD.

M15 - Zutto Zutto
Nice fun song. Their voices go well with the tune. However still a little generic, not that it's bad though. I can see this one growing on me after some time.

M16 - Pioneer
Finally Team A gets a Team A song. Unfortunately I'm not impressed by it. It lacks the oomph that Team K's, Team B's and Team S's team songs have. Not to mention it sounds too similar to Korogaru Ishi ni Nare. It didn't leave an impact on me thats for sure, crap even AKB Sanjou or AKB48 is better.

Final thoughtsK6 was first and and it left the best first impression of all the stages. It also had a great balance between group songs and unit songs. K6's charm was, obviously, their dancing skill.
B5 came next and for first impression it was normal, but it grew on me very quickly, and soon I was listening to B5 songs much more than K6 songs. B5's charm is their addictive group songs.
A6 is the last to arrive after many delays. First impression: fine. Just that. They have some of the most generic songs. However even though I don't really like A6 as a whole, it has my top favourite songs.

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