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10 June 2011

AKB48 3rd Senbatsu General Election - Commentary

The 3rd Senbatsu General Elections concluded yesterday. You already saw the ranking list, now here's our comments on how the girls did! What did you think of the results? Did your oshimen make it in? Comment on who you voted for!

The member's speeches as well as our comments are under the cut, in ascending order. Translations were done by AKB48Journal, and for those which weren't translated by AKB48Journal, were translated by chinpingpong. All pictures from Natalie.mu.

-----Undergirls line-----
40. Fujie Reina
"I was anxious because I was 40 at quick count, but from now on I'll aim to be super girl loved by everyone"

Melos: Yay Reinyan made it in! One of the girls in my top 10. Was worried that she might slip out after being placed at #40 in the early results.
Kieyuku: Reinyan makes it in barely, congratulations!
Moonlight: I recently became more interested in Reinyan, so I am happy that she made it barely.
39. Ichikawa Miori
"Thank you for the fans who have been supporting and rooting for me! Fresh Lemon ni Naritai no~!"

Melos: FURESHU LEMON NI NARITAI NO~! This adorable little girl has to rank for sure. If she didn't something was wrong with everybody.
Kieyuku: Fresh lemon! I nearly thought she wouldn't be in since she was nowhere in sight during early results. Sour power strikes :)
38. Matsui Sakiko
"This is the first time i've ranked in during the three elections, and I am honestly glad for it. I will work harder to go higher."

Kieyuku: This is someone I didn't expect to stay in after the early results. I really like Sakippe but she never ranked before so I predicted a slim chance. It's a pleasant surprise for me. Hopefully with the help of her powerful agency, she'll continue getting more exposure.
37. Maeda Ami
"I am truly grateful to be ranked in for the very first time in the three elections."

Kieyuku: Aamin! She finally got ranked within the 40! She had been getting pushed subtly for some time but didn't rank last year, so i'm glad she got in!
I really like Aamin, so I am glad she finally ranked. 
36. Suda Akari
"Thank you everyone, for giving me this new starting point. I hope to go higher together with everyone."

Melos: My SKE48 oshimen! Really excited to see her rank. She is massively popular in SKE (not Jurina or Rena level though but higher than Kuumin) because of her energetic character and adorable smile. Actually I didn't expect her to rank so this is a nice surprise.
Moonlight: I know that she was very popular but I did not think she was so popular that she could rank. But it is a nice surprise, her cute smile is a great addition to every PV. 
35. Oba Mina
"I am really thankful for today. I will show my sparkling self through the Team 4 stage to show how grateful I am."

Kieyuku: OHMYGAAAHHH. MINARUN ~~! She's my favourite kenkyuusei up til the recent Team 4 formations, so I'm extremely happy about her ranking. TEAM 4 ACE FOR SURE!!
34. Sato Sumire
"Last year I was really sad to be at 31. But I won't forget to stay as I am. Please support me."

Kieyuku: Suumelody drops in ranking >__> I thought she would actually rise, but I guess it's stiff competition this year among the UG.
33. Hata Sawako
"I'm really thankful for this honor. It's not because of my strength that I could stand here, but thanks to everyone"
Melos: YEAH SHAWAKO MAKES IT IN! Actually I don't have much to say about her, but CONGRATZ! I guess her shy character was a hit with the fans.
Kieyuku: Uhhh...I'm not too sure what to say about this one. She seriously came out of nowhere during the early results. Never noticed she was popular or anything, and i'm just alright with her.
Moonlight: I never got what people find so great about this girl. But well, she was voted in and I have to accept that. 
32. Komori Mika
"Please don't abandon me, and from now on please support me"

Melos: Komorin is one of the most pushed girls in AKB, but it seems that her popularity is dropping? Her singing is average and her dance is terrible but she still has one of the most charming faces in AKB.
Kieyuku: Komorin did okay, but same with Suumelody, I expected her to rise.
chinpingpong: She's one of my favourites from the Undergirls. I thought she could have done better. Let's look forward to her better performance this year.
31. Nito Moeno
"I am happy that I could make Undergirls again!"

Melos: Moeno is a charming girl, and also has an incredible vocal and dance ability. It was unfortunate that she didn't rank higher because I'm developing a big interest for her and want to see more of her.
Kieyuku: Moeno~~ Sad that she didn't do better! She's one of the girls I really like...
Moonlight: Moeno made it in, great relief. She wasn’t ranked in the first results, so I became a bit worried. But she made it after all and that is nice. She is really a good performer, she should not end up in AKB Nowhere land. 
30. Oya Masana
"I thought my name won't be called. But fans have believed in me and really support me in this 2 weeks..."
Melos: More Team S members! Masana is a big fan favorite in SKE for reasons I myself am not sure why even though I like her too.
Kieyuku: Despite SKE still not giving Masana enough screentime, she manages to keep within UG.
Moonlight: Another of those girls whose popularity I will never understand. But respect to her (and her fans) to making it to the Top 30 without getting much screen time. 
29. Oya Shizuka
"Thank you very much for following people without any abilities or special talent like me these 4 years"

Melos: Shiichan made it to undergirls wow. 4th generation AKB member who didn't get promoted for a long long long long long while and finally she gets recognition for all the work she did. Congratulations!
Kieyuku: This is most impressive. Shiichan had to really work her way up here, she was one of the least popular members of AKB for a very long time.
Moonlight: One of the best results of the evening. Shiichan kept working hard for years despite never getting much for it, and now she finally is rewarded. Congrats! 
28. Yamamoto Sayaka
"I'm going to give more than expected"

Melos: NMB48 Captain Yamamoto Sayaka made it :D. I have really high hopes for this girl after seeing what she can do. With this ranking even before the NMB single is released, she's going to be a force to be reckoned with. I hope this will be a motivation for her and the rest of the NMB gals to work harder (:
Moonlight: Sayaka makes it in as representative of NMB48. NMB is my local group and probably my favorite one among the 48 groups. I know a lot of people dislike the idea of having other groups in AKB singles, but Sayaka is a great addition. She is a hard worker and a greatly talented girl. Not to mention that she really has good captain qualities. Her making it also shows the power of the Kansai fans. I hope NMB48’s way will continue to lead upwards. I will continue to follow them, and hope for Sayamina making it to Senbatsu next year. 
27. Miyazaki Miho
"Eh? Ah?? I'm in? It's me"
Melos: DDDDD: Myao definitely dropped quite a lot. Predicted this will happen because she hasn't been promoted much recently. I hope she gets back up.
Kieyuku: I guess this means Myao might not ever return to a regular 16nin senbatsu...I feel a bit sad for her even though she's not one of my favourites...
chinpingpong: Myao! It's quite a pity she dropped out of senbatsu too. I hope she will receive more opportunities this year.
26. Hirajima Natsumi 
"Thank you for 26th position in these 3 years"

Kieyuku: Nacchan keeps her rank from the previous year. Probably the most stable in popularity for the entire AKB, although she really deserves much more! 
chinpingpong: Naachan! She managed to stay on #26 for 3 years in a row, that's quite something special I guess.
Melos: yay Nacchan! Happy that she didn't drop, but sad that she didn't rise either. This original AKB48 member needs more love!
Moonlight: I really want to see her higher, but rank 26 for three times in a row is a nice achievement in itself. At least she has a stable fan base.
25. Ota Aika
"I've worked hard in my own way and come to this point. Maybe I was too relaxed and can't fulfill your expectation.." When I become adult, I want to be a great adult that could return this favor to you. I have no regret."

Kieyuku: She dropped.... >__< It pains me to see her cry. Still at least she'll be among the front girls in UG.
chinpingpong: Rabutan!She fell a few positions from the Undergirls' center from last year, but overall I think the ranking isn't too bad.
24. Nakagawa Haruka
"Even though my ranking go down, my feelings won't face backwards"

Kieyuku: Am I seeing some kind of trend with the Watarirouka girls here? They're all around the same popularity now, save Mayu and Ayarin (who very unfortunately didn't make it in at all)..
chinpingpong: Hmm, what a pity! Harugon dropped out of Senbatsu ):
23. Takayanagi Akane
"Please let me say this. Akimoto-sensei! I know you're busy, but please give team K2 a stage!"

Kieyuku: Congratulations Churi!! Absolutely adorable, and brave because she asked Aki-P politely for KII to have a new stage during her speech. Amazing captain. :)
Melos: Ahahaha. Yes Aki-P where is that KII3 stage. Growing impatient already. Anyway glad that she managed to rank at #23, up from #35 last year.
Moonlight: Nice move, Churi. Brave and funny to ask Aki-p for the original stage. But, yeah, Aki-p where is it??? 
22. Umeda Ayaka
I'm glad to be standing here on this stage this year. I am thankful for everyone's support, and also for the votes that was given to me. It is great to see the scenary from the stage here.

Melos: My #5 in AKB. Took interest in her early on but she rocketed into my top 5 when we met 2 weeks ago. Although not in Senbatsu, she is center for undergirls which means we'll get to see lots of her in the PV.
chinpingpong: Ume-chan! It's great to see her end up being the center for the Undergirls. I will be looking forward to what her new role has to offer. And it's a really big jump for her too, from #32 to #22!
Moonlight: Oh, yes!!!!!!! Ume-chan rises up to Undergirls center is great news. She is a nice girl and such a talented dancer. I hope they make something out of this potential and give the Undergirls a great song.
-----Senbatsu line-----
21. Kuramochi Asuka
"Fans words really heartening. Starting tomorrow, for your sake for my sake, I'll do this with all my might. Thank you"

Melos: YAY my #2 favourite managed to make it into Senbatsu!!!!!! French Kiss was really successful, pushing her from Undergirls to Senbatsu. She was included in Everyday, Kachuusha Senbatsu too so I guess that helped. Even though it's borderline, I can't ask for more.
Kieyuku: Congratulations Mocchi for making it into senbatsu!!!
chinpingpong: Hmmm, not much comments. I'm just glad she made it into the Senbatsu.
Moonlight: My second favorite in AKB and almost oshi. Her making it back to Senbatsu is so great. She is one of the girls whose handshakes I enjoy the most. She is always so nice and has a great smile. I hope she gets some screen time in the PV. 
20. Masuda Yuka
"I've hoped for a long time to hold this trophy. Until now I only pretend to be strong, but from now on I'll believe....in myself in order to spread wonderful songs to the world with AKB and DiVA."

Kieyuku: YAAAAY TAKOYAKI. Simply amazing, one of the most talented girls in AKB. I'm glad to see her in senbatsu.
chinpingpong: One of the best vocalist in the group. I'm quite happy she made senbatsu this time round, it's good recognition for the talent she possesses.
Melos: Nice knowing that talented girls are getting some recognition. One of the best singer and dancer in the group.
Moonlight: AKB’s voice makes it in. Another great new/re-entry into Senbatsu. She is one of my Top 10 girls and I am really happy. I think DiVA helped her (and Ume-chan too) to rise. 
19. Yokoyama Yui 
"Last year, I have moved from KKS to debuting with the Team K stage. Since then, I have been given a lot of chances, and I am thankful for that. Now that I am #19, I will work hard to repay everyone's support for me"

Melos: I knew that Yui was going to make it into senbatsu for sure with all the promotion on Majisuka Gakuen. Question was how high? #19 isn't so bad being her first time. Seems she really hyperventilated when she found out her position. Awwww hope she is fine.
chinpingpong: From kks to #19, that's a pretty huge leap. I guess her major role in Majisuka 2 and the extensive pushing by the management can make wonder huh.
Moonlight: I love Yui. A lot of people say this result is only because of that pushing. Sure that helped, but she would have never made it this far if she wouldn’t work very, very hard. She is talented, too. Kyoto girls rule! 
18. Sato Amina
"I've been with AKB48 for 5 years, and it has evolved so much, and I am happy that I am still part of the elections. After the last elections, I have been given a lot of chances, and I have worked hard in those. Being in #18, I will work harder so that everyone thinks that 'It's good to have voted for Amina'."

Melos: YAY!!! Amina manages to keep her position! Big sigh of relief. Was really afraid that she would drop out of senbatsu because as usual she wasn't promoted much the past year. Making such a high rank, really shows the power of the fans. Amina has spoken before that she "can't imagine a senbatsu where she can see herself". I hope they give her quite a bit of screentime this time round and not the 5 and 10 seconds total of Heavy Rotation and Iiwake Maybe. She really deserves something good to happen to her.
Moonlight: The non-media Senbatsu are full of girls I love. Congrats, Amina. And thumbs up to her fans who constantly manage to put her in Senbatsu. 
17. Akimoto Sayaka
"I've really caused many trouble and worries last year... I'm sorry"

Melos: Sayaka's rank remains unchanged too.
Kieyuku: Sayaka too, remains stable. I'm glad she didn't fall.
chinpingpong: Team K captain remains the same for this year. Oh well, given that the other members have been actively promoted, I guess it's not too bad a spot. But she could have done better.
Moonlight: My oshi! I am glad she made it in. I feared she might drop out of Senbatsu this year but like last year, her fans managed to get her from an Undergirl position in the first results to Senbatsu. I voted for her too of course. The year since the last election was really eventful for Sayaka. First her scandal and her stepping down as captain, then the Tokyo Marathon, her return as captain and the debut with DiVA. I am glad that everything went well for her. 
16. Kasai Tomomi
"Sorry for always causing you to worry. I won't give up on my dreams"

chinpingpong: Chiyuu! Hmm she's one of my favourited gals as well, so her slide of position is quite sad for me. Still, I guess it was inevitable, since she hasn't been receiving much promotions. I hope she does better the next elections!
Kieyuku: I am very shocked by this one. She fell quite a bit, and I always thought she'd remain in Media Senbatsu....Poor Chiyuu.
Melos: Like the other 2 comments, I am also quite surprised. Chiyuu is one of the girls that I thought will always stay in Media Senbatsu. She is perhaps the most sweetest girl in AKB. I hope she doesn't change her sweet character. Don't give up Chiyuu!
Moonlight: No! I really like her and this drop hurts. It is time that Horipro starts to do something for her. 
15. Minegishi Minami
"I can feel that people who support me are increasing. To get this place at election, there are so much people... ...who said that they love me more that anyone else. Thanks to them, I realized the most important things...I'll work hard with it in my heart."

Kieyuku: Miichan~~ I'm satisfied with her position.
chinpingpong: A slight dip from last year. Meh. No difference. We all love Miichan and her crazy antics :D
Melos: Miichan is a fun person to have around and will definitely add fun to any event so great that she managed to get into Senbatsu.
Moonlight: Another one if my favorites. Can I take the whole non-media Senbatsu home with me? Slight drop for Miichan, but I think it is still ok.

14. Matsui Jurina
"No matter what position, I'll work hard with my style. Thank you very much for supporting me"

Kieyuku: Jurinaaaa .__. How ironic, last year I didn't exactly like Jurina and was a big Rena supporter, but Jurina ranked higher than Rena. This year I started to like Jurina a lot more than Rena, and the opposite happens >_>
Melos: My #3 in SKE48. Jurina has grown quite a lot since she first joined. Been loving her more and more after her appearance in Majisuka. Keep up that style of yours, your doing good in it.
chinpingpong: #14. Not too surprising. Considering how much the other members of the AKB family have been promoted, I think that's where she lost out to the other members in terms of opportunities.
Moonlight: One of my favorite SKE girls. I expected Rena to overtake her but I did not think she would go down to rank 14. But she still has a bright future in front of her, so it is ok. 
13. Kitahara Rie
"Last time, it was really a saddening rank, but I'm really thankful to get this position that's more than I expect"

Kieyuku: *breathes in deeply* omgomgmgomgomg I LITERALLY COULDN'T BREATHE AFTER #16 WAS ANNOUNCED AND IT WASN'T RIE. I really did not expect Rie to rise in rank, much less by this much!! With every announcement that wasn't Rie, I hyperventilated harder. When I finally saw her ranking I couldn't stop myself from crying ;___; It was so good...so unexpected...SO AMAZING. Because it means Rie won't be shafted in senbatsu anymore, and she'll be a senbatsu staple for at least another year. Seriously, you couldn't even see her in the Everyday Kachuusha PV, and she wasn't on the cover of Koko ni Ita Koto. I FEEL SO GOOD TO SEE HER SMILE IN THIS PHOTO. After last year's result, I didn't want to see her cry anymore! It's so satisfying as her oshi who voted for her, to see her smile. Congrats Rie <3
-----Media Senbatsu line-----
12. Takajo Aki
"This year, I have reached my target with everyone's help and have reached #12 with everyone's help. Since last year, after French Kiss's debut, I had chances to appear on TV, magazines, radio and so on. I am contented with realising my dream of being in media senbatsu at #12, and I will think of ways to work harder."

Kieyuku: Akicha makes media senbatsu! Congratulations!
chinpingpong: Akicha! She was seen limping at the ceremony, I wonder what happened ): I guess being in French Kiss really helped boast her popularity. Last year she was a mere 18 votes from being #12, and this year she has done it and reached media senbatsu. Good for her!
11. Miyazawa Sae
"Last year I got really wonderful rank, but last year was full of sad memories. This year I want to only walk forward......I want to become everyone's Sae-chan."

Kieyuku: Yay Sae. She's great!
chinpingpong: Not much comments, I guess it was kinda expected. But she's still in media senbatsu, so I guess not much hard feelings for her. She wants to be everyone's Sae-chan, though. Let's look forward to more hard work from her.
10. Matsui Rena
"When I joined SKE, I never dreamt about something like this"

chinpingpong: Gekikara! Really glad that she's in #10 this time. As she said it, it was really 'a huge wall' that she overcame. I guess Majisuka 2 has quite a big role in her ranking. This year round, she beats her fellow SKE mate Jurina to hit this position, and I think it might mean more chances for her to develop potential in the future.
Kieyuku: The Gekikara Effect is long-lasting. Rena is now officially the most popular SKE member.
Melos: I think both of you mean A-MA-KU-CHI <3
09. Sashihara Rino
"Really, thank you very much. Last year I was 19th. I never think I could enter the media senbatsu"

chinpingpong: 10 places up! The results of the management's pushing has really paid off, as Sasshi grabs #9 this year. Honestly, I'm fine with it, she's a really entertaining idol, and I think she can add value to the group by being in the media senbatsu line. Congrats!
Melos: Sasshi gains 10 spots. Not surprising given the amount of push shes been getting the past year. Congratulations!
Kieyuku: Hmmm. I'm actually okay with this. I've started to like Sasshii again recently so I really don't mind her, especially since it was expected for her to rise this much.
Moonlight: Sasshi is great, I love her. I hope she continues to go her way despite all the haters, who her big push brought with it. 
08. Itano Tomomi
"Last year I raised from 7th to 4th, but now my rank go down. But there are fans who supported me, so I'll work hard" 

chinpingpong: Another shocker for sure, with all her solo activities and singles I expected her to at least stay at #4, but I wonder what happened? Nevertheless she thanked her fans by reassuring her that she will continue to work hard. Better luck next year I suppose.
Melos: I think I was aiming too high for her. Figured she would rise in position after the success of Dear J, but turn out to be opposite.
Kieyuku: Not really shocking or anything, but it seems like Dear J did nothing/not enough for her popularity within AKB. The first girl out of Kami 7.
Moonlight: I am surprised. I thought her fans would push her up from the first results again. But, well, Tomochin has set a base for a life outside of AKB with all her solo activities. I think she might consider graduation now. 

07. Takahashi Minami
"Lucky seven! Thank you for voting for me everyone! Although it is a pity that my position went down, but I am still me, Takahashi Minami is still Takahashi Minami. Humans each have their own dreams that they want to fulfill eventually, and I am slowly moving closer to my own. Hopefully I will realise my dream through being a member of AKB48. "

Kieyuku: :( Here's the one girl who everyone definitely wouldn't mind to take center position. Sigh. It's kind of depressing the best captain in AKB dropped in rank.
chinpingpong: A 130 vote margin from #6, so to me it's not much of a difference. Spoken like a true leader, she still talks about putting the priorities of the members and the group above her own ranking. I really respect her for that.
Melos: One day I hope Takamina would take the center position. She really deserves it, being the unifying person of AKB.
Moonlight: Too low for Takamina. She deserves more. 
06. Kojima Haruna
"I can't help but feel anxious during election period. Fans told me to relax, so I've made speech if I'm 10th place... ..maybe it's a bit late, but from now on I'll be serious."

chinpingpong: Nyan-nyan! I am so proud of her. She was kinda worried for herself too, when she said that she prepared her comments as #10. Honestly I was quite worried when so many people were saying that she would probably slide down in ranking, and it became worrying because she was not put much into the spotlight. Still, she came out of it with an even better rank than last year! The power of Kojiharu wotas! Congrats!
05. Watanabe Mayu
"This year I get 5 again, but rathen than stability, I feel relieved. But I'm not going to let numbers dictate me...

Kieyuku: Mayu gets to keep her rank and stays calm during her speech. I'm just sad she isn't the Team B ace any longer.
chinpingpong: Our beloved Mayuyu seems really happy that she got to be in #5 this year. That's good! She seems to appreciate her ranking more now as compared to last year. Although she didn't break through top 3 as she wanted to, she still reassured fans through her speech about how she trusts her supporters(:
Moonlight: Seems Mayu has grown up. Last year she was really, really disappointed about her rank. Now she got the same rank and remains calm and thankful. Nice. 
04. Shinoda Mariko
"Among hectic days, when anxiety comes, thank you very much for always supporting me."
Melos: Mariko is amazing. For years now people have been speculating that she would graduate. However she kept staying on, and kept on taking the top 5 position in the elections despite not spending so much time with AKB nowadays.
Kieyuku: Mariko drops one, which is alright for me, but seeing how she might really be graduating soon, I wish she got a better rank.
chinpingpong: Hmm, the difference between #3 and #4 this year is about 14k votes, that's quite a gap. Although Mari-chan has been missing from some events this year, it's quite good to see that her wotas are still supporting her strongly.
03. Kashiwagi Yuki
"When I got 3rd at quick count, I thought if it's OK... But ambition is needed to be at this place. Last year it was sad to get 8. There are many cases where I got cut when it comes to 7 people, but now it won't happen."

chinpingpong: Probably the biggest shocker in this round's senbatsu elections. I mean, wow, from #8 to #3? I knew she was going to rise in her ranking but not till this extent. Yukirin fans have been going really strong this year and this shown well in her current position. The biggest mystery here is how she managed to push herself up so far into the game. A big congrats to her for breaking through!
Melos: The weathergirl manages to break free and take the top spot! Finally! Been telling people but they never believe me. Team B's ace is Yukirin! Who says the captain can't be the ace too.
Moonlight: Yukirin is exactly where I want her to be: at the top of Team B.  
02. Oshima Yuko
"People outside this say various things, like how about 1 votes for 1 people. But your votes is love. Next time, even though I'm 2nd, I'll do this with all my might. Also, I didn't receive any trophy last year. Give me!"

chinpingpong: Looks like the first two positions was meant for both Acchan and Yuko, as it was a 50k margin between #2 and #3. It was a good fight for the #1 position between her and Acchan. What I really loved was her speech about how the number of votes equates to the amount of love, that's really sweet. Of course, she does not forget her dorky self when she asked for last year's trophy. Go Yuko!
Melos: Yuko, I gotta hand it to you, you did an amazing job last year when you were thrust into the center position. It simply rocked. Unfortunately all things come to an end. It was nice getting a whiff of fresh air.
Kieyuku: Yuko is back to #2! You know what this means....
01. Maeda Atsuko
"I've lived this 1 year while thinking about a lot of things. Like, I feel isolated to receive this much support. I think there are also people who hate me. But please don't hate AKB. I will work hard so I could be acknowledged. Thank you very much."

Kieyuku: THE FACE OF AKB IS BACK IN THE THRONE. It's not that I dislike Yuko or anything, she does a great job, but I prefer Acchan as the center. As one AKB fan forum member put it, Yuko has too much star power so when she's center, the focus is really on her. Acchan is just kind of just...there (partly cause she's been center forever), so other members can still shine even whenA she's around.
Melos: Seems like the Acchan fans managed to pull her through. Was really a tough fight but just like how only Sayaka can be tTeam K's captain, only Acchan can be the true face of AKB48.
chinpingpong: Well well well, guess Acchan's really back to the top! No complaints tho, since she's always been recognised as the face of AKB48. From her speech, I can really tell that she appreciate the support and love from her fans all the more now, considering that she has so much anti-fans around.
Moonlight: Acchan has done so many things out of AKB the last year and you do not see her that much in the group anymore, but she is still considered the face of AKB...for me this is wrong (I am no Acchan-hater though, don't get me wrong). But I have to accept it. It is ok. 

Hope you enjoyed reading. Do remember to comment.


Ivan said...

I am really happy that Yukirin got #3. From all the 2011 AKB TV shows I've watched - she easily captured my heart to put her in my personal #1 spot. So I can understand how she also captured many others' hearts. And it showed!!

I truly believe Yukirin will become the future face of AKB48. Next year, it will be Acchan vs. Yukirin, not Yuko. =D

Ivan said...

About Mariko ... I really don't get it either. I thought she'd drop to #9 or 10 due to her lack of participation in AKB48 this year. And I don't remember her doing anything special this year either ... a mystery ...

I am really happy that Mayuyu seemed to have matured and is happy with her result. That's a good sign. A more matured Mayuyu is exactly what I was hoping for. I see it as a sign that she will start to become a true star.

Harunyan ... don't know why, but I EXPECTED her to get high rank this year and she did!! Very happy about it since I really like her =D

Takamina has earned my love after watching AKB48's documentary film. She is amazing. AKB48 cannot survive without her. And I love how she is always so emotional ... cries for everyone =D

Sasshii #9 ... that's amazing. I mean she's really funny (+cute) and I like her. But I didn't think she'd get in top 10 ... yet. But she did so ... congrats!!

Sae ... I thought she'd get to top 10 but she didn't. A little bit disappointed since she really shined in 2011. But I guess 11 is still a pretty good spot =)

Sayaka looked really pretty with this hair style. I think she should keep it =)

Amina ... I guess #18 was not bad. But I was hoping she would be around ... #14. Maybe next year. I have grown to like her to be in my top 10 list =)

I like Umeda. I think she's very pretty. And she was really funny in the 1/48 PSP game, too. Like the comments said, I'm happy she'll be leading the undergirls. It's gonna be awesome!

HARUGON .. NOOOO!!! My top 3 girl of AKB48 ... I was so hoping she'd get like #15 or something. So sad she didn't make it this year. But I guess this year there's just too much competition (many others were pushed). Oh well, guess I'll still see her in WataHashi and Undergirls ... what I am most worried about is HOW will she be able to raise her rank next year?

Ivan said...

"chinpingpong: The biggest mystery here is how she (Yukirin) managed to push herself up so far into the game."

Here's what I think ... I don't think Yukirin needed to push herself much. I believe she is a natural idol. Her beauty (inner and outer) comes naturally. I didn't see her trying hard in 2011 (from all the 2011 AKB TV shows I've watched btw). But I just fell in love with her naturally.

I think she just has such a lovable personality ... sweet but not fake, always genuine and natural, very classy even when she was being put down, speaks at the right moments without stealing the spotlight, funny but not forceful ... Basically, I think she's just the dream girl that many guys would want.

Okay, maybe I exaggerated a bit ... but that's my impression of her and why I like her so much =P

But speaking more rationally ... I can see her rank go up simply because of French Kiss. They have great songs ... imo the best of all the AKB48 units. So that is definitely one reason for the rising of her rank =)

Anonymous said...

Happy that Sayaka and Amina retained their positions from last year; also congrats to Yuka for making senbatsu!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comments so far!

I agree completely with you yic17 about Yukirin being a natural idol. Pretty much how she caught my attention and is now my #3.

Anonymous said...

pretty good reading all the comments about their speeches, really thanks for translating.

I agree with Kieyuku's comment on Yuko, when Yuko in center, my eyes couldnt see Acchan at all :p

Byte said...

Akicha should be to be 3rd!!!

I thought she'd break top 10 D=

Natalie (DSQ) said...

Yaay!! Its up! I was so releaved that sayaka and anima kept their positions, I hope that this year at last this shows the management that they deserve more promotion. *sigh* But I doubt it. But I doubt it. Melos it is sad how much sayaka has dropped in your rankings, I hope that one day she can win back your heart ;)

Ivan said...


I thought Akicha getting #12 was the biggest surprise of the entire event already. Not a bad surprise because I do like her. But I thought #12 is the BEST rank she could get this year and she got it. I don't see her getting any higher than that.

Maybe next year she could get to top 10 if she works VERY HARD. Because it's gonna be VERY difficult going against Yukirin, Mayuyu, Harunyan, Takamina, Yuko, and obviously the impossible Acchan =P

But I can see her *possibly* beating Mariko (I just feel like her rank will go down ...), Tomochin, Sasshii, and Rena.

Either way, I am totally content having Aki stay at #12. Because #12 already guarantees A LOT of exposure. We'll be seeing a lot more of Akicha from now on. French Kiss FTW!! =D

Ryan said...

The guys who said Sawako jumped out of nowhere must have not been following Shukan AKB lately, she got pushed pretty hard in Shukan AKB, it's like there were 3 or 4 whole episodes just for her. So no her being in top 40 wasn't that big of a surprise to me at least :D

kingsophyd said...

my top 3 oshi is
1.kashiwagi yuki
2.maeda atsuko
3.oshima yuko

and i hope for this election, above list will be the final result. but i know how popular maeda atsuko and oshima yuko is. so i need to choose who should be the number one, and whatever i think even oshima yuko is the last year champion, no matter what, when i watch akb48, i have the feeling that maeda atsuko is still the most popular member. so i want the result to be like this:
1.maeda atsuko
2.oshima yuko
3.kashiwagi yuki
and it turned out to be true.even many didn't expected kashiwagi yuki to be this high, but i think who really watch akb and take care for all member of akb, i mean they not only watch their favourite, they will feel how kashiwagi yuki growing more popular and way popular last year till this year. and they will find this result not to be unexpected but it's expected

Ivan said...


you mean Hata Sawako? yeah, I saw her a few times in Shukan AKB and you know what? she caught my attention immediately!! I think she's really pretty and sweet. and super smart in the testing episodes =P

but umm ... check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiGPNVP1v5I

unfortunately ... it seems like she can't sing ... T_____T

hina said...

Yuko: .. the number of votes equates to the amount of love.

love that costs money, so much money. :V