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AKB48 Is Looking for a Part-Time Member
Following OtonaAKB, AKB48 came up with a new form of temporary membership: part-time idol. Find out more about this new project here.
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AKB48 Team 8 performed its first theater show on August 5. Get more information about the shonichi performance here!
SKE48 Announces 7th Generation Auditions
SKE48 is looking for new members and this time the fans will be part of the decision about who joins the group!
AKB48 37th Single Senbatsu Election - Final Results
AKB48 held its election for the 6th time and for the 1st time Watanabe Mayu won it. Check out the full results here!
Details on the AKB48 Group Pennant Race
The AKB48 Group teams will compete against each other in a new event, the AKB48 Group Pennant Race. Points will be awarded based on theater ticket applications, theater version handshake ticket sales and sousenkyo votes.
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02 February 2012

Idols, Chocolates and Valentine's Day

It's almost Valentine's Day again. If you were to receive chocolates from your oshimen, ever wondered how it will look like? A collaboration between NMB48 X Pocky, you can now see the deco-pocky designed by members of NMB48.

Here are the designs for the pocky:

There will also be limited edition wallpaper set to be revealed on 08 February 2012, be sure to check out the site then! And you can also check out the photos of members making the chocolate at the site itself, http://pocky.jp/event/nmb48/index.html

*In case you don't know, giri chocolates are those you give to people who are just friends, colleagues and have no deeper meaning. Honmei chocolates are those you give to those you like, usually to a boyfriend level, or girlfriend if you swing that way :/

NMB48 will also be holding a Valentine's Day Special Handshake Event on the 18 February 2012 at ZEPP OSAKA. On that day, fans will be able to receive a "Pocky Valentine Original Package" from the members.  Each member only have 90 of these packages so the fans will be assigned a random member and they won't get to choose beforehand. But this makes it all the more exciting...right?

French Kiss is giving away signed tumblers for Valentine's Day. In a Valentine's Day event organized by WatanabeGirls, the talent agency in charge of French Kiss, subscribers to its official mobile site or iPhone app can take part in the lucky draw and stand to win tumblers signed by French Kiss and other girls under the same agency, such as Sato Natsuki and Oya Shizuka. There will also be subscriber-only contents, such as wallpaper and flash-based handphone wallpaper during the Valentine's Day period. You can find the link to sign up at the event site, http://www.we-girls.jp/valentine2012/

Here's a AKB48 X 7&i collaboration for Valentine's. As seen in the CM above, among the 3 chocolates which are from the same package, only one is bitter(honmei)* and the rest are normal milk chocolates(giri). There are both the 3-chocolate package and the 5-chocolate package. The recipients don't know which is honmei and which is giri until they eat it. It could be used to secretly give honmei chocolate to the one you like with out all the teasing from everyone else. Or it could simply be used to play a Russian roulette-like game among friends.

When you purchase the chocolate, you will get a card of the members' kissing face. This only applies to the members who appear on the packaging of the chocolate. For the 5-piece set, they are: Maeda Atsuko, Takahashi Minami, Itano Tomomi, Kashiwagi Yuki, Oshima Yuko, Shinoda Mariko, Watanabe Mayu.

And for the 3-piece set, they are: Maeda Atsuko, Takahashi Minami, Oshima Yuko, Watanabe Mayu. For those four, the photos used in the 5-piece set are different for the ones used in the 3-piece set.

Not forgetting AKB48's official rival, Nogizaka46 is collaborating with Meiji for Valentine's Day, there isn't any special products but on the event homepage, there are lots of movies of the members making chocolates and recipes could be found on the site as well. Of course the ingredient used is Meiji chocolate. Check those movies here, http://www.choco-recipe.jp/milk/recommend/nogizaka/

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