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06 May 2012

NMB48 Team M 1st Stage [Idol no Yoake] Shonichi

NMB48's Team M performed their 1st Stage [Idol no Yoake] on May 5th for the first time. [Idol no Yoake] was originally performed by Team B as their 4th stage from 2009 to 2010 and was also one of AKB48's Kenkyuusei Stages.

The setlist for this show was slightly changed from the original version. The Team B song  [B Stars] was cut and instead a medley was performed. For the Shonichi performance Kenkyuusei Azuma Yuki performed instead of former Team M member Kodakari Yuuka, who graduated last month.

Several costumes like the ones for  [Kuchi Utsushi no Chocolate]  and the ones for the background dancers in [Kataomoi no Taikakusen]  were changed from the original version.

NMB48 Team M 1st Stage [Idol no Yoake]

M01 - Idol no Yoake
M02 - Minna-san mo go Issho ni
M03 - Haru Ichiban ga Fuku Goro
M04 - Kobushi no Seigi
M05 - Zannen Shoujo (Jo Eriko, Yagura Fuuko, Murase Sae)
M06 - Kuchi Utsushi no Chocolate (Hikawa Ayame, Murakami Ayaka, Yamagishi Natsumi)
M07 - Kataomoi no Taikakusen (Yogi Keira, Takano Yui, Azuma Yuki)
M08 - Tengoku Yarou (Kinoshita Momoka, Fujita Runa, Kawakami Rena, Mita Mao)
M09 - Itoshiki Natasha (Tanigawa Airi, Shimada Rena, Ota Riona)
M10 - Joshikosei wa Yamerarenai
M11 - Suki to Ieba Yokatta
M12 - Sobakasu no Kiss
M13 - Tanpopo no Kesshin

EN1 - Yokosuka Curve
EN2 - Medley (Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo->Junjou U-19->Oh My God!->Everyday Kachuusha)

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