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11 June 2013

AKB48 32nd Single Senbatsu Election - Commentary

It has been 3 days since the election ended, but we finally completed our election commentary for the AKB48 32nd Single Senbatsu Election (5th Senbatsu Election)! Three tiring days to compile all our feelings about the election into one single post. Without further ado, here we go!

Miss Moonlight

All election member speeches was translated by Miss Moonlight
Usage of the speech translations is allowed but only with credits and a link back to this post.

Election Photo sources: Oricon Style

-----Future Girls Line-----
64. Nakanishi Yuka
(SKE48 Team S)
"When I ranked last year, I thought a miracle has happened. But ranking again this year, I realized if I am together with you I can cause any miracle. From now on too, please cause a lot of miracles together with SKE48 and with me, Nakanishi Yuka. Thanks a lot."

Melos: Nishishi just barely made it again this year. I'm worried for her, she looks like she might slip out of the ranking anytime. But I'm glad her rank last year was not a simple 'miracle' and her rank this year shows that. She's also not one who would be disappointed with being announced the 1st.
Crests: I was happy to see her at least make it in but was surprised to see her drop as much as she did, a lot of people don't seem to see Nishi as an "idol" type though in a lot of ways she is but this really shows that that doesn't necessarily matter and that makes me happy. I often think how great it is that no matter what an idol is like there's always someone out there that thinks they're great. I hope with her new captain position and all people see how admirable she is and she moves back up
Jul3: Glad she scraped in again. Consistent position. Well done.
Sammy: Yaaaay Nishishi made it again this year too! Last place but nonetheless congrats!
Miss Moonlight: Barely in, but it's still great. Congrats!

63. Kaneko Shiori
(SKE48 Team E)
"I am really happy. I am trembling. When I was 15 I moved from Saitama to Nagoya because of SKE48. A lot of things have happened since but now I am glad I did do it. Thank you."

Jul3: Really happy for Kinchan to make it in, she's one of my favourite SKE members but hadn't heard much about her recently so glad she has support.
Sammy: Kinchan made it as well. ORI TEAM E
Crests: First of the large amount of Ori E members ranking for the first time, Ori E represent~

62. Hirajima Natsumi
(Graduated AKB48)
"Thanks a lot. Because I left like „that“, I could do nothing but apologize to you. That's why, today I want to express my thanks again. Really, thank you. You're votes are my future. Please support me from now on too. Really, thanks a lot."

Miss Moonlight: One of the graduates made it. Didn't expect that.
Melos: Uhhh I find this really strange and awkward... Of all the graduated members that participated in the election, it was the one that had a scandal that ranked.
Jul3: So glad a graduated member made it in! And a scandalous one at that. Shows the fans don't care about said scandal.
wanzo: There are still some loyal fans out there. Kinda awkward, but I appreciate the effort her fans put in.
Sammy: It's surprising, out of the grads that she made it.
Crests: Surprised it was her of all the graduates that made it in, but makes sense considering the amount of people thinking she was wrongly convicted or are still hurting over an important member like her being gone and forgotten

61. Yamauchi Suzuran
(AKB48 Team B)
"Thanks to all who voted for me. When my name wasn't called during the early results, I thought this time it will be hopeless too. But I received rank 61 from you, so I will continue to „fish(*) you as it is typical for me. Thank you."
(* Girls like Ranran are called tsurishi (fisher) because they "fish" fans with fanservice, extraordinarily good handshakes etc.)

Sammy: I don't know why Ranran keeps falling. It hurts me to see this.
Melos: As someone who enjoys being fished, I am saddened that her rank has dropped. Especially when I think of her as one of the best fishers in AKB. Admit it, you have been fished by her at least once before right?
Jul3: I've barely seen any of the Team 4 members since their disbandment, and Ranran was a popular member who seems to have suffered the most... I am mostly aware that she does lots of golf shows, which I presume most idol fans just don't care for. It's a shame she (and the other Team 4 members) are dropping, I thought she had a chance of being one of the strongest new gen members.

60. Matsui Sakiko
(AKB48 Team A)
"Everyone thanks a lot. This time I didn't rank during the early results, so to be honest I spend some days full of anxiety but I knew you'd support me. I received even more votes than last year. YOU DID IT! Thank you! I love you. I will continue to aim further up."

Jul3: I'm sad that Sakiko dropped, she has a strange kind of appeal that I like a lot. Around the time of her solo album release, she was appearing everywhere but has kind of dropped off the radar since then, hope something else pops up to get her into the spotlight again.
Melos: I'm glad that Sakiko ranked again this year. While AKB is an idol group and most idol groups don't have vocal and dance requirements, it's nice to have girls that have talents to back the group up.
wanzo: So glad. I expect another album from her this year
Crests: Now that Nakatsuki Tomomi is leaving Sakippe is my new Team A oshi so I'm happy to see her rank and with more votes than before although she went down.

59. Tomonaga Mio
(HKT48 Kenkyuusei)
"Thank you all for voting for me. That I can stand her is thanks to you. I am full with those feelings. Thanks so so much."

Sammy: Mio makes the cut. All that push really did give her a spot in this year's election.
Miss Moonlight: One of my HKT favs. She is so cute. I just hope she won't be overpushed...
emptystring: A good place to start, lots of room for improvement
Jul3: Great that little Mio made it. She is hugely popular within HKT, so much so that I half expected her to potentially be the 2nd highest ranking HKT48 member. Along with her general charm, she's had a big push within AKB48 and magazines recently around the Sayonara Crawl time, so can only hope that she takes off. Definitely one to watch for the future.

58. Isohara Kyoka
(SKE48 Team S)
"To those who supported me, to those who invited me to this stage, thanks so much. I started as a Kenkyuusei and now I am really glad I didn't give up until today. From now on, I want to continue moving forward together with you all who are so strong, nice and gentle. Please continue to support me."

Sammy: Another Ori E member.
wanzo: While Rena Matsui has moved to Team E, the remaining Team E girls are still mostly unknown. Kyon will be the pioneer along with Kanon and Ayachan
Crests: Was really excited to see Kyon rank! Though also surprised, Team E oshis really showed their presence and support this year. And yes, I agree that she looks great with short hair, haha.
Miss Moonlight: A real surprise to me. But a good one.

57. Ichikawa Miori
(AKB48 Team B/NMB48 Team N)
"To those who love the 48 group, to those who voted for me and to those who supported me, thanks a lot. This year I ranked 57 and I will dash forward as AKB48 as well as as NMB48 so please support me. And since I stand on this stage this year, please let me do this: Fresh Lemon ni naritai no!"

Melos: Amazingly, Miorin ranked. This surprised me as I expected her to down rank since the fresh lemon push wasn't as great as last year's.
wanzo: I hope she'll get more exposure in NMB, but I'm a bit sad that Lemon ranked instead of Juri/Renacchi
Jul3: Fresh lemon shows she hasn't quite turned sour yet. I thought her act was getting a little stale. Her concurrent move to NMB is curious and it will be interesting to see how that pans out.
Miss Moonlight: Fresh Lemon somehow managed to rank despite losing so much attention and interest from having the same gimmick, hopefully the NMB girls help her develop some new things to keep her afloat

56. Iwasa Misaki
(AKB48 Team B)
"Last year, I ranked for the first time...For three years I had not ranked, so when I ranked for the first time I was satisfied, but this time I ranked again, I am so happy. From other peoples point of view I might have dropped a lot, but I am really happy from the bottom of my heart. Really, thank you."

Miss Moonlight: Such a huge drop. Wasamin~ =(
Sammy: Wasamin dropped a lot. She was last year's Next Girl center.
Jul3: Wasamin did fantastic last year, with her rank in the elections and her debut single. This year, she released a 2nd single but most people didn't notice. Also, she is one of casualties of post-Acchan AKB management dropping a lot of mid-old gen girls from single songs in order to push new gens and sister group members. I'm a big fan of hers so sad that she hasn't been able to sustain momentum.
Crests: Seeing as her single from this year didn't have as big a buzz as last year's the drop is understandable, but hopefully she can gain some more soon and better establish herself as an enka singer as well.

55. Tashima Meru
(HKT48 Kenkyuusei)
"I will accept every single vote from you. Thank you. I will continue to work hard step by step and to steadily grow up, so that I can make HKT48's sun and a lot of smile flowers blossom for you. Please continue to support HKT48 and Tashima Meru."

Melos: To be honest with the amount of push that she has been given I expected her to already rank in Next Girls. But certainly she will have a bright future ahead of her, and I expect a much higher rank for next year's election.
Jul3: One part of me kinda wished that only Mio ranked and that Meru with her centre position didn't. They've both been pushed hard though as the 2nd gen aces and it's good to see HKT members get a lot of support - they've both charmed a lot of people. HKT48 can only go onwards and upwards!
Sammy: Meru outranks Mio. To be honest I would have liked Mio to outrank her instead.
Miss Moonlight: ditto
Crests: Was originally expecting Mio to be the only kenkyuusei ranking or ahead of Meru, but looking at things like G+ follower amounts she's really packing on the fans. Despite the anger from everyone her push is pretty successful.
emptystring: Same with Mio - great place to start as there's a lot of room to climb up.

54. Ogasawara Mayu
(NMB48 Team N)
"Thanks to all who voted for me. I am really happy. I didn't rank in the early results, so well, on one side I just wanted to enjoy myself but on the other side, I'd also given up already. But you all let me see this scenery, so the Ogasawara express train will continue to run though with all might. "

Melos: Maachun up ranked this year! She has always made me laugh with her jokes, even though there is a language barrier between us.
wanzo: Congrats! Bring more laughter to AKB!

53. Maeda Ami
(AKB48 Team K)
"Thank you. Among my fans, there are many gentle and energetic people, and I am glad I believed in them. Thank you. I was really anxious。When I ranked, I just lost all my power at once and my neck grew stiff. Stiffened out of happiness. I am really surprised. I am glad I ranked. I'll continue to do my best so please support me."

Crests: Aamin makes it! She received a lot of attention this year for her resemblance to Vanellope and did pretty well in janken and I guess the exposure was good for her, other than that I can't think of anything else she did this year so it's nice to see she still managed to make it.
Jul3: Aamin dropped 11 places, even with her "lead role" in a Disney cartoon... She's a great girl and deserves to be a solid member in AKB48, hope she ranks back up next year.

52. Sato Sumire
(AKB48 Team A)
"Thanks a lot for voting for me.I am already 4 and a half years in AKB48 and I think I let a lot of chances pass by. But this time I ranked and I could come here (to this stage), so I think this is the last chance you gave me. Now I am already a senpai in AKB48, I want to pull it forward, and I want to give my best with so much spirit so that all 70,000 people in this stadium will become my stars. Thank you."

wanzo: Her belly dance is a success lol.
Jul3: In contrast to Aamin, Suuchan cut her hair and belly danced her way up the rankings. But still a long way off her solid undergirls position. She deserves to be a regular undergirls member, but I fear is being pushed aside by the newer gens and sister groups.
Sammy: Suuchan went up from last year and this makes me really happy.
Melos: So now that Mariko is going to graduate, will Suuchan take over her position when they perform "Ue kara Mariko"?

51. Kikuchi Ayaka
(AKB48 Team A)
"Thanks to all who voted for me.This time it was a candidate system and at first I hesitated much about becoming a candidate but thanks to my fans who pushed my back I did it, and I am really happy about receiving this rank 51. I think the election is one checkpoint on the way, so I'll continue to do my best so that I can climb further up. So please continue to support me."

Melos: Ayarin keeps her 51st position from last year. It's not a drop and she has gained an additional 5k in votes, so it's still a positive outcome. I'm glad she's not letting her second chance go to waste.
wanzo: Stagnant, but still good.
Jul3: Seems to have been given an unexpected renewed push this year, despite management dropping similar positioned girls like flies.
Sammy: Fans are giving Ayarin a second chance so I'm really glad to see her rank again this year.
emptystring: Was hoping she would rank higher. she was also 51 last year.

50. Yoshida Akari
(NMB48 Team N)
"To all who voted for me, thanks so so much. In my election video I said that this year I want to stand on that stage with these feet no matter what and thanks to you all I could make it a reality. That makes me really really happy. Thank you so much. Please continue to support me."

Sammy: Another newbie to the elections. Congrats Akarin!
Miss Moonlight: NMB double lead!
wanzo: Namba girls is coming
Crests: I'm always surprised to hear that voice coming from her haha, awesome to see her make it!

49. Yabushita Shu
(NMB48 Team BII)
"Thank you so much for letting me see this wonderful scenery.This year I really want to do my best...so now I am trembling even more than during the early result annoucement and I am extremely happy. Thank you. I have one more thing to say: NMB48 is not only Team N and Team M, Team BII is a very good team too. So please come to our shows, to the theater. "

Melos: Indeed, I am quite unfamiliar to NMB48 and especially Team BII so I hope she will be able to capture my heart now that she is the center of Future Girls.
Sammy: And now we have BII's adorable ace as this year's Future girls center!
Miss Moonlight: Shu is so adorable. I am happy she got a center position. I like her comment. More promotion for Team BII, please!
Jul3: She seems to me to be one of the most popular NMB girls, so not surprised to see her rank in well. Personally, I haven't seen much of her, but am always curious as I hear so much about her, so centering this Future Girls song is a great chance for me to see what all the fuss is about.
wanzo: Beside Team E, BII girls achieved much attention this year. I never knew her before election, but I'm gonna start to show some respect.
Crests: Disappointed that she was the only BII member to make it because they're such a great team, but happy to see the girl who blames herself for BII's lack of popularity make it, hopefully with her comment and her center position she manages to attract the attention of a few more people

-----Next Girls Line-----
48. Oba Mina
(AKB48 Team B/SKE48 Team KII)
"Thank you all.I don't know if it's ok to say this every year, but I am very happy about this position, 48, a fateful number for AKB48 as well as SKE48. I want to change this into self-confidence and do my best. Please continue to support me!"

Sammy: SO HAPPY FOR MINARUN! Congrats bby!
Jul3: Surprised for Minarun to rank again. But glad another ex-Team 4 member made it. She seems to regularly feature in gravure shoots, so maybe this helped...
Melos: Lucky number 48. Last year Haachan stood on it and this year she jumped up 14 ranks, even though she wasn't really promoted so much. Will Minarun make the same rise like Haachan this year? I hope she does. She's the leader of Team 4 after all.

47. Kobayashi Ami
(SKE48 Team KII)
"Until today you gave me tailwind so I could run forward with all my might. From now on I will work even harder so that I can arouse wind. Thanks so so much."

Sammy: AAHHHH KOAMI. I'm so glad for her because she's one of my fave Ori E members.
Crests: I figured if any Ori E member was gonna rank it would be her, and she did! Very glad.
Miss Moonlight: Another surprise member for me. But I am glad for her. Ori Team E rocked this election.

46. Ishida Haruka
(AKB48 Team B)

"Last year I could rank as Future Girls, this year as Next Girls. I am really thankful. I believed in you and I don't know if I am believed in by you, but I am really thankful to everyone who supported me. There are members who know absolutely that they will stand on this stage but as for us in the middle, we are on the brink of ranking or not ranking so we are always doing our best with throbbing hearts. I will do my best in my AKB48 work so hard that I can bite at the senbatsu members. Please support me forever."

Jul3: Honestly surprised to see her rank and gain positions as I never hear much about her...
Crests: I really liked her speech and I'm happy to see her make it because no one seems to acknowledge her existence much except to say how she looks like Erepyon haha.
Melos: Last year she ranked in Future Girls, this year in Next Girls. Maybe next year she will get back into Under Girls? She ranked 27th in the 2nd election, but dropped completely out for the 3rd and has been slowly climbing back ever since.

45. Mutou Tomu
(AKB48 Team A)
"Last year I was voted Future Girls center even though I was still a Kenkyuusei, I was so happy. I was unsure if I could rank again this year, but my name was called. I am very happy and so thankful that the words "thank you" can't fully express it. I am a 12th generation member, a generation that is also called the "next generation", but from now on I don't want to be the next generation, I'd like to become someone who can push on AKB48 now. Please support me."

emptystring: Went up 4 places - hopefully will be near the top of NG or bottom UG next year!
Jul3: I thought last year's Future Girls center was a freak result as she appeared out of nowhere. I'm really surprised to see her back in a rank up.
Miss Moonlight: I hoped she'd go up even higher. But this is still a good result. Personally I think she is one of the members to look out for.

44. Yagura Fuuko
(NMB48 Team M/AKB48 Team A)
"Thanks so much to all who voted for me. Last year I did not rank, I saw Milky and Sayaka going up to this stage and I thought to myself I absolutely want to stand on that stage too, so I made the election my goal. I cannot believe that I am actually standing on this stage right now but I am really really happy. I don't only want to follow my senpai, I want to become someone who can pull up the group together with them. I'll continue to grow together with you. Thank you so so much."

Crests: Fuuchan! She seemed so grateful to make it and I bet with her concurrent position she might even make it higher next year.
Miss Moonlight: Another NMB48 member! I am glad so many ranked.
Melos: It's a dream come true for her. Good job wotas! But if only more girls could stand on that stage.
Jul3: I like Fuuko a lot and she seems to be to be one of the most supported NMB members so I thought she would rank a lot higher. Whenever I think of Fuuchan, I also think of Keira, and I'm very surprised that she didn't make an appearance in these rankings.

43. Ota Aika
(HKT48 Team H)
"Last year I ranked 52 which was really frustrating. I thought I should reevaluate myself. I had worked as a 3rd generation AKB member all the time, so I left Saitama and went to Fukuoka by myself. I am glad I moved to HKT48. That I received this rank 43, is because the fans in Fukuoka and the HKT48 members accepted me and it is thanks to my fans who always support me. There is still something to do about this rank, but I will continue to push on HKT48 as an HKT48 member. I will do my best as HKT's "big sister" so that we can make HKT48 even more famous than AKB48. Please support me! "

Melos: Make HKT48 even more famous than AKB48? Well she certainly has a long way to go. I'm glad that she managed to find a purpose after being transferred to HKT48. I was so afraid that she might choose to graduate because of that spoilt-brat-tsundere character she has. She is still very much a tsundere, but there's a glimpse of maturity shining out from her now.
Miss Moonlight: I have the impression that she has became more mature since she transferred. Glad that payed off.
Crests: Lovetan moves up! Her transfer to HKT really was a good move for her and she fits in there well, and she's definitely grown a lot..
Jul3: I had thought that the move to HKT hadn't done well for Rabutan, she doesn't seem to shine in their variety shows or particularly well in the handshake sales charts. Great for her and her fans that she has made it for this single.

42. Saito Makiko
(SKE48 Team S)
"Thank you for voting. The subtitle of this election is "Alone you can't see dreams". In the early results, I saw a dream called "rank 25". But today with this wonderful rank 42, I see the reality. I myself will verify this position I received from you and I will do my best so that I can go up even more and more and so that I don't waste this chance. Please continue to support me."

Melos: MAKIKO!!!!! Finally my (ex)SKE Kenkyuusei oshi makes it to the ranking, and even manages to get into Next Girls!. Well she has been promoted already but I'm still used to calling her my Kenkyuusei oshi because I have been for 3 years already. Anyway I'm happy for her that she finally gets the recognition she deserves because she really is an awesome performer.
Crests: Was so excited to see her make it! I hope more people pay attention to her in the future.
Miss Moonlight: Makiko is one of my favourite SKE members ever since I became a fan of the group. I am so glad she finally gets a reward for her hard work and her wonderful, energetic performances.

41. Matsumoto Rina
(SKE48 Team KII)
"I have a pain in my chest...thank you everyone...thank you. Please continue to support me."

Melos: Someone quickly call the ambulance! Glad to see another fisher finally ranking for the first time. Actually there are quite a number of new SKE48 members that ranked ever since that mass graduation earlier this year. Good that they have their chance now. Matsurina is one of my favorite SKE48 members too.
Crests: When they said KII I was not expecting it to be her, my result was more along the lines of "who?" but she seems like a nice girl and I'm happy for her
Sammy: I was actually shocked when Matsurina ranked but congrats nonetheless.

40. Jonishi Kei
(NMB48 Team N)
"Thanks a lot to everyone who made me stay on that stage tonight. To be honest, I have no confidence in myself. So I don't have many things I can be proud of. But the fact that so many people support me, really gives me confidence, and you kind and wonderful people are what I am proud of. I'll continue to plunge forward with so much energy that I'll make everyone in this nation the Jonishi-type(*). Urepiinatsu(*). Thank you."
(* 1. a pun on her name and catchphrase: Kei can mean type, lineage etc.; 2. A pun on ureshii (happy) and Peanuts (a trademark "gag" of hers))

Crests: Good ol' Keicchi, great to see such an awesome girl rank for the first time, almost surprised it's the first time.
Miss Moonlight: Keicchi was my first NMB48 oshi and I still care for her a lot, so I am happy she ranked.
emptystring: My NMB favorite, hopefully will be in UG next year.

39. Umemoto Madoka
(SKE48 Team E)
"To everyone who voted, to everyone who supported me, thank you so much. I've never been in SKE48 senbatsu, and Team E's goal of having an original stage show can't come true because of the shuffle in spring. So up until now I have never been able to repay my fans. But without giving up, they walked together with me and I received a great rank 39 from them, so I am really, really thankful right now. I still have a dream to achieve, so facing towards this dream, please allow me to do one thing, ok? "Towards my dream, GO! GO! LET'S GO! LET'S GO! MADOKA! GO! FIGHT! WIN! No, 1! (*) Aiming for number 1 at everything, I'll continue to run at full speed. Please support me."
(* Madoka is a former cheerleader, this is her trademark cheer)

Crests: Was beyond happy about her, she lost so much but it's clear she is still Team E's captain at heart and still seen as one. She solidified her position as my Team E oshi that night.
Miss Moonlight: I was screaming when her name was called at rank 39. I just love Madoka. With the shuffle she had to overcome quite a setback and I am so happy she is rewarded now.
Sammy: THE TRUE TEAM E CAPTAIN. It's great to see so many Ori E members rank.

38. Tano Yuuka
(AKB48 Team A)
"Thanks a lot to those who have voted for me. Last year I received the wonderful Next Girls rank 45 but today I received 38, an even higher rank, I am really, really happy. I ranked 38, but I want to become someone even more than that. Thanks a lot."

Melos: Tanochan you should smile more! Don't look so gloomy in the picture.
Jul3: Like Muto Tomu, I thought last year's rank was a freak result so glad to see her still up here. She's always seems happy and full of energy, and has a great position in the Shinoda Team A Waiting Stage.
Sammy: Tanochan should have ranked higher in my opinion

37. Kodama Haruka
(HKT48 Team H/AKB48 Team A)
"To those who have supported me, to those who have voted for me, thank you so much. Last year I did not rank, it felt so frustrating. To be able to stand here was one of my goals, and I am very, very happy that I am standing here right now. Your expectations and various feelings are put into this rank 37. It is a rank to be very proud of. But I am not satisfied yet. I am not that good at singing and dancing, rather I am poor at it...That's why I think I have to gain more ability. And I also have to aim even higher and higher in order to make HKT48 leap forward and also in order to achieve my personal dreams. That's why I have decided! This year I will keep Shinoda san's words form last year in mind, and will do my best with the intention to smash my senpai. Thank you so much."

Jul3: Haruppi! She's completely won me over this year, and is now not just my HKT oshi, but my #2 in the whole franchise. Everything about her is just so cute. Really happy she made it so high, despite not really liking sister group girls appearing in AKB singles. I'm really unsure about this concurrent Team A position, so I hope that doesn't work against her. She's great as Team H center and always appears at the front of all the HKT shows and magazine shoots so gets a lot of promotion. Also, she managed to get a spot on camera so she appeared in the background for all the members election speeches so got the most screen time out of anyone this election, haha.
Melos: She finally ranked in the election! Congrats to her. Great to see she is taking Mariko's advice for good.
Miss Moonlight: Last year she did not rank even though she was HKT48's center. This must have been really hard for her. Congrats that she made it this year.
Crests: Haruppi ranked, and above the one who took her place, it must be very reassuring.
Sammy: Haruppi, this cutie pie. Congrats
emptystring: Finally ranked, happy to see hard work paying off. Read her g+ post too.

36. Kuramochi Asuka
(AKB48 Team K)
"I am really happy that I am able to stand here on the Nissan Stadium stage in my home town. My rank went down from last year, but I will work more and better than this 36 (implies/says). I'll make great efforts. So please everyone, expect more from me, Kuramochi Asuka. I will support our center Amina and work hard to pull up/push on the Next Girls. Thanks to everyone who voted for me."

Jul3: Damn. This was hugely disappointing. Asuka is one of my favourite members but I've hardly seen her this year since management have dropped her from undergirls - I thought this fan elected single was her only chance at undergirls so really sad she dropped here, too. Her debut single appeared out of nowhere and gave her a bit of attention, but to nowhere near the same level as before, or when French Kiss were active. I hope she does release that debut photobook. I fear for her graduation from the group...
Melos: From 22nd to 36th. Mocchi was at one point in the past my oshimen, and I am greatly upset that she dropped rank quite a lot, especially when she is making quite a progress with her solo work.
Crests: Mocchi is a really unique idol to me and deserving a lot more than she gets, she didn't receive the attention I hoped with her solo single but hopefully she manages to stand out this year and shine as the Mocchi we know and love
Miss Moonlight: She went down so much. One of the few sad results of this election for me.

35. Nagao Mariya
(AKB48 Team K)
"Thanks a lot to all who have voted for me and to all who supported me. I didn't rank in the early results, I was so anxious. So very anxious that I casted four mobile site votes for myself. That shows how much I wanted to rank. This time I realized that I am supported by you all. I really think I am a fortunate person. Please continue to support me. Thank you."

Crests: First time I've seen a girl admit she voted for herself haha, glad she ranked considering how important it was to her.
Melos: Voting for herself eh? Lol that's so cute. But you should have more trust in your fans Yagi,
Jul3: Glad to see another ex-Team 4 still rank.
Sammy: Ahhh Yagi has definitely become stronger from last year.

34. Katayama Haruka
(AKB48 Team B)
"This year I was aiming for a higher rank than last year's 48, I believed in all my fans and together we gave our best until today. No matter if I make or break this rank 34 I received from you, I think that I, Katayama Haruka, will with my power, change. I will do my best to steadily move into the right direction from here. Thanks a lot to those who have voted for me, who have supported me."

Crests: My lovely Team B oshi Haachan moves up, for some reason I didn't think she would make it but I'm happy she did and I have high hopes for her in the future.
Miss Moonlight: Haachan moves up despite so many new girls entering and rising. A respectable result.
Jul3: A surprising rise... I didn't think she's really done much this year, apart from make a couple of overseas appearances and subbing for kenkyuusei in some "Pajama Drive" stage performances.
emptystring: My second ex-oshi, very surprised that she rose from 48 to 34 - could this be her second coming?

33. Sato Amina
(AKB48 Team K)
"Thanks to all who have voted for me. This time I ranked 33 so for the first time I stand in the middle, this is the first time I felt so happy. For the first time I realized: the scenery seen from the middle is so beautiful. I will do my best, with all my might, so that everyone will think "what a wonderful song". I will do my best in order to make you like Sato Amina even more, so please support me."

Melos: My AKB48 oshi!!! I'm sad that she down ranked this year, but at the same time she got to center in Next Girls, so now I'm really confused if I should be joyful for this or not. Well one thing I'm sure about. Now she's center for Next Girls we can see a lot more of her in the PV, none of that 8 second sh*t in Iiwake Maybe (even though she placed 8th in that election).
Crests: Was rather nervous when she didn't rank in the prelims but thankfully her wota came through overall, and with her center position she'll probably actually get a decent amount of screen time!
Jul3: Not surprised she dropped. I haven't seen much of her all year...
Sammy: Amina dropped from UG but we get to see her shine as Next Girls center.
Miss Moonlight: Amina dropped quite a bit but as center she will get more spotlight than she has received most of the time.

-----Under Girls line-----
32. Fujie Reina
(AKB48 Team B)
"I am really happy to be able to stand on this stage this time. Thank you. For two years in a row I ranked 40th, and as a proverb says if it happens twice it will happen thrice. So I did think I might rank 40th again, but I am really happy that I have received this rank "32". In blog comments or at handshake events I was told nice words like "We accompany you". I wasn't anxious at all until today. I will continue to have faith in you and will do my best with all my might so that you put faith into me too, so please continue to support me. Thank you."

Sammy: I'm surprised at this sudden boost at Reinyan's ranking and popularity.
Melos: Reinyan is another member that didn't get that much push and yet got quite a big popularity boost
Crests: Reinyan! She stole my heart in that episode of AKBINGO years ago with Maimai's marathon and with how little attention she received not long after I'm excited to see her make it.
Jul3: Another solid member. Good to see her rise.

31. Kimoto Kanon
(SKE48 Team E)
"Thanks so much to all who have voted for me, who have supported me. In the early results I ranked 64, barely in, so to be honest I was so very anxious this time. But at handshakes a lot of people supported me. I thought I mustn't let myself be spoilt/dependent just because I am surrounded by such a wonderful environment, but I am someone who gets spoilt/depends on something easily, so I did....I have a big goal, so I will do my best to make SKE's and my charm known to a lot of people, showing that in SKE48 there are other good members apart from JuriRena too. I am so thankful, thank you."

Melos: Kanon got an amazing huge jump all the way from 56 to 31! Way to go girl! She's Team E's ace and everyone should get to know more of this cute little devil.
Crests: Kanon, she's crazy cute, when it got this far into the ranks me and a lot of people all thought she wasn't gonna rank after all, but she made it!
Jul3: I enjoyed her Nantene character in Majisuka Gakuen 3.

30. Iriyama Anna
(AKB48 Team A)
"Thanks to all who have supported me. I thought about what I would say if I ranked today and put a memo into my mobile. But 5 days ago I damaged my mobile, lost it so I haven't decided what to say. Right now, I am very frustrated. In the early results you put me on rank 27 and I wanted to rise higher than in the early results, so it's frustrating. But I am glad that I can think of it as frustrating. Up until now, maybe because I have no confidence in myself, I didn't really feel frustrated when seeing the great activities/work of other members. I watched them thinking "how good", "how great", it would be better to think of it as frustrating (sorry, not sure). I am really thankful to you all who always support me, to my family, the other members, the staff. Thank you."

Jul3: Out of all the ex-Team 4, it's only Paru and AnRiRe who have gotten any sort of push since. She never was that pushed within the Team but seems the AnRiRe thing has worked out well for her. She had a terrible reaction to the announcement, which didn't do her any favors with me, shame.
Miss Moonlight: I don't want to sound rude, but she should not be disappointed about this rank. Never ranking before and then becoming 30th, that is amazing and something a lot of girls can only dream about.
Sammy: Annin was pretty upset when she didn't rank higher but a jump from nowhere to #30 is pretty good!
Crests: Annin's become rather popular these days, and with all the big members ahead of her and behind her she should be thrilled with her rank, but obviously feelings can't be helped and it's always nice to see brutally honest speeches.

29. Oya Masana
(SKE48 Team S)
"I am really happy to be able to stand on this stage together with everyone else again this year. Thank you!!! This year while waiting, I felt a bit afraid, but being able to stand here, I am glad I stayed in SKE48, I feel so thankful from the bottom of my heart. Currently, people are talking about AKB's and SKE's "next generation" and about a "generation change" but I, Oya Masana, together with the Oya Masana community I am proud of, want to stay right now at this moment. Thank you"

Melos: Masana has consistently ranked in the Under Girls ever since the 2nd election. That's quite a good position but every year I keep wanting for more for her.
Miss Moonlight: Masana always manages to rank in Undergirls. Loyal fanbase.

28. Yamada Nana
(NMB48 Team M)
"I am often told that I have a really weird voice or that I am a shorty. That's why, somehow I want to move to the front forcefuly and powerfully, but I don't really know how to do something forcefuly and powerfuly but since I received rank 28, I will go on forcefuly and powerfuly. Thank you!"

Miss Moonlight: Yes, Nana, as you say, you do have a weird voice. But that doesn't change the fact that you are amazing.
Crests: Queen Nana movin' on up.
Jul3: NMB's number 3 on the rise.
Melos: Nana has moved up from Next Girls to Future Girls, and I can feel that her popularity is still rising. It just confuses me why it took her so long as she was the top 3rd in NMB48.

27. Furukawa Airi
(SKE48 Team KII)
"Right now, Kawaei Rina stands next to me, so I am grinning broadly, sorry. Like last year, I am again able to stand on this stage together with my original character "Chibiairi" and Google+ (shows a drawing on her palm). It's blurred by the sweat of my hand, ah no, by the tears of us two. From now on too, I will show a lot of my charm/appeal, so please support me. Thank you."

Melos: Oh Airin, you never fail to amuse me with your antics. I wonder how long it took her to draw chibi airin on her hand? I totally didn't notice her do it on the YouTube stream.
Crests: Airin is such a fascinating and great member to me and I'm happy she is to others well, hopefully she also moves her way up in the hierarchy of SKE.

26. Miyawaki Sakura
(HKT48 Team H)
"Thanks to those who have voted and supported me. Last year I received the great result '47' and I was very happy, This year I received a wonderful position in Undergirls as 26th and I am happy again. From now on, even though it is a bit out of season, I want to make a lot of sakuras (cherry blossoms) bloom through various activities. Thank you so much."

Crests: Ah Sakura, no matter how much they push other members or where they stand you'll always come out on top haha.
Jul3: Huge rank for Sakura. Firmly cemented herself as HKT48's #2. Half-expected/hoped Mio to take over that position. She's one of those members where I understand what all her charm points are, but those same points work in the opposite fashion for me.
Sammy: Sakuratan is my HKT oshi and its good to see her rank so high.

25. Kawaei Rina
(AKB48 Team A)
"Thanks a lot to those who have voted for me. I didn't rank last year, so I am really happy. I feel as if this (rank) is a lie. Thank you."

Jul3: As mentioned before, the only new gens to get a push post-Team 4 were Paru and AnRiRe. On top of the AnRiRe push, Ricchan got solidly pushed in all sorts of media, not to mention having a big magazine election campaign for her running since sometime last year and a Mechaike episode and Sayonara Crawl coupling song designed just to push her. Well, its seems to have worked. I like and dislike her in equal measure but it seems they are determined to make her an important member in the future.
Sammy: Ahhh my precious Ricchan. Next year she will definitely be in senbatsu, I just know it!
Miss Moonlight: AKB's brain queen ranked. Was about time.
Crests: Was kinda not a big fan of the whole queen baka thing, but boy did it ever get her a lot of attention. She really knows how to promote herself and it's paying off

24. Matsumura Kaori
(SKE48 Kenkyuusei)
"Thank you. I have chosen not to be promoted and to go the way of a lifetime honorary Kenkyuusei and faced the election in this way. Usually I fight with my haters, cause blazing up flames(*), and trouble people. But this has resulted in this rank so I think that means you have appreciated this a bit. Attention is always put on senbatsu members or members with cute faces but among the Kenkyuusei in the 48 group, it might sound weird, are a lot of girls who even work harder that the regular members. So everyone, please look, at least a bit, at the Kenkyuusei who are doing their best in the theaters. And, as for me personally, I want to destroy the pre-established harmony in the 48 group. Also I am filming footage and loading it up. I absolutely want to show this scenery to everyone. "BBQ Matsumura no konya mo ichikome da". Thank you."
(* The Japanese expression used here can also mean "flood of comments to a blog, exceeding what the blog's owner can answer").
Sammy: Kaotan is really something. She has a very dedicated and a loyal fan following.
Melos: Props to her for promoting the Kenkyuuseis. I always feel that there are kenkyuusei members that work much harder than most of the regular members. They have to, otherwise they won't be able to capture your glance from behind 3 rows of regular members. They have less screen time in TV shows, so they have to work doubly hard to make that every second they are on screen count.
Crests: Kaotan has become rather admirable to me as of late almost, it makes me happy that she's trying her best to help the other members get out there

23. Takayanagi Akane
(SKE48 Team KII)
"Thanks to all who supported me. I made a promise with my fans, that this will be the most enjoyable election so far, that I won't work myself up, that I and my fans will share smiles the whole time and laugh. So I really don't have any frustrated thoughts and I am just full of happiness. This time I participated for the sake of SKE48, so from now on I will pay back love to those who like SKE48, to those who like Team KII, to those who support me and also to those who might hate me a bit. Thank you."

emptystring: A bit sad, seems like she just can't break the senbatsu wall.
Miss Moonlight: 23, 24, now 23 again. Seems Churi has established her position. Though I think she has potential to rank higher...
Jul3: Pretty estabilished position for her in these election singles, but now she's dropped from being 3rd in SKE to 6th...
Crests: Happy Churi made it because she's so lovely, sad she was as low as she was, especially considering her anxiety about the elections and plan to possibly not participate next year. I'm sure it's nothing a bunch of birds can't fix though.

22. Kizaki Yuria
(SKE48 Team S)
"Thanks to all who have voted and supported me. Last year I was 31st, now I am 22nd, so I moved up 9 ranks and am really very happy now. Yesterday I wrote in my blog that I will accept the position I receive this time, so this year I will do my best having in mind the "double peace" rank 22 I received from you. Thank you."

Melos: She publicly said she was aiming for senbatsu, but sadly she fell short of it. 22nd is still good though, in her own words "It’s Double Peace, you know?"
Crests: Well, Yuria did get to make a clever comment of sorts which at least kinda makes her position worth it haha
Jul3: Peace! I'll admit I had no idea who she was last year but Majisuka Gakuen 3 brought her to my attention, and I think to many others. She did really well there whilst Paruru disappointed. She stayed firmly in my favorites and is now my SKE oshi. To quote emptystring "her sad face + bikini combo is creating a buzz".

21. Kitahara Rie
(AKB48 Team K)
"To be honest, I worried a lot that every year until now I couln't make an impressive speech. This year there is also a TV live broadcast so I planned to fool around somehow but two weeks have passed, I couldn't think of anything funny and now I am already standing here on this stage. I am really thankful to the many people who voted and suported me. This past year, I have gained a lot of friends and it was a very enjoyable year. It'd be great if the year that follows now will again be a year where I can laugh a lot with my many friends. Thanks for supporting me."

Melos: I'm quite a bad AKB fan. It was only when Rie got transfered to SKE48 that I started to notice how great she is. I didn't really care about her before that, and used to be heavily against the concurrency program, but seeing how the members, especially Kitarie, were trying their very best to get the fans to acknowledge them in the new teams I grew to like her. Now even though her concurrency has ended, the bonds she made will last and she will always feel like a member of SKE48 to me.
Sammy: Rie dropped from senbatsu bit still #21 is great.
Miss Moonlight: I so hoped she would somehow make senbatsu again....
Jul3: A surprise drop from senbatsu... her concurrent position in SKE didn't seem to do as well for her as the other concurrent position girls. Her role in the reality series Terrace House seemed to stir quite a bit of attention, especially with the hinted at love interest.
Crests: Kitarie! With being in a drama, that show, and her stint in SKE she got a lot more attention this year and still managed to be pretty high up. Originally one of my least favorite members, this year she became one of my favorites, what's not to love about Kitarie?

20. Takajo Aki
(JKT48 Team J/AKB48 Team B)
"Everyone, thanks a lot. I am currently a concurrent member of JKT48 and AKB48. I am the "Aki Takajo" of JKT48 as well as the "Takajo Aki" of AKB48. I love everyone in Japan and the Japanese fans. And I also love the Indonesian fans. Today many Indonesian members contacted me and also wished me "Good luck". I love Japan and Indonesia. So I want to continue connecting Indonesia and Japan.Please continue to support JKT48 and AKB48. To everyone in Indonesia, to everyone in Japan "Terima kasih" (thank you)."

Jul3: Doesn't seem to have fit in that well with JKT48 compared to Harugon, who fully embraced the move to a different country. Akicha seems in limbo between both countries and her drop reflects that. I hope her new concurrency makes her feel more part of the group and she can re-gain her rank next year.
Melos: When she got transfered to JKT48 I thought she would lose quite a number of Japanese fans, but the growth in her Indonesian fabase was enough to overcome that.
wanzo: I hope she won't feel too disappointed. She's not asking much from the JKT48 fans, just to be supportive of her as long as they can. She's a work oriented member but I like her professionalism. I hope she's smiling more and a bit relax. Ganbatte, Akicha

19. Umeda Ayaka
(AKB48 Team B)
"Thank you for letting me stand on this stage this year again. I was really happy when fans told me at handshake events "I put in 10 votes for you" or "I put in 20 votes". My slogan for this election is "Even if I'm told that to 99% senbatsu is impossible, as long as there is a 1%-chance I'll do my best". At first, I only had 1% by myself and it wasn't enough for the remaining 99%. But you brought me so close, so that I was able to get this position. From now on as well, even if I am told it's impossible, even if I am made fun of, as long as there is a 1%-chance for me, I will do my best. So please, continue to watch my footsteps. Thank you."

Sammy: I was so upset when Umechan didn't make it to senbatsu this year. She dropped only 3 ranks but still....
Melos: I'm quite sad that Umechan dropped out of Senbatsu this year. She got more votes than last year, but it wasn't enough to keep her in. I really felt she was on a rise last year after making it to Senbatsu and becoming the Captain of Team B.
Jul3: Team B Captain Umechan may have fallen out of senbatsu, losing out to sister group members, but gained 50% more votes than last year.
wanzo: Her hard work didn't pay off. She should be the one of 16.

18. Minegishi Minami
(AKB48 Kenkyuusei)
"I thought a lot about whether it'd be wrong for me, who hurt my beloved AKB48, to even participate in this election. But if I fled from this situation, I never would be able to stand here again, so I strongly felt that I want to stand on this stage. That's why I am very happy that I am able to tell you my thanks right now on this stage. To all who gave me the courage and opportunity to step up to this stage. Thank you so much for not abandoning me and for supporting me. No matter how uncool it might seem, I am going to do my best starting from scratch and go on recklessly so that I can be once again be approved of as AKB48. And luckily, my hair has grown again. I think that corresponding to the length my hair has grown again, I am growing as a person. Please continue to watch over me. I am really happy. Thank you."

Crests: The non-wig look is good, hahaha. It must be nice to know she still has the support she does.
Jul3: Miichan became the most famous AKB48 member overnight with her shaved head making the international press. Since then she dropped out of media exposure and has dropped ranks out of senbatsu for this single but gained a lot in vote numbers, so I'm glad to see her fans still support her after the scandal. It's also great to see her showing off her shaved head without a wig at this election event.

17. Shibata Aya
(SKE48 Team KII)
"Thank you. Among SKE48 fans I am called a "lonely person". But I am not lonely at all, I really do feel that so many people are surrounding me. In the early results, I ranked 8th, a position that felt like a dream, I was so happy. From now on I'll do my best with even more effort than before so that one day I will be able to get such a position not only in the early results but also in the final results. Thank you."

Melos: Ayaya ranking center for Under Girls was probably my happiest moment during the whole election. I mean I literally cried tears of joy when her name was called. I have always been captivated by her (and those eyes) ever since she I first saw her in SKE48 so for her to finally get the limelight after not ranking for the past 3 elections is a joy.
Sammy: Do not underestimate SKE wotas. Ayachan will finally get her chance to shine as a UG center. She was my most favorite Ori E members, and I'm super happy at this.
Miss Moonlight: Results like this make me love the SKE wotas. Great job!
emptystring: Out of all the results this made me the happiest, the world will finally get to see more of her.
Crests: When she ranked so high in the prelims I thought it couldn't last but it did! Maybe now she'll finally make an SKE senbatsu! Also, considering Mariko is graduating, maybe she'll be part of this senbatsu in the future too.
Jul3: "Miss wobbly-head toy"'s 8th position in the 1st day election results. I thought that may have just been a fluke but maybe that position pushed more to vote for her and she somehow made it to undergirls centre. I'm not a huge fan of sister group members in AKB48 singles in general, but this is a great story.

-----Senbatsu line-----
16. Suda Akari
(SKE48 Team KII)
"Three years and a half have passed since I joined SKE48. I joined as a Kenkyusei and was promoted to Team S three and a half years ago. The whole three and a half years I have been doing stage shows in Team S and all the time my position was in the most remote corner. But because the whole 3 and a half years there were people who found me even in that position and made me the center of their eyes, I could move forward. Me and handshake events, I don't know how to say this...one day my catchphrase became something like "I am the handshake-event-Suda Akari", but I thought all the time "I am doing my best even outside of handshake events, and I want to be approved for that". I have fun at handshake events and I do like them, but to be thought of as "Suda Akari=handshake event" was very frustrating. Because there were people who followed and supported me I could reach the senbatsu together with them, something I could not have reached alone. Currently there's stuff like "the next generation senbatsu" or so, but I am 21. I can't be selected as "next generation", but if the "next generation" is impossible for me, I should just become a person who can bring the group forward now, right? (...)"

Melos: That was a great speech. Sasuga my kamioshi, she really knows how to pull those fans to her cause. It's been a great year for us Dasu oshis and it will only get better. I'm actually not as estatic about Akarin's rank compared to Ayaya's, because for her she came out of nowhere whereas Akarin I knew she would rise, but she doesn't seem to be slowing down. Right now she's in a position where she can rival WMatsui.
Back to her rank, I have an issue about this particular position, right at the back of Senbatsu. Last year Umechan got into the back of Senbatsu too, but she wasn't really featured much as compared to the rest of the Senbatsu members. In fact she got more exposure when she was at the center of Under Girls two years ago. Same for all the others who stood at this spot.
Sammy: AKARIN MADE IT TO SENBATSU. Wow this was really unexpected but go get it girl!
Crests: AKARIN! She works hard for her fans and they've paid her back, great to see her amazing smile up there probably stealing the hearts of everyone watching like her smile stole mine haha.
Jul3: Daasu - the queen of handshakes. Like Sakura, all the points which make others like her make me dislike her so I'm not happy she's in senbatsu for this AKB48 single. Maybe I need to be fished in person to become a fan?
wanzo: Finally we can see the awesome smile often. cheers

15. Watanabe Miyuki
(NMB48 Team N/AKB48 Team B)
"Thanks a lot to everyone who supported me. I have finally entered the senbatsu, which was my fondest wish, and I love all those who support me. I am not good at speeches, but I'll do my best. Those who always support me are really important for me, the rank 15 I received from those people will be my self-confidence and pride and I am going to advance even further. Rank 15 means I can still aim even higher, I want to do so positively. Also, I am going to do my best so I can become someone who can bring NMB48 and the AKB48 group forward.Thank you so much,"

Jul3: Really expected Milky to outrank Sayanee this year. She's probably my favorite in NMB48 and I actually expected her to crack into the top 10 this year. Instead she takes up position ahead of the other fisherwoman.
Crests: Milky is like the personification of "idol" to me and I was really expecting her to both outrank Sayanee and break the top 10, but I guess her plans for world domination will have to wait another year
Sammy: I would have liked Mirukii to outrank Sayanee but both of them made it to senbatsu.
emptystring: Not really sure why it took fans this long to get her and Sayaka into senbatsu.

14. Yamamoto Sayaka
(NMB48 Team N)
"For "Everyday, Kachuusha" I was for the first time selected as AKB48 senbatsu. This is the 3rd election since then, last year and the year before I ranked as Undergirls. While I was half happy, very frustrating feelings also remained.... So, I am really, really happy that my name was called as senbatsu member this year. That I was able to become senbatsu is thanks to my fans who always support me and are like a gentle family to me. I am really happy I could enter senbatsu, something I wanted to all the time, but when I am appearing in TV shows etc as a member of AKB48 senbatsu, I was always so quiet and docile. I was even told by my fans that when everytime I appear as part of AKB48 senbatsu I become like a "borrowed cat" (*). I even got angry abut myself for not being able to really change that. I saw the other NMB48 members and other group members dazzling and burning with desire and I realized I cannot continue like this. So I will graduate from playing the cat(*) and snap at the other senbatsu members like a beast. I am also going to stir up the 48 group. (...) Thanks so so much to all the fans who showed me the way to senbatsu. 
(* Japanese expressions for "being quite and meek" or "playing the docile and innocent")"

Miss Moonlight: Sayaka as NMB's top, that's how I prefer it. Congrats to her!
Crests: Sayanee makes it ahead of Milky which is surprising, however even though Milky is a great idol Sayanee is just great in general and I'm happy for her
Jul3: SayaMilkz sticking together. The NMB top two firmly securing their place in AKB48 senbatsu. I expected a slightly higher rank for her but for Miyuki to take over as NMB #1.
Melos: It took 3 elections for Sayanee and Milky into get into senbatsu. It's about time too. Finally they got the positions they deserve, but at the same time my heart aches that there is even lesser spaces for AKB48 members in the Senbatsu.

13. Yokoyama Yui
(AKB48 Team A)
"Here in Nissan Stadium in front of 70,00 people, I intended not to react like I did last year and the year before, but already midway through the results I could not stop shaking...In the one year since last year's election I was able to make a lot of experiences, especially important was the concurrent position in NMB48...Tokumitsu-san (the host), I calmed down a bit! Through this concurrency and the team change to Team A which was announced in Tokyo Dome, I think I have been able to grow a lot. (...) For two years I have shown you a not very reliable side of myself, but I am reliable, so from now on I am going to, together with my many kouhai and my many wonderful senpai, turn this group into one that you can love even more.(...)"

Melos: I'll be absolutely honest with you. I burst out in laughter when the escort came onto the screen to help her down the stairs. The whole time leading to this, every time a member walked down from the waiting area to the main stage I kept thinking "How will Yuihan get down those steps when shes hyperventilating so much?" And then the answer to that came onto the screen LOL.
Crests: I really thought she was gonna pass out or fall down the stairs, and then instead of a speech just cry into the mic for 5 minutes but she managed to get some words out, Yuihan is lovable and hardworking and it's good to see her so high
Miss Moonlight: Yuihan as adorable as ever.
Jul3: Yui did it again... perhaps more dramatically than the last two years with the escort at the start.... It's kind of become an annual tradition and makes everyone laugh in the middle of these elections, which were getting really tense, I was feeling pretty damn nervous at this point... Yui was concurrent in NMB for most of the year, and just about outranks the two full NMB48 members, but I'm not sure that will be the same next year. Yui fit in excellently with that group and it's where she is from so a little sad to see she's no longer with them. Ranking #13 meant one thing as well, that Yui is no longer the most popular "new generation" member of AKB48...

12. Shimazaki Haruka
(AKB48 Team B)
"That I am able to stand here today is because I have received a lot of opportunities over the year and have been supported by so many people. Having received this rank, I'd be glad if I can be a support and power for AKB48 from now on. I love AKB48. Thank you." 
(Host: Standing there in the front of the mic you must be quite excited. But f you take a deep breath don't you have more things you want to say?) "...."
(Host: Nothing?) "...."
(Host: Have you thought of something?) "....*shakes head*...."
(Host: Can't remember anything?) "...."
(Host: How do you think about this rank? In the early results your rank was one-digit, now you are 12, what do you say?) "Last year I could not enter senbatsu, so I am really....what is it? ehm...."
(Host: Are you fully satisfied?) *nods* 
(Host: I understand...It's the Eien Pressure.)

Melos: Paruru has been pushed loads the past year, and some fans might even say the Janken election was rigged to push her even more, but whatever the case it wasn't surprising to see her rank in the senbatsu this year. However I didn't like the effort, of lack thereof that she put in her speech. Half the time on stage she was completely silent.
Jul3: Shimazaki-san... the super-push who gained a hell of a lot of fans, and also a hell of a lot of antis... The Janken win (which, as Melos mentioned, some say was rigged) fell perfectly into managements hands as they wanted to make her one of AKB's aces. She may divide a lot of fans, but gets people talking about the group and wins over new fans. She's also the only 9th + generation member apart from Yui to make it into standard AKB48 senbatsu so is important for the future of the group. Saying that, her cuteness seems to have worn off with the superpush and the pressure getting to her. She seems to be playing up to this "salty" role thrust upon her and always puts on a grumpy face at some point during TV performances of singles. This election speech was the worst. She just stood there.... for ages... not saying anything... even when asked... a couple of times. Sigh, she isn't making it easy to be a fan of her...
Melos: This coming out from someone who used to be one of the craziest Paruru oshis...
Crests: Most awkward speech of the show but somehow charming, wasn't surprised to see her so high and was almost happy. I have a bit of a soft spot for Paruru because I relate to her a lot haha.
emptystring: Thought she would rank higher, but will have to wait till next year. On-stage silence was great and very paruru-like.

11. Itano Tomomi
(AKB48 Team K)
"Thanks a lot to those who have voted for me. For about 8 years I have overcome hard and fun times in AKB48 together with the other members, so I decided to participate in the election with the intention to give my best as AKB48 member until the day I graduate. We've already had 5 elections, and I always hated the election. But today I received so many votes and really felt that my fans have given their best and I was able to feel a very warm feeling. Soon I will graduate and become a solo artist. I do feel a lot of anxiety. I am often misunderstood, but I am not such a strong person. I am going to change the amount of votes I received from you into self-confidence and I am going to fulfil my dream. I, Itano Tomomi, will continue to give my best. Thank you."

Jul3: Sad that Tomochin dropped out of the top 10 with this being her final election before graduation. She's always been one of the big members of AKB48 and it will be a great loss to the group when she is gone, particularly with her mainstream appeal outside the group. Glad to hear that she isn't a fan of the whole election though but sad to see her drop down. All the best for her future.
Crests: With Tomochin having more casual fans than wota fans it's great to see her as high as she is even though I almost thought she would be higher what with graduating and all. Oh well.
Melos: This is Tomochin's last election, if she is still keen on graduating before the year ends. I expected her to get more votes as a graduation present of sorts.
Sammy: This is probably Tomochin's last election. She was quite upset and it was heartbreaking because she is my fave 1st gen.

10. Miyazawa Sae
(SNH48/AKB48 Team K???)
"Thanks so much to all who have supported me until today. This past year was a year of changes for me. I made a lot of decisions, and there were also times it was so frustrating that I wanted to run away. But what encouraged me to move forward at such times was last year's election result. Last year's bond between me and my fans and the great amount of love from them. This helped me and even at the time when I got a concurrent position and couldn't really make a move forward, this encouraged me. Currently there is talk about the "new generation" of AKB, and indeed they are all cute and in good shape. But when it comes to what is most important in the 48 group "to give your all/work with all might" and to perform, I think I still don't lose to my kouhai. And I have a sudden annoucement. Recently my concurrent position in AKB48 was announced at the Budoukan concert, but I want to only work as SNH48 from now on. Their potential is still not visible at all and I also don't know when I will be able to stand with them together on a stage, but I don't want to show an uncool side of me, so I want to put all my power into SNH48 alone. Since I was chosen Senbatsu I am going to show a lot of the new me in the next single so that my fans and all those who support the 48 group will come tho think that Miyazawa Sae is necessary in Senbatsu. That's how I am, so please continue to support me. And thank you so much. 
(Host: When did you decide to focus on SNH48 alone?) Just now. Right here. I heard that SNH48 members will come here today and seeing them I came to think that I want to do my best together with them. To be honest, you cannot yet see any progress in SNH48. That's why I will make them progress!"

Melos: Wow.... very bold of Sae to declare rejecting her new concurrency in Team K, and the management will have to make it happen too since it was announced on such a big event. However there are still issues with her working visa for China. How long will it take before she can finally perform regularly in SNH48? I wish her all the best of luck.
Miss Moonlight: Sae's speech was some kind of revolt against the management. Brave.
Crests: Probably the best speech of the thing to me, and super cool of her for making that announcement. The SNH girls love and look up to Sae and Mariya so much and I'm sure it really meant a lot to them, and hopefully it can bring more exposure and love to SNH and eventually reverse the harmful common opinions
Jul3: I was really happy with Sae-chan ranking in the top 10 as I thought she was going to drop down a lot. Her move to SNH48 was a huge shock and Tokyo Dome, and unlike the JKT moves, has been a real failure, mostly due to their failures in obtaining work permits. This is a huge fail on the side of AKB48 management so great to see the fans still love Sae. I was really looking forward to seeing her appear in AKB48 singles and with Team K again so her announcement came out of the blue. I don't really know why she decided this as she still hasn't got a work permit. It's a big gamble which I don't think is going to work out for her... At least she didn't announce graduation which I was a little scared of when she started to announce something...

09. Kojima Haruna
(AKB48 Team B)
"Please allow me to say one thing: Even I do care about the ranking at least a bit. When I ranked 20th in the early results, I thought these feelings weren't properly conveyed to you, but I did feel very down. But if I tweeted complaints later on, people would say again that this was some kind of  traditional art of mine. It might be unexpected, but even I have things I worry about. But I am also someone who quickly stands up again. After the early results had been announced, my fans said to me "you will definitely rise higher" or "don't worry". Frankly I did wonder how often this will happen, but every year I am surprised about my fans' strike-back, and I am very thankful. I love my my-pace-fans who are so similar to me. From now on too, I want to make a lot of fun memories with you. If I am participating again in an election next year, please make at least a few votes before the early results. Everyone, thanks a lot.
(Host: How did you feel during waiting?) I thought this year I would not make senbatsu. But my fans did a great job. Every year I rise higher (compared to early results), but this year the young girls' energy is so amazing, so I thought this year it won't happen, I am really relieved now."

Melos: The 2nd member to drop out of the Kami 7. Honestly I'm not sure what to think of this. Kojiharu's popularity should be way higher than 9th place.
Jul3: Kojiharu drops out of the top 8... the "kami7" term must surely be dead now.

08. Takahashi Minami
(AKB48 Team A)
"Everyone, thanks so much. To be honest, this year I intended not to participate in the elcetion. I became the general manager last year, and somehow I coulnd't come to terms with the idea of participating while holding this position. I did not want to be told things and I also didn't want to be rejected now that I am the general manager. But, this is now my 8th year since I joined AKB48. I never had any regrets. If I hand't participated in this year's election, this would have been a point I had to regret. So I am thankful to everyone who encouraged me. My rank might have gone down. But I am myself. Last year and the year before I said at this point that "great effort will definitely be rewarded". But I thought a lot about this. "great effort", this is very scary to me, too. "To do your best"...You don't want to fail after you gave your best. If you did your best, but it was in vain, I really wouldn't like that. But the shortest way to success is to repeat failures and to not give up. I can't express it well this year, but I really wanted to tell you all the importance of "not giving up". Because if you continue, your dream will be right in front of you. I want you to not give up until you grabbed it. I have this (general manager) position and I do have things to worry about, but I want to continue without giving up. Having come from a theater with seven people to this stadium with 70,000, being able to stand here is what I am proud of. Thank you so much."

Melos: Last year, Tomochin was the only member of the original Kami7 that was ranked 8th and above. This year it's 3 Ori Kami7 outside of this year's Kami7. Maybe their time is finally up? Everyone is talking about the "new generation", and the ori members sure could use a break.
Miss Moonlight: Takamina should rank higher, I think this every year. But, a great speech from here as usual.
Crests: Takamina just barely not in Kami7, disappointing because of how much she deserves. Though when a member is as universally loved as Takamina there's not as much of a motivation to push her forward. Her hard work is and still will be rewarded despite her rank.
Jul3: When this was announced, I remember Melos going mad about "W MATSUI IN KAMI 7"... which just made me sigh...

07. Matsui Rena
(SKE48 Team E)
"Thanks to those who support me. I don't know where to start, I haven't collected my thoughts yet. Everytime when I stand on a stage, I feel like my fans put a magic spell on me. That's why I put the slogan "casting a spell" as my slogan on this year's election poster. No matter what happens, everytime I stand on a stage my fans support me with all might, receive me with a smile, and are sharing joy and sorrow with me. These things turn into self-confidence and into confidence for the whole group. (...) Thank you for a really great present. I will continue to give my best. 
(Host: What do you think about entering the top 7?) I am very happy. My fans always said to me "let's enter the top 7". At the handshake events after the election my fans pay attention to my feelings and say things like "sorry". Every year when my name was called at elections, I always had sudden flashbacks of their words and faces saying "sorry". But this year I am among the top 7, I have broken through to the goal set together with my fans, so what came to my mind first were their smiles. I am really happy (...)."

Melos: W MATSUI IN KAMI 7!!!!! I'm really estatic about Rena and Jurina breaking into the Kami7. My main support group is SKE48, not AKB48, so this is a huge achievement for all of us SKE48 fans.
emptystring: Finally broke into top 7!
Crests: Right once Takamina was called twitter was filled with a lot of "so wMatsui made kami7, damn". Even though I'm a bit bitter over her being E's captain now it wasn't her fault at all and I'm happy to see her break through
Jul3: Not a fan of Rena, but I thought she would rank above Jurina. But then I thought the same last year.

06. Matsui Jurina
(SKE48 Team S)
"Thanks to everyone who voted for me. I joined SKE48 when I was 11, now I am having a concurrent position in SKE48 and AKB48 and am able to stand on this stage. If I hadn't auditioned back then, if I wasn't in SKE48, I'd watch this election right now as a spectator. If I think about this, it really feels very strange to be able to stand on this stage right now, it feels like fate. Up until now I just ran recklessly forward, but now that I became 16 years old, I started to wonder what I should do from now on and I had a lot of things I was anxious about too. But thinking about how many people are watching over me and supporting me, I could feel some relief. At handshake events a lot of people told me "Let's aim for number one" this time. So I came to think it is ok for me to aim for number one and to say this aloud. I want to become a person who can take the lead of the 48 group. Lastly: Seeing this election result I could realize that SKE48 can still move forward. I am thanking you as a representative of SKE48. Please continue to support SKE48, AKB48 and Matsui Jurina. Thank you so much."

Melos: Jurina is so gonna get the center position next year. Watch out for it. Even though she is from SKE48, this is the girl who will save AKB48 once all the original members graduate.
Sammy: AND MY OSHI MAKES IT TO KAMI7. God I am so proud of her. I'm so proud of us, Jurina wotas as well. Let's aim for for top 5 now next year :)
Miss Moonlight: Jurina was one of my first oshi when I joined the fandom, so I am always happy to see her ranking well. But this might mean even more pressure for her. A double-edged sword.
Jul3: She managed to fend off Rena for another year. SKE48 takeover of AKB senbatsu. Management have marked her as one of the three AKB48 aces now as well...
Crests: Jurina makes it to 6, I don't know whether it's better or worse that she ranks this high, it's great for her and she deserves it but the girl works way too hard and it could push her to overdo it even more and put more pressure on her, already worried about her with her weight and all.

05. Shinoda Mariko
(AKB48 Team A)
"First of all, thank you for so much support. Last year I said "please come with the intention to crush (us senpai)", after that a year passed where I could feel that a lot of kouhai are doing their best in order to live up to these expectations. Watching today('s event), I also thought that so many kouhai are doing their best. I was really happy and I realized that the 48 group can still go further up. Seeing my kouhai, my energetic kouhai, I decided to make one decision. I, Shinoda Mariko, will graduate from AKB48. I am not saying I was really crushed or so, but to see the energetic and powerful backs of my kouhai I became so happy. I have nothing to regret concerning AKB48. Graduation...("Mariko" calls from the audience) Thank you. My kouhai are trying to make one step forward, so I decided to step one step forward too. I thought that I want to have my graduation in my hometown, so, though it's sudden, please let me graduate during next month's Fukuoka Dome concert. I think the AKB48 group can still aim further up. I'd be glad if I could still watch over the members even after I graduated. That I could continue my life in AKB48 these past 8 years is because my fans who supported me were there. To me all fans who supported me are my treasure. Thank you. 
(Host: When and with what feeings did you decide the graduation?) Every year I thought I would graduate in that year. Wanting to lead my life with full power, I thought about graduation every year. But seeing everyone's energy this year, my kouhai have pushed me forward, that's how I feel. Last year I said "come with the intention to crush", but I also thought watching over everyone for a year and then hand over my seat would also be typically me, so I came to this year's decision.
(Takahashi Minami asked to comment on this: It's lonely! Mariko is almost from the same generation and to part from her feels really lonely. But she really was always someone who walked ahead and seeing her walking forward I just want to push her back. I have seen her back (walking forward) a lot and today her back just looks so cool to me. She has moved forward....) Because I think our general manager is needed in AKB48 I want her to do her best here for 30, no for 100 years. 
(Host: What is AKB48 for you?) When I joined AKB48 I didn't have any confidence in myself, but the fact that so many people support me made me confident and I feel as if I was changed as a person. I have no regrets."

Melos: No No No please tell me it's not true.... No Mariko you're supposed to stay in AKB until your 30!
Jul3: Damn. I wanted Mariko to stay forever and break through the idol age barrier. It doesn't really make sense to me, because she can stay a member of the group and participate as little as possible, but her just being part of it means a lot. She also said she wants to graduate at the Fukuoka Dome concerts, only a month away, so soon for such a big member. Her leaving also throws open the captaincy spot in Team A. This was a sad announcement from one of the key members of the group.
Miss Moonlight: Mariko is really someone who deserves respect and she has been such an important member to AKB48. Didn't expect her to go so soon, but the day had to come. *sigh*
Sammy: Mariko's graduation was definitely unexpected. Sure I expected her to graduate but I thought she would be the last one out of the old gens to announce her graduation.
Crests: The day of the election I had been wondering if anyone had every announced a grad there before and thinking that would almost be a bad place, and then Mariko went and did it haha. I guess her plan of staying as long as she could didn't play out but at least she's established herself well enough outside the group to be successful. Mariko will definitely be missed.
wanzo: The saddest graduation announcement on 2013 so far. I respect her so much. She's there to control the quality and challenge her kouhai, so AKB won't fall if the senior members are gone. It's still fresh on my mind. The reason why I like AKB is her portrait of hardworking and effort.
emptystring: Finally graduating at 27 years old - thanks for all the hard work, we will not forget you.

04. Kashiwagi Yuki
(AKB48 Team B)
"Thanks to all who have supported me. My fans always tell me that they are voting for me at the election because they see it as a payback for me supporting them. They are also saying thinsg like "together we do our best". But I could actually feel that in reality I am the one who is supported by my fans. As a 3rd generation member I am at the same time senpai as well as kouhai. I don't have the self-confidence yet to be able say to my kouhai "come and face me" but I also can't push their back and I feel sorry for that. All people who are here have people who are important to them, family and friends, and important places. For me, AKB48 is such an important place. To be onstage, to talk with my fans during handshake events, it really makes me happy. My current goal is that AKB48 will become a group that will continously be loved by people for the next 5, 10, 20, 30 years. Personally, I also have the dream to become a person you can say about "Long ago there was an idol named Kashiwagi Yuki. This Kashiwagi Yuki was an amazing person" to your children and grandchildren. This time I ranked 4th, now I can improve myself through hard work. I am surrounded by many other member, fans who always support me, the staff, I can daily feel what a great environment I am blessed with. I will continue to do my best in order to live up to your expectations or even to surpass them, so please continue to support me. "

Melos: Yukirin is my definition of a true idol. I'm happy for her high rank, but looks like the dream I have for her to center AKB48 some day is fading.
wanzo: I'm disappointed to see Yukirin ranked fourth this year. She has done many things. She had two concerts, and appeared in many dramas, TV programs etc. I hope she won't lose her pace and bounce back next year.
Crests: Honestly, Yukirin ranked higher than I expected her to as opposed to lower. She's stiill way up there and I'm sure she'll remain way up there next year.
Jul3: I was hugely nervous by this point in them calling out the rankings, the tension just kept on rising... Yukirin's rank was a solid placing but it kinda meant one person had crept up as hinted by the day 1 results...

03. Watanabe Mayu
(AKB48 Team A)
"At last year's election I received a lot of support and expectations from you, and I received such a great position, number 2, from you I coulnd't even believe it myself. No matter how many days, weeks, months passed, I still couldn't believe I was 2nd. But I was happy. Also, during last year's election I said I want to become number one in the senbatsu election. The past year until today, I run determined and with all my might towards this goal of becoming number one. Over this year, my fans have given me supporting words, gentle feelings and various other things. I could often feel that this year we have been able to do our best together, I am really happy. Since I was aiming for number one this whole past year, I am, to be honest, very frustrated about rank 3. But since I have been able to do my best aiming for the top together with you all, it was a fullfilling year and it was fun, so I am very happy. I joined AKB48 when I was 12. This year is my 7th year. While watching the backs of my senpai from the first and second generation from a close distance I have been active in the group and I have understood one thing. To become center might be a difficult thing. But I have understood that the most difficult thing is to be accepted by the fans as center. So, well, I am myself. I am confident that I have devoted myself to AKB48 more than any member. This rank number 3 means I have still room to aim higher, so with this thoughts and wish in mind I will continue to do my best. I'd be glad if my name'll be the last one to be called at next year's senbatsu election. Everyone thank you so much for all your support."

Jul3: I'll be honest - I'm a butthurt Mayu fan. Worst moment of the day for me hearing this called out. Every other year, a top 5 rank was something to aim for an be happy about. But after last year's #2 placement, the fans, management, and media had hyped up Mayu's chances so much that anything less than number two would be devasting. And it was. I was completely crushed. If Mayu's fans are serious about taking her to number one, they need to do a hell of a lot more voting and campaigning. Looking at the numbers now, she only just beat Yukirin with huge gaps to the two places above... As for Mayu's reaction on the day - it was stunning. Whilst all her fans were a complete mess, she was calm, composed and beautiful. I was so proud of her reaction.
Sammy: This was most disappointing because in my opinion Mayuyu deserved the #1 spot more than anyone else. Even after being the official AKB center now after Acchan, she still can't get the #1 spot but the way how she was so calm and collected during her speech, I'm proud of you Mayuyu.
Crests: Was shocked at Mayuyu's position, and at that point I was thinking "Oh, looks like it's between Yuko and Sasshi, I can see how this will end for sure now". Looks like this wasn't her year to win like many thought it was, probably rather disappointing but she handled it well.
Miss Moonlight: Oh well, Mayuyu still has a bright future ahead. Good luck for next year.

02. Oshima Yuko
(AKB48 Team K)
"Hmm, not even one tear coming, what is this weird feeling? This is the first election I laughed so hard holding my sides. Last year I said (to my kouhai) that I want them to use me as a stepping stone and the past year I worked for my kouhai and AKB48. Well, I somehow wanted someone else to use me as a stepping stone... But the person who surpassed my barrier and will be called next brought a new wind、and she, well, didn't surpass a barrier but more like just slipped through smoothly. When I think about this, then it's a result I can consent to. Also about becoming a stepping stone, I was prepared and had confidence in myself.  2, 1 ,2 ,1, 2 there aren't really any others who could rank so among the members, I really do think this is somehow indescribable. I get excited thinking about the new AKB48. I can't help but look forward to it. What kind of comical group are we about to become? Or will we become even more idol-like. But well, there are lot of members from different genres. We have entered senbatsu because all those people in the country who have voted decided this ranking, so I think this is an opportunity to show the new AKB48, with those members who have made senbatsu. Because I want you to still expect more and more from AKB48, we are going to enjoy ourselves smiling. Thank you."
(Host: Is it difficult to win in a row?) "Difficult question. What I could not do, a different girl will do."
(Host: What did you think about being 3rd in the early results?) "I thought "I don't want to loose to Sashihara", but on the other side this would be interesting and since I also haven't seen the scenery from the 3rd position before,  I thought it would be ok. This time, I really wasn't nervous at all, there was no pressure. When I considered what is most important for AKB48, I realized sure it's fine for AKB48 even if I don't become center. Thinking like this, I was able to stay calm. I am going to give my best in acting, to pursue my dream of becoming an actress even more and I want to leave an impression as an actress."

Melos: The majority of you wanted Sasshi to rank here right? And when Yuko was called out instead everything just went into chaos.
Sammy: Yuko gets dethroned by the hetare.
Miss Moonlight: But she took it so well. How can anyone be so charming after just being defeated?
Jul3: After that big shock... then came this bombshell. But strangely, after seeing Yuko's smile and how well she took it, after the initial shock, a strange sense of relief came over me. Honestly I was completely crashed and kinda dead inside after this announcement... Despite being a Mayu oshi, I'd wanted Yuko to be ranked #1 this election, because every year I fear it will be her last in the group, and also, she never gets a chance to centre a single apart from election singles, despite winning twice, management have never picked her to lead any other single (for UZA, she replaced Mayu...).
Crests: The moment at which many probably ragequit the fandom. However no matter what she's still technically the number one of the group and she probably knows this. Also, she looked super gorgeous.

01. Sashihara Rino
(HKT48 Team H/HKT48 Theater Manager)
"Ehm, I am very surprised. I can't even shed one tear and my mouth is so dry, I am so dehydrated...(?). Before I realized already one year has passed since I moved to HKT48. At the time I moved there, I caused trouble and worries to a lot of people, I caused the members, the staff, my fans a lot of worries. I also wondered a lot whether the HKT48 members who have already given their best before I even came there and the fans who always supported them would accept me. In TV shows etc I tried to do my best very cheerfully, but to me those times were the loneliest. But being able to stand here right now...150,000 votes, right? 150,000...seeing such a great number of votes was casted for me I was able to feel that I am not alone. Thanks so much to everyone who voted for me. Yesterday I thought "What if, maybe, it really happens" so I went to a small-face-massage just in case. Luckily I went. I am so happy. This is very sudden so I don't know how to express proper words of joy. People are saying that AKB48 willl be destroyed if I become center, but I definitely won't destroy AKB48. I'll do my best."
(Host: After those early results,what did you think?) "Already at the early results... I thought this must be a lie. But I really became number 1, I can't hide my surprise. I did not predict this.I thought I would go down a lot, lot, lot."
(Host: Was there a moment you actually thought it might happen?) "Even when Yuko's was announced as 2nd, I thought my name had been skipped or forgotten or so. That's how much I doubt people....But it wasn't so."
(Host: Do you have a word for Yuko?) "What should we do Yuko-chan? What to do, I have the feeling we'll be getting a really weird song. Is this really ok, Yuko-chan, help me!"
(Yuko: Even if it's a weird song as long as Sasshi is in the middle it's ok)"Eh, what do you mean?" 
(Yuko: Mayu and I will be beside you, it's ok. It's ok, everyone will be behind you.) "Ah, stop, that is scary."
(Yuko: We will be watching you from behind...No, no, just joking, we'll support you)
"I made a promise with Tamori-san (the host of a show Sasshi is a regular in) to do something, so "AKB48 is ok, too, but will you support HKT48 too?" 
(Fans: "Ii tomo (Yes, that's ok")(*)) I am really happy that I am supported so much, I really am extremely happy, but the surprise wins at the moment. After an hour, I am sure my happiness will multiply."
(*Pun on the name of the show mentioned, called "Waratte ii tomo")

Sammy: Just looking at the rank and typing this, I'm laughing. After everything that happened last year, the fact that she actually got the #1 rank really does surprise me.

Melos: Will I say she deserved to get center? Well YES. She played a huge role in bringing HKT48 to where they are now, and if not for her I'm sure HKT48 won't be close to as famous. Sure she isn't an AKB48 member anymore so her centering an AKB single is kinda weird, but she deserved the spot. Will I say she is the right person to center AKB48? I actually would not. While she does have the leadership qualities to lead HKT48, I don't know if she can take on the weight of the whole 48 Group. Her hetare character especially worries me, and it showed when she confronted Yuko. I am welcome to be proven wrong, and please do.

emptystring: Honestly not that surprised at all - the effort she put into bringing HKT to the world was very obvious. HKT48 would still be relatively unknown today if not for her. If anyone can claim that "hard work will pay off someday", it is Sashihara.

Jul3: Well it happened. This was nothing if not epic. In my foolishness, I ignored the 1st day results as I didn't understand them, but they carried through. In some senses, I am happy this shows that a scandal doesn't ruin your career as an idol, and that the fans don't care. Her move to HKT48 has done both her and the group wonders. She promotes the other members really well. A year ago, who would have thought we'd have an HKT48 member as centre of an AKB48 single. (Mariko was awesome rocking out to Suki Suki Skip btw). I can't say this result was what I wanted at all, but congrats to Sashihara and her fans. I'm kinda hoping the 32nd single will be a joke single like the AnRiRe one now.

Crests: Was unexpected before the prelims, but expected now. Shows that a scandal doesn't necessarily have to ruin your career (especially if you're liked by the management, but that's not her fault). I said before she redeemed herself with her hard work and taking things seriously and being all around respectable, but I guess the word is more accurately "proven", and prove herself she definitely did.

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