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24 November 2013

Niidoi Sayaka and Kitahara Yuna Leave SKE48

On November 22nd, two SKE48 members announced their graduation. Team S member Niidoi Sayaka will graduate on November 30th with a final performance in the theatre. Kenkyuusei Kitahara Yuna's leave instead was immediate, she is not a member of the group anymore. Both girls want to focus on their studies.

Niidoi Sayaka is a 5th Generation member. She joined SKE48 in late 2011 and was promoted to Team S during the SKE48 shuffle this April. She made SKE48 senbatsu once for [Utsukushii Inazuma]. Kitahara Yuna was a 6th Generation member who had only joined early this year.

You can read their messages concerning the graduations below.  

Niidoi Sayaka's Comment
Original Message
I, Team S member Niidoi Sayaka, will retire from my activities in SKE48 to focus on my studies. It is really sudden, but please let me make this announcement of apology.
Since being added to SKE48 members 2 years have passed, a short time, but every single day  was full with precious experiences that won't come along again. Since the beginning, I was so inexperienced, always wavered and worried, but nevertheless I struggled to move forward somehow. But I liked dancing, I liked the stage, and I liked SKE48 even more and the ones who always supported my "heart star" (?) were my fans.
"I will watch over your growth", with these kind and warm words from you all in my heart, I was able to come so far. I still have a lot of things I want to talk about, but I will write those in the blog. My last stage will be the Team S show on November 30th. There is not much time left, but with gratitude I will make an effort (during this time), please treat me well.

Kitahara Yuna's Comment
Original Message
I will retire from my activities in SKE48 today.
I am really sorry it is so sudden and that I make this announcement via a written text even though it is something I should tell you in person.
Advance to university in the future, study psychology and at some rate study abroad, that is my dream. To achieve this dream academic ability is absolutely necessary and it has become difficult now to do both my studies and SKE48. Previously, I injured my eye during a stage show and took a long time off. During this time I worried continuously.
I am not skillful enough to combine my activities in SKE48 and my studies. And I'd really hate it to do both things only half-heartedly. As a result, I chose studying. To make an excuse to my beloved fellow 6th Generation members for not being able to pull through as SKE48's Kitahara Yuna, I will work as hard as I can at my studies in order to achieve my dream.
It was only about one year, a short time, but thank you for your kind support.

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