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AKB48 Is Looking for a Part-Time Member
Following OtonaAKB, AKB48 came up with a new form of temporary membership: part-time idol. Find out more about this new project here.
AKB48 Team 8 Makes Theater Debut
AKB48 Team 8 performed its first theater show on August 5. Get more information about the shonichi performance here!
SKE48 Announces 7th Generation Auditions
SKE48 is looking for new members and this time the fans will be part of the decision about who joins the group!
AKB48 37th Single Senbatsu Election - Final Results
AKB48 held its election for the 6th time and for the 1st time Watanabe Mayu won it. Check out the full results here!
Details on the AKB48 Group Pennant Race
The AKB48 Group teams will compete against each other in a new event, the AKB48 Group Pennant Race. Points will be awarded based on theater ticket applications, theater version handshake ticket sales and sousenkyo votes.
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30 August 2014

JKT48 7th Single [Papan Penanda Isi Hati] Released & Pajama Drive Revival

JKT48 have released their 7th single [Papan Penanda Isi Hati] on 27th August 2014. The release time shares the same date with AKB48's version of the song [Kokoro no Placard] just like [Koisuru Fortune Cookie] last year.

[ Kokoro no Placard] itself is a general election single from AKB48 which is won by Watanabe Mayu. JKT48's rendition of the song is centered by Shania Junianatha whose got her first chance to become a center in a single.

JKT48 [Papan Penanda Isi Hati] is released into three types : Limited, Regular, and Theater version. The limited version consist of the Regular version (CD+DVD) + T-shirt + Special photopack + 2-shot ticket. The limited version can be purchased via Rakuten Indonesia here.

 JKT48 7th Single
Papan Penanda Isi Hati
27th August 2014


Rp. 80.000
( 800 JPY/ 9USD)
01. Papan Penanda Isi Hati - Message on a Placard
02. Dialog Dengan Kenari - Kurumi to Dialogue
03. Lucky Seven
04. Alasanku Maybe - Iiwake Maybe
05. Message on a Placard

 01. Papan Penanda Isi Hati - Message on a Placard Music Video
02. Papan Penanda Isi Hati - Message on a Placard Behind the scenes Music Video

-Senbatsu Photopack


Rp. 80.000
( 800 JPY/ 9USD)
01. Papan Penanda Isi Hati - Message on a Placard
02. Dialog Dengan Kenari - Kurumi to Dialogue
03. Lucky Seven
04. Alasanku Maybe - Iiwake Maybe
05. Message on a Placard

-Handshake Ticket

There are 16 members chosen as senbatsu for [JKT48 Papan Penanda Isi Hati], 10 from Team J and 6 from Team KIII including Chikano Rina . The 16 senbatsu members will consist of :

Team J:
Shania Junianathan (Center), Melody Nurramdhani, Nabilah Ratna Ayu, Nakagawa Haruka, Jessica Veranda, Beby Chaesara Nadila, Devi Kinal Putri, Rezky Wiranti Dhike, Jessica Vania, Thalia Ivanka.

Team KIII:
Cindy Yuvia, Shinta Naomi, Chikano Rina, Ratu Vienny Fitrilya, Riskha Fairunissa, Thalia.

JKT48 Pajama Drive Revival & Pajama Drive Week

JKT48 will also hold the second revival of Pajama Drive stage. The chosen members are voted by the fans. Here's the 16 members who will perform in [ 2nd Pajama Drive Revival Stage] in each unit songs:

  • Tenshi no Shippo (Devi Kinal Putri, Shania Junianatha, Jessica Veranda)
  • Pajama Drive (Rezky Wiranti Dhike, Jennifer rachel Natasya, Gabriela Margaret Warouw)
  • Junjou Shugi (Melody Nurramdhani, Frieska Anastasia, Jennifer Hanna)
  • Temodemo no Namida (Haruka Nakagawa, Beby Chaesara Nadila)
  • Kagami no Naka no Jean D'Arc (Ratu Vienny Fitrilya, Thalia, Elaine Hartanti, Rona Anggraeni, Jessica Vania)

The revival stage will be held in 6 & 7 September in [Pajama Drive Week]. [Pajama Drive Week] itself is a week scheduled where team J and team KIII will also perform once again Pajama Drive Stage.

[Pajama Drive Week Schedule]:
Team J                       :  3 & 5 September
Team KII                    :  2 & 4 September
Pajama Drive Revival   :  6 & 7 September

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