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11 July 2010

AKB48 is coming to SINGAPORE!!!!!!!!

Announced in tonight's Yoyogi National Gymnasium Concert.


LOL Melos and I are super high right now.

When I first heard it from him I was like ..... what!???? OMG OMG OMG OMG! MAJISUKA!?

Literally, both of us went crazy over MSN.
Well, okay Melos was more crazy than me, because I was shocked until I had no reaction. But it started to sink in after a while and I went everywhere to spam about AKB coming to Singapore.

It's crazy. We knew AKB was going to have an Asia tour in November and we were all praying hard for it, but having it officially announced is the bomb! *hyperventilating*

So yeah, Melos thinks that they will be part of Anime Festival Asia(AFA) 2010's lineup because it is AKB's first time here and AFA would be a safe bet not to spend too much money and also, they don't have to look for sponsors.

For me, okay, yeah, I know it totally sounds like it's going to be for AFA since AFA is held annually in November, but i'm holding out hope for a proper full concert. If they don't though, I wouldn't be mightily disappointed either.

I'm prepared to skip school or whatever for AKB when they come, and so is Melos! We're both hyped! It's going to be a looooooooooooooooong wait!!!!

I'm so looking forward to shouting "RIVER" with them and doing the MIX! I'm already envisioning myself in a crowd holding glowsticks and overture is playing in the background and I'm shouting "TIGER! FIRE! CYBER! FIBER! DIVER! VIBER! JAA JAA!" and-

Oh right. Back to reality. I'm too far in, LOL.

Anyway, besides Singapore, AKB is also going to Italy(Milan) in October, then here in Nov and then Macau as well(which we previously knew because AKB/SKE did mini promotions in Macau).

So yes! Otanoshimi ni!

*jumps around like a lunatic*

Source: Official AKB Blog (in Japanese)


渡辺三郎 said...

Thanks, please keep us, and the HWZers updated!!!

daryl1000 said...

damn i wish i could go but novembers is my A levels:( :( :(

RichardTheBrave said...

guess i will be seeing you guys in singapore eh? ^_^

Anonymous said...

Well, fan of AKB in Singapore as well. But try not to skip school too much. XD

Anonymous said...

If it's at AFA then it will probably on Sat & Sunday...dunno why, I still have the ticket from last year on my table.

But yeah, hoping to be chanting Ikuzooooo! TIGER! FIRE! CYBER! FIBER! DIVER! VIBER! JAA JAA!

Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC! let's show them how much Singapore loves them then they'll come back again in future =)

Natcaasi said...

Where do we get the tickets????????????!!!!!!!!!!!

And November ... = exam time throughout all levels of education right? Damn!!!!!!!!!

And on another note they are coming to Singapore for a concert right? not to make photobooks or anything like that right???

Melos125 said...

At this time no other information, other than that they are having a concert here in november, has been released. I will post updates whenever new information has been given.

Anonymous said...

cool, finally coming here
hope that is not the small stages in the afa
wonder how many akb fans are there in sg if can pls leave msn for me to add
for now, must pratice wota skills...

nameless said...

hey i'm a fan of akb as well and i wanna do something fun and memorable this year so i'm trying to see if anyone know the e-mail or any contact of the producer of so. i'm planing to make do a'little' prank on them hehe this will be something i would remember for life if it succeed hehe contact me at airfroz@hotmail.com if you are interested in becoming my comrade i need coorporation of everyone to make this succeed and if you had any news of the preoducer contact pls notice me too oh and of course please share any infromatioon bout them with me too!!!!!!

Ashlee said...

I didn't know you were suppose to shout River when they said it -_-
And I messed up on the chants and didn't the encore right.
But I shouted alot and had glow sticks!
I went to their LA concert! :D :)