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21 September 2010

AKB48 19th Single Janken Results

The Jankenpon Tournament is now over!
And the center for AKB48's 19th single is...

No, I am not freaking kidding! Never heard of her before? Well no surprise, this girl hasn't even made it into Undergirls once, let alone Senbatsu! This is her profile for those of you who don't know her. There are more pictures at the bottom of the post.
Name: Uchida Mayumi (内田眞由美)
Nickname: Ucchii (ウッチー)
Team: K
Birthdate: December 27th, 1993
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Height: 150cm
Bust: 80cm
Waist: 57.5cm
Hips: 86cm
Agency: AKS
Blog: http://ameblo.jp/uchidamayumi/
Singles Participated In
Hikoukigumo (RIVER Single B-side)
Stage Units
A4: 7ji 12fun no Hatsukoi (RS Stage Ver.)
B4: Kuchi Utsushi no Chocolate (RS Stage Ver.)
B4: Zannen Shoujo (RS Stage Ver.)
K6: Gyakuten Oujisama
Yamasato Ryota of Nankai Candies (a longtime AKB fan) was the referee. Special guest was legendary prowrestler Antonio Inoki. All the members were wearing their own choice of clothes (song outfits or personal clothes).
Oshima Yuko said after the tournament, "Ucchi said that she'll get the center and now she got it. So I hope she'll do her her best."

Full Results:
Image credit: Aditz85
Image credit: Malachite

Okay, before I give my opinions on this though, some bits and pieces of news to be shared!

Firstly, the 19th single, which is the one with the Janken Senbatsu, will be released 8th December 2010.

Secondly, the 18th Single (october one) PV was aired after the tournament, and the members also performed it. The title of the single is [BEGINNER], and the PV shows the members fighting using real-life simulation. Apparently they are inside a video game, and the PV gets rather gory. It also seems that the center girl is...... Maeda Atsuko again. What were you expecting......

Anyways HELL YEAH for dark song and gory PV! I'm bloody (pun intended) excited for BEGINNER!


It's freaking amazing.

More after the jump

Wow. I'm pretty stunned about the whole results, but I'm not like pissed off or anything. Melos on the other hand, has completely washed his hands off this single after knowing the results. No it's not that I completely washed my hands off this single, just that I can't be bothered with it RIGHT NOW because of my disappointment. Only 1 members of my top 10 made it in to Senbatsu, and ranked 10th. Tell me how I shouldn't be disappointed. Just to be clear I don't hate ucchi, shes a nice girl and I like her. I'm a little worried though that she might not be able to handle the center but I will give her a chance.

Well, first off, obviously I was rooting for Rie because she's my oshi, but I wasn't overly upset when I found out she had lost, maybe because she really doesn't have much trouble getting into senbatsu during normal singles, so I didn't mind this once.

So looking at the list of the Janken Senbatsu, I realise that only 4 out of the 16 are actually girls who would make it into Senbatsu regularly, and 8 of them have never made it in, which is quite amazing. I expected maybe half.
Ucchi getting center is really weird, but I am happy for her. I'm pretty sure she must have been crying when she won.

Personally, some of my fave girls who made it were Suuchan and Natsuki (Harunyan as well, but she's already a front girl, so). It's just great to see these girls given more opportunities to shine. I would have liked to see Mikapon, Ayarin and Shiichan in there, but well, things don't always go the way you want them to, right? I'm contented enough with the girls who made it in.
I'm still a bit suspicious over Acchan making it in, lol.

So much for 4 of the Kenkyuuseis getting into the tournament though, none of them made it through to Senbatsu.

------- Uchida Mayumi Picspam -------

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