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30 August 2011

SDN48 [MIN.MIN.MIN] 1st Week Sales + Review

Weeeeird I remember clicking the publish button for this. how come it's still in draft?

Continuing a long rush of x48 related releases, SDN48 has released their 3rd single MIN.MIN.MIN last week and sold 72,584 copies of the single in the first week, managing to get the 3rd rank in the Oricon charts behind Johnny's group Kanjani8 and Kuwata Keisuke. 57,686 copies of that single were sold on its first day, when the single was able to reach rank 2 in the daily ranking.

Comparing MIN.MIN.MIN sales with the former single, Ai Chuseyo, which sold 64,020 copies in its first week, SDN48 was able to improve on sales a bit. The group's concept is different form the other groups in the AKB family which makes their potential fanbase smaller, so I don't think we could have expected more for the single. After both Watarirouka Hashiritai's and DiVA's sales went down for their last singles, we finally have good sales news again.

This newest track from SDN48 is a rather bland and uninspired followup to their last two title tracks which, I believe, were quite solid. The refrain does enough to make this song memorable, but it still lacks the oomph that makes A-side tracks stand out. The tacky cicada costumes that the girls have donned in the PV and live performances do not help to make this song any better. Even the concept of the PV looks cheap and confusing. I mean, come on! Where has SDN48's budget gone? The only positive I can see is Ohori Megumi's return to senbatsu; I don't like that Serina has taken Meetan's rightful center position.

Onedari Champagne (おねだりシャンパン)
An uplifting old-school song with an interesting concept. The girls sound so happy singing the song; in contrast to the dark and mysterious aura that MIN.MIN.MIN exudes, Onedari Champagne boasts a more festive mood. The amazingly catchy hook does well in drilling the song into listeners' heads. Undergirls A does not disappoint as this is one of the single's better tracks. Still, What is up with Kojiharu's random appearance as the club's #1 hostess? Is she seriously getting pushed into SDN?

Abazure (おねだりシャンパン)
Although I do not particularly like the PV, this track effectively showcases SDN48's coolness and confidence. Abazure is the kind of song that will grow on you after several listen. This coupling track allowed the girls to sing in their proper tone and display their true vocal talent. I would like to see Undergirls B perform this song live, minus the trashy outfits. Please put on something classier girls!

Everyday, Kachuusha (Everyday、カチューシャ)
What should I focus on in this review… the song itself or SDN48's rendition of it? Well, it has been a few months since AKB48 first released this song as the title track to their 21st single. In all honesty, Everyday, Kachuusha is starting to wear me out; this song can only hope to be as great as Ponytail to Shushu. SDN48's version does not deviate at all from the original track. With this song, the girls have abandoned what the group stands for, and opted instead for their sister group's cutesy and fun version. However, sheer versions of AKB48's promotional costumes have been used in the PV which consists simply of a mock studio performance.

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