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27 January 2012

All 109 Google+ Heyakko Will Get Their Own Profiles

Good news for you Gugutasu (Google+) users! All "Heyakko" members will now have their own Google+ profiles!

Previously, Google+'s age policy restricted it to being used only by AKB48, SK4E48, NMB48 and HKT48 members over 18-years-old. All the underaged members (13-18) could still use Google+ however, but only through a "Heyakko" (kids room) account.

But this was quite troublesome as there are about 40+ underaged members in AKB48 all sharing the Heyakko account. This meant that if you wanted to find a post from a particular member, you had to go through the endless scrolling of doom.

But now, All 109 Heyakko members of AKB48, SKE48, NMB48 and HKT48 will get their own profiles! Yay! This comes after Google+ recently changed their terms to allow teenagers (13+) to use it just yesterday.

This is such a lifesaver. And time saver too. I seriously HATE endless scrolling, and finding my oshimen's post among all the Heyakko posts is such a pain. I wonder why they took so long to implement this though. Restricting Google+ to people over 18 doesn't make any sense.

Right now, only AKB48 Heyakko has made their profile pages, but we can expect SKE , NMB and HKT to join in soon.

NOTE: Members below 13-years-old will not have Google+ accounts due to the age policy.

Until now, some of young members have been able to post to Google+
only via the "Heyakko" (age 13-17) page...

…but as of today,
every single one of the 109 members of AKB48/SKE48/NMB48/HKT48
(age 13-17) will have their very own Google+ profile!

Add this circle,
and you'll get to see updates of newly joined AKB48 members
in your stream!

Please enjoy.

The AKB48 Management Team

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