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26 January 2012

NMB48 Team M Announced, Shimada Rena Captain

NMB48's Team M was formed this evening, January 26th. The 16 member of Team M are as follows.

NMB48 Team M
<1st gen>
Ota Riona
Kawakami Rena
Kinoshita Momoka
Hikawa Ayame
Yamagishi Natsumi
<2nd gen>
Kodakari Yuuka
Shimada Rena
Jo Eriko
Takano Yui
Tanigawa Airi
Fujita Runa
Mita Mao
Murakami Ayaka
Murase Sae
Yagura Fuuko
Yogi Keira

Congratulations to all the girls who made it into Team M!
The captain of Team M has also been announced. As expected, she is Shimada Rena. Now her promotion to Captain of 2nd Gen Kenkyuusei earlier this month totally doesn't make sense at all.

Of the girls in the newly formed Team M, Jo Eriko, Kinoshita Momoka, Yagura Fuuko and Yogi Keira are senbatsu members for NMB48's upcoming single Junjou U-19.

The NMB48 Profile page has also been updated to show the Team M members, and they now have new profile pictures to boot! I'm really liking the new pictures. They are much better than the original, which were truly horrible for some members and don't do them any justice.

But there's only 16 available spots in Team M, so not all members could be promoted. Those members that did not manage to get promoted to Team M are:

Not promoted
1st Gen: Okita Ayaka, Koyanagi Arisa, Hara Mizuki
2nd gen: Azuma Yuuki, Ishida Yuumi, Uno Mizuki, Koga Narumi, Sato Sorai, Nakagawa Hiromi Nishizawa Rurina, Hayashi Momoka, Yamamoto Hitomi

It's sad to see NMB48 1st gens still stuck in Kenkyuusei. I was hoping for all the 1st gens to be promoted. Among them is my Kenkyuusei oshi Koyanagi Arisa. I guess I will be waiting for her in Team BII? However long it might take. Don't give up girls!

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