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25 January 2012

SKE48 8th Single [Kataomoi Finally] 1st Day Sales

Sorry for the lack of updates, been really busy with Chinese New Year festivities.

SKE48's 8th single [Kataomoi Finally] hit the charts today, landing in the #1 position in Oricon and selling 285,467 copies on it's first sales day!

Ranking in 2nd and 3rd respectively are Kim Hyun Joong's [KISS KISS / Lucky Guy] with 71,821 copies sold, and Morning Musume's [Pyoko Pyoko Ultra] with 11,074 copies sold. Sales are good and there's a nice big gap so SKE48 is guaranteed to take the top spot for the 1st week sales charts too.

But comparing Kataomoi Finally's first day sales to that of their previous single, Pareo wa Emerald sold 283k copies for it's first day. An increase in sales of just 2k.

It seems like their sales are stabilizing around 250k to 300k. Oki Doki sold 264k copies on it's first day. I honestly was quite hopeful for this single breaking the 300k first day sales mark. Has SKE48 reached their peak? Or do you think that the theme of this single is just not the right for them? It is quite a taboo subject after all.

Well SKE48 will appear on MUSIC STATION this Friday, January 27th, so maybe sales will pick up afterwards. It's their first ever appearance on MUSIC STATION by themselves, so big congratulations to them.

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