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15 February 2012

NMB48 3rd Single [Junjou U-19] 1st Week Sales + Review

NMB48's 3rd Single Junjou U-19 completed its first week on rank 1 in the Oricon Charts managing to sell 329,438 copies.

This number marks an increase of more than 60,000 copies compared their last single Oh My God which sold 265,435 copies in its first week.

Junjou U-19 sold over 100,000 copies more than Oh My God! on its first day alone due to a combined shipping of all Theater Version copies that day. The sales dropped a lot for the other days, so that the final increase amounts to "only" a bit more than 60,000 copies.

Nevertheless, this single managed to outsell Oh My God total sales (317,856) in its first week alone.
Also, NMB48 managed to rank Number 1 for all their three singles since debut which is a first for a female group in Japan. Congrats!

Now for my short review of the single and its couplings.

Senbatsu - Junjou U-19 (純情U-19)
In my opinion this song is epic and my favourite NMB48 single until now. The song is catchy, energetic and gets stuck in the head easily.

The song is actually about not having any kind of sexual relationship before you are 19, a quite unusual topic which makes the lyrics quite interesting. I still can't help myself but laughing about the "tetsu no pantsu" (iron pants) line.

The only complain I have about this single is the PV. It is just too flashy and messy for me, and doesn't make any sense. But well, at least it is something different.

Undergirls - Baatari GO! (場当たりGO!)
This song is fun and energetic but nothing special. It is the same type of idolish song AKB48 Undergirls would sing. It is nice but I would have preferred something unique like Nande ya nen, Idol, a coupling from NMB48's previous single Oh my God!.

Shirogumi - Doryoku no Shizuku (努力の雫)
I don't really know how to describe this song. The lyrics are actually encouraging but the song itself has a darker, desperate feeling to it. It is a bit unusual but I like it. Somehow, it draws me in

Akagumi - Migi e Magare! (右へ曲がれ!)
This song is a very strong and powerful. Both the PV and the feeling of the song itself remind me of Team K' s song Alive, which is a good thing because I like this kind of songs. One of my favourite songs of this single. Fans of typical idol songs might want to skip that song though.

Yamamoto Sayaka - Jungle Gym (ジャングルジム)
So here we have NMB48's first solo song. Actually, it is a disappointment to me. The song is just another boring ballad, without any special characteristics. Sayaka's vocals are ear candy though, making the song worth listening to.

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