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24 March 2012

AKB48's Tokyo Dome Concert Announced!

At the beginning of yesterday's AKB48 [Gyoumu Renraku] concert in Saitama Super Arena, it was announced that AKB48 will hold a concert in Tokyo Dome.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xV5LU0UuZSw

The announcement VTR started with the numbers "1830M", and Takahashi Minami, the de facto leader of AKB48, was shown walking out of the Don Quixote building that houses the AKB48 Theater.

As the number counted down, important scenes of AKB48's history were shown. The first AKB48 performance, AKB48's big break with RIVER, the senbatsu elections, the team shuffle, their Kouhaku performance, the janken tournaments, just to name a few.

Takamina continued walking.

The counter stopped for a while at '1', and Takamina was shown letting out a tear while smiling. Slowly the Tokyo Dome came into view and the counter finally reached '0'. Takamina was standing outside the Tokyo Dome. The "1830M" was the distance from the AKB48 Theater to Tokyo Dome, 1,830 meters.

Flashed on screen were the words "AKB48 Tokyo Dome Concert decided"  "distance between 'AKB Theater' and 'The place we've dreamed about' ". The dates of their Tokyo Dome concert has not been revealed at this time.

Tokyo Dome is the goal of AKB48, A goal that took 7 years to reach since December 8th, 2005. The AKB48 Official Blog is titled "~AKB48 TOKYO DOME made no Kiseki~", or "AKB48's Miraculous Path to Tokyo Dome". However, officials have stressed that "Tokyo Dome is not the final goal for AKB48, just a passing point". which makes us wonder what Akimoto Yasushi has in store for the group after the concert.

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