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01 March 2012

Nakagawa Haruka to Undergo Surgery for Vocal Cord Nodules

Bad news. In a blog entry earlier today, Nakagawa Haruka wrote that she has vocal cord nodules and would have to undergo surgery to remove it.

Previous cases of vocal chord nodules in AKB48 are Oshima Yuko in 2009 and Itano Tomomi in 2011. Both of them went for surgery and made a full recovery.

The surgery date for Harugon has not been announced.
There is also the recovery length to consider, typically it will take about 2 weeks to a month, during which they should not speak at all.

Translated by emptystring
I have something to tell everyone!
My throat has not been feeling well and I was recommended surgery, and I've decided now to have the surgery.
I have nodules on my vocal chords and they make it harder for me to speak.
The doctor said the operation is very safe.
I am slightly scared but I want to get better and sing, dance with everyone!
I will be taking some time off but I'll be back soon.
So please wait for me.
Nakagawa Haruka

Take care of your voices girls ;___; 
Vocal cord surgery is a safe process at least according to wikipedia, so there isn't anything to worry about with regards to the surgery. But not speaking for a month will be tough considering her line of work.
Get well soon Harugon! May you have a speedy recovery.

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