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AKB48 Is Looking for a Part-Time Member
Following OtonaAKB, AKB48 came up with a new form of temporary membership: part-time idol. Find out more about this new project here.
AKB48 Team 8 Makes Theater Debut
AKB48 Team 8 performed its first theater show on August 5. Get more information about the shonichi performance here!
SKE48 Announces 7th Generation Auditions
SKE48 is looking for new members and this time the fans will be part of the decision about who joins the group!
AKB48 37th Single Senbatsu Election - Final Results
AKB48 held its election for the 6th time and for the 1st time Watanabe Mayu won it. Check out the full results here!
Details on the AKB48 Group Pennant Race
The AKB48 Group teams will compete against each other in a new event, the AKB48 Group Pennant Race. Points will be awarded based on theater ticket applications, theater version handshake ticket sales and sousenkyo votes.
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27 March 2012

[SKE48 no Magical Radio 2] Will Start April 3rd

SKE48 fans rejoice! There will be a new season of [SKE48 no Magical Radio] starting next week!

Although there has not been any official word about the new season, it was shown on the TV guide for next week. Magical Radio 2 will start on April 4th on Nippon TV, 01:19 ~ 01:49. (though for this blog we will use the extended 24-hr timing because it is more commonly used for TV schedules)

SKE48 no Magical Radio 2
Official Website: http://www.ntv.co.jp/magical/
TV Network: Nippon TV
Air Time: 25:19 ~ 25:49
Broadcast starts: 03 April 2012
Cast: Yagam Kumi, Kizaki Yuria, Hata Sawako

The cast for this season will change

The first season of SKE48 no Magical Radio ran from October 11 to December 27, 2011. The main cast included Matsui Jurina, Matsui Rena, Takayanagi Akane, and comedian Wakabayashi Masayasu and actor Sato Jiro. This year the main cast has been changed to Yagami Kumi, Kizaki Yuria and Hata Sawako.

At last a new season! Majiraji (short for Magical Radio) is one of the best shows from SKE48.All those golden moments of Jurina personality switching, Rena's delusions and Churi's wackiness.
Now if only they would bring back Naniwa Nadeshiko for NMB48 too, then everything will be complete.

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