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17 April 2012

Nogizaka46 To Change Choreography for [Oide, Shampoo]

Since the first performance of Nogizaka46's [Oide, Shampoo] and the subsequent release of Music Videos, the most discussed aspect of this song is the choreography.

On 2ch, a popular Japanese online forum, the discussion is especially fierce.  Many did not like the choreography and wondered why the management decided to go ahead with it.

On April 15, their producer Akimoto Yasushi finally spoke up

Akimoto Yasushi - Apr 15, 2012  -  Mobile  -  Public
Business call.

Konno at  Sony Music!
Now that part of "Oide Shampoo", Nogizaka46's new song, is getting poor reviews.
Didn't we discuss this in the meeting?
That's a bit over the top.
The music video was not shot well either.
Please change the choreography for future performances on music shows and such.
As for the music video...probably too late.

It's not Minami Sasuga's fault.
It was supposed to be a cute choreography but didn't fit Nogizaka46's concept.
This is probably because the production team doesn't understand Nogizaka46.

Hmmm, this is quite difficult.
I want to give the production team as much freedom as possible,
but I also feel like I have to check everything...quite conflicting...

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