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15 December 2012

NMB48 Hikawa Ayame and Sato Sorai to Graduate

NMB48 Team M member Hikawa Ayame and Kenkyusei Sato Sorai both announced their graduation on December 13. This news comes only a week after Kenkyusei Sugimoto Kano resigned from the group.

Hikawa Ayame has been taking a break from her activities in NMB48 since late October due to a leg injury. Since it will take more time to recover, she decided to graduate from the group.

Ayame is a 1st Generation NMB48 member. After not making Team N in 2011 she continued her activities as a Kenkyuusei, and was able to get into AKB48's Janken Senbatsu last year. In January this year she was selected for Team M and even centered the unit Kuchi utsushi chocolate. Unfortunately Ayame won't be able to perform in a full graduation show, but she will get a graduation ceremony during the theater show on December 22.

2nd Generation Kenkyusei Sato Sorai's reason for leaving the group is that she wants to focus on her studies. A reason which has caused many other NMB48 girls to leave. Sorai's graduation show will be held on December 21.

In total NMB48 lost 15 members this year (6 full members, 9 Kenkyusei).

Hikawa Ayame's Comment to her fans:
Original Message

I, Hikawa Ayame, will graduate from NMB48.
I have been taking a break from NMB48 since October 29 for medical treatment of my leg injury, but even though I get treatment, it hasn't healed completely, and when I exercise it hurts.
While being on a break I often thought about my future, and I started to think about graduation.
There have been people waiting for my return, so I am really sorry for this annoucement.
I really think it was great joining NMB48. I have been sharing the fun times, the happy times, the hard times and the sad times together with the other members. I made a lot of precious experiences and I think I have been able to change myself a bit.
I am so thankful to the members, the staff, my family, my friends and to everyone who supported me. I have decided to go a different way from now on but I will move forward believing in myself.
Due to my leg injury I won't be able to do a graduation show but there will be a graduation ceremony on December 22. I would be happy if you watched over me until then.
NMB48 Team M Hikawa Ayame

Sato Sorai's Comment to her fans:
Original Message

I, Sato Sorai, will graduate from NMB48.
I have two dreams.
One is, like I told you before, to become an actress.The other is to become a childcare worker, a dream I had since before I joined NMB48.
I really love NMB48, but I thought about my future once again, and now my wish to focus on my studies became stronger, so I decided to graduate from NMB48.
I absolutely won't forget the many experiences I made through my activities in NMB48, and also not the memories I made with my fans.
I am so thankful to all my fans, the members and the staff.
It was great having been able to meet you. Thank you.
There is only a bit time left for me as a part of NMB48 but I'd be happy if you watched over me until my graduation.
Sato Sorai.

And the NMB48 graduation rush starts again...Poor Ayame, having to leave because of an injury must hurt. She was one of my favourite Team M girls, so I am sad now. But I wish her all the best for her future and hope she recovers fast. Also good luck to Sato Sorai for her studies.

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