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09 December 2012

NMB48 Kenkyusei Sugimoto Kano Resigns

NMB48 Kenkyusei Sugimoto Kano has announced on December 6 that she will resign from NMB48. She had problems with her health and decided to focus on her studies now. Her leave was immediate and her participation in the official blog and Google+ will end the next days too.

Sugimoto Kano's Comment to her fans:
Original Message

I am sorry for this sudden announcement.
I, Sugimoto Kano, will resign from my activities in NMB48. Today will be my last day of work in NMB48.
I wanted to become a person who can make people smile, and also I wanted to change myself at least a bit, so I applied for the NMB48 audition. I was really happy about passing the audition and working together with all the other members was a lot of fun.
Work as NMB48 was pleasant and fun, but there were also times I had to worry because my physical condition was not satisfactory. That also caused troubles to the people around me, and I felt very sorry to all the people who supported me.
I also am an exam student this year. Now I plan to go to high school and do my best at studying to fulfill my dream.
My feelings are already facing forward, but I am really sorry that I made a decision I cannot tell you directly at theatre shows or handshake events. I am so thankful to you who supported me until now and shed tears for me, and to the members and the staff who always supported me, I cannot even put it into words.
I love NMB48. I will live now doing my best so that I can be smiling when I meet you again somewhere, some day.
The words I want to tell you the most are "thank you". I am such a fortunate person, having been able to meet so many people and make such precious experiences.
Really, really, thank you.
Sugimoto Kano

Just when the NMB48 graduation rush had shortly calmed down, another girl is leaving...
I wish Kano all the best.

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