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22 October 2013

"JKT48 Horas" Concert Report

Previously JKT48 held concerts in 5 big cities in Indonesia. A week ago, they started to do concert again. Last week's was in Batam. JKT48 held the concert on 19 October 2013 in Medan, North Sumatera, and I got the chance to watch, also to report it here.


M01 - Aitakatta
M02 - Kimi no Koto ga Suki Dakara ~Karena Kusuka Dirimu~
M03 - Kiss Shite Son Shichatta ~Rugi Sudah Dicium~
M04 - Baby! Baby! Baby!
M05 - Gomen nee, Summer! ~Maafkan, Summer!~
M06 - Tenshi no Shippo ~Ekor Malaikat~
M07 - Tsundere!
M08 - Kuroi Tenshi ~Malaikat Hitam~
M09 - Junjou Shugi ~Prinsip Kesucian Hati~
M10 - Manatsu no Christmas Rose ~Mawar Natal Musim Panas~
M12 - Oogoe Diamond ~Teriakan Berlian~
M13 - Ponytail to Shushu
M14 - Yuuhi wo Miteiru ka? ~Apakah kau melihat mentari senja?~
EN1 - Koisuru Fortune Cookie ~Fortune Cookie Yang Mencinta~
EN2 - First Rabbit
EN3 - Heavy Rotation
EN4 - Hikoukigumo ~Jejak Awan Pesawat~

I can't definitely say the members performing the songs, because I can't clearly see since I didn't get the VIP seat and also the camera didn't do any good.

There are some critiques that surface from Medan wotas. On the promotional banner, it is stated that the gate will be opened on 16.00 WIB (Medan Standard Time). Honestly, since I'm so excited that JKT48 will be coming to Medan, I came at exactly 16.00 WIB. To my surprise, the gate hasn't been opened yet. So, I and my little sister decided to wait for my friends to arrive. I thought that maybe the gate will open in 17.00. So I waited a bit. Because the gate hasn't been opened yet, and my legs are getting tired for standing for a good 2 hours, I sit on the floors of the plaza and of course the other wotas. And around 18.50 WIB they started to make a line to get in. I got the place at the middle. The good thing that happened here was that they asked that women & children should go at the front. So I joined the others at the front. And there I was waiting for a good 1.5 hours. My leg started to worn out. Well, around 19.00 WIB they started to check our belongings, and allowed us to get in.

I thought that after everybody got in, the concert will start in 5 minutes. But in fact, we wait again for 30 minutes - 45 minutes. Its so unprofessional that JKT48's music video are played again and again. After waiting, they played the video with information about the member that is performing. And again I thought that after that video the concert will directly start, but we wait again. After the video, the machine on the stage sprayed some smoke. and all people thought that the concert will start soon. But they did that 2 times or more and the concert didn't start too.

People (and me too) started to do the chanting. We called "JKT48!" again and again until they appeared. And so after 10 minutes chanting, finally Stella started the show. During the first song, Aitakatta, Nabilah and Shania didn't appear for a while. To my surprise, Nabilah and Shania appeared and is carried using a motorcycle. Its totally hilarious. Then the song continue until the MC.

During the first MC, everyone presented themselves, and they made some change, "All of them must say "Horas!" (Note : Horas is "Halo" in Bataknese, Bataknese is the main tribe in Medan) and let the wotas see which of them has the most attractive pose. They do various movements, Nadila did some dance, Kinal too. Haruka can't say the "Horas!" correctly. So after the members introduce themselves, the topic of the first MC was hilarious too. It is really the "Team J Legendary MCs".

Then during Tenshi no Shippo, its so cute, they're costume are great. Their costume are totally at my favor. Then, when they performed Tsundere!, they act so cool I can't help but chant along with other wotas. After Tsundere!, they did MC again, but I didn't really remember what they talked about that time. The only thing I remember is that Ghaida joined the MC, she stood out a lot.

After the MC, they performed Kuroi Tenshi, I was totally amazed. Melody performed perfectly. The only thing I want to criticize at this point is that how could the song stopped in the middle. The song suddenly stopped and they also stopped dancing. They said that maybe there are some technical mistakes there. But that was a total shame. I'm really disappointed at that time, but the music started again and I continue the chanting. After Kuroi Tenshi, it was Junjou Shugi, Haruka's costume was a very unique costume.

During the MC before RIVER, I didn't remember what are they saying, I didn't hear it clearly. The only thing I remembered is that they are talking about their past, asking is it the first time they came to Medan and so on. And then the other members appeared on the stage and they start performing RIVER. During RIVER, everybody was totally excited. The chanting are far more louder than before, and of course, since the song is making everybody hyped, the chantings are so loud, until I have to maximize my voice to be on par.

Oogoe Diamond is also fantastic. Then during Ponytail to Shushu, that's the only song where my chanting is not as confident as before. I don't remember some parts of this song. Then they did MC again. During the MC they mentioned about the song after the MC will be the last song. Everybody sighed heavily at the same time. That sure made me laugh. Then they performed Yuuhi wo Miteru ka?. Its a nice song brought by them. But they need to enhance they're tempo and teamwork so their dance works much better.

The wotas are not satisified, they chanted "ENCORE!" so loud. I joined too, and I didn't lose out to other wotas of course. The encore chant goes straight for around 4-5 minutes. Before the members got out, they showed a video about the dance cover of Koisuru Fortune Cookie, made by the members of Team KIII. The language uses Bataknese accent, it made me laugh so hard. And then, the members got to the stage using the official clothes for this concert, with word "JKT48 Horas!". Then everybody was asked to stand. They sang Koisuru Fortune Cookie, wotas also followed, but mainly only the VIP seats. We in the middle and the back seats didn't really follow lol.

The part during encore is the most exciting part, because everybody is so hyped up. During the last song, Hikoukigumo, the others are hyped up, but I didn't really know this song, so I just follow the chanting lol.

The only thing left to said is that JKT48 Operation Team should make a clear information about the time of the concert next time. Its really tiring for wotas to wait for 3-4 hours.

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