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27 December 2013

HKT48 Kenkyuusei Abe Kyoka To Graduate

HKT48 Kenkyuusei Abe Kyoka has announced her graduation on December 26th. She wants to pursue a career as a model. Her last stage show will be a performance of HKT48's Himawari-gumi stage [Pajama Drive] on December 30th.

Kyoka is a 1st Generation member, so she has been with HKT48 since the group made its first appearance in 2011. Before joining the group, she already gathered experiences in modelling. After her graduation, two 1st Generation Kenkyuusei will be left in HKT48: Imada Mina and Fukagawa Maiko.

Abe Kyoka's G+ entry about her graduation
Original Message
Good evening.
I, Abe Kyoka, will graduate from HKT48.
The [Pajama Drive] show on the 30th of this month will be my last stage show.
I am sorry that this is such a sudden announcement.
But this does not mean that I have given up on my dream. My dream since kindergarten has always been to become a model. I auditioned for HKT48 because I wanted to get at least a step closer to my dream.
But recently, I came to think it might also be good to quit here and start again from scratch.
Because this is a dream I want to come true no matter what, I worried a lot. This is the answer I came up with after lots and lots of worrying.
I joined as a 1st Generation member, and I learned a lot here in HKT48. I don't regret joining here.
To those who supported me: I am sorry, I can't give back to you. During my birthday show last year I said I want to give back to my fans. But I couldn't. I am really sorry. I can't do it right now, but one day I will certainly give back to you.
There is not much time left, but I will treasure every single day left and do my best at tommorow's last [Nounai Paradise] show and the [Pajama Drive] show at the 30th.
There is only a short time left, but please support me.

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