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12 March 2014

AKB48 SKE48 NMB48 HKT48 Charity Show Setlists

Three years have passed since on March 11, 2011 a devastating earthquake and tsunami struck the Tohoku region of Japan. Every year since then, the AKB48 Group held charity shows for the affected areas in their theaters on March 11 as part of the Dareka no Tame ni Project. This year again, shows were performed at the same time in the four group theaters.

Before the theater performances, members of each group visited three places in the disaster-hit area. At 2:46 pm, the time the erthquake had happened, a moment of silence was held. Afterwards, the visiting members performed a live show at each of the three places.

The theater performances then started at 6 pm. All four theaters and the three Tohoku venues were connected through a live broadcast and the charity song [Tenohira ga Kataru Koto] was performed at the same time at all 7 venues.

Below you can find the setlists from all four theater shows.

Video shown
Live connection to the other 6 venues
M01 - Tenohira ga Kataru Koto
M02 - Nagekiss de Uchiotose! (draft members)
M03 - Manatsu no Sounds Good!
M04 - Oogoe Diamond
M05 - Kaze wa Fuiteiru

M06 - Gingham Check
M07 - Everyday, Kachuusha 
M08 - Love Shugyou
M09 - Kimi no Hitomi wa Planetarium
M10 - Dareka no Tame ni

Video shown
Live connection to the other 6 venues
M01 - Tenohira ga Kataru Koto
M02 - Bokura no Kaze (Team S)
M03 - Ai no Kazu (Team KII)
M04 - Boku no Taiyou (Team E)
M05 - Mirai no Tobira (Kenykuusei)
M06 - Okidoki (Team S)
M07 - Aishiteraburu (Team KII)
M08 - Kataomoi Finally (Team E)
M09 - Kaze wa Fuiteiru
M10 - Mirai to wa?
M11 - Dareka no Tame ni

Video shown
Live connection to the other 6 venues
M01 - Tenohira ga Kataru Koto
M02 - Koko ni Datte Tenshi wa Iru (Team N)
M03 - Seishun no Laptime (Team N)
M04 - Todokanasou de Todoku Mono (Team M)
M05 - Tanpopo no Kesshin (Team M)
M06 - Nante Suteki na Sekai ni Umareta no Darou (Team BII)
M07 - Only Today (Team BII)
M08 - Kimi to Deatte Boku wa Kawatta (Kenkyuusei)
M09 - Dareka no Tame ni

Video shown
Live connection to the other 6 venues
M01 - Tenohira ga Kataru Koto
M02 - Kaze wa Fuiteiru
M03 - Flying Get
M04 - Oogoe Diamond
M05 - Hatsukoi Butterfly
M06 - Suki!Suki!Skip!
M07 - Wink wa Sankai
M08 - Melon Juice
M09 - Sakura no Hanabiratachi
E01 - Sakura, Minna de Tabeta
E02 - HKT48
E03 - Dareka no Tame ni

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