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10 June 2010

AKB48 Senbatsu Election 2010 final results

Senbatsu Election Results are out! Who ranks where?
Comment on what you think of the results and who you voted for, if you did vote.

1.  Oshima Yuko (31448)
Melos: Woah now this is a shocker! I never expected Yuko to takeover Acchan. Even with the close results in the midway result, I expected Acchan to still pull through. Yuko is a better singer, dancer and entertainer compared to Acchan. However as much as I love Yuko much more than Acchan, I guess you can't change the face of AKB with another person. Well maybe not immediately. It will be interesting to see Yuko at the center, at least for the next single. Lets give Yuko a chance.
Kieyuku: WHAAAAAAAT? I'm super shocked!
AKB will never be the same again... Well, I neither like nor dislike the either of them, but really it's upsetting because Maeda has become the "face" of AKB, so I'm finding it hard to accept. Yuko's comment was that she'll help AKB be the #1 idol group in Japan, but I don't like her statement. I feel she's a bit assumptive...but that's just me.

2.  Maeda Atsuko (30851)
Melos: Acchan got dethroned. Nothing much to say since I said everything I wanted to say above. Just wanna add, Acchan wotas don't be sad or anything. Acchan will be back in the center in the single after next (18th).
Kieyuku: Actually, I still believe Acchan is the most popular, but for this election the Yuko wotas/Acchan haters were going all out to trump her. I don't think Yuko's position accurately reflects the situation.
Poor Acchan, I'm not really into her, but I can't imagine how she would be feeling. Sure she says it's okay and will continue to work hard and payback, but seriously, if I were her, I'd say that too, so that I don't worry my fans and also don't sound like a sore loser. Who knows how she really feels? ):
Vote difference is small, when you consider that this is a fight for #1 and #2!

3.  Shinoda Mariko (23139)
Melos: Mariko overtook Tomochin. I was thinking Tomochin would keep her 3rd spot from the halfway results.

Kieyuku: No surprises here, Mariko's ranking throughout the vote period was pretty consistent.

More after the jump :p

4.  Itano Tomomi (20513)
Melos: Tomochin 4th. I guess being a frontgirl in the New Team K really helps.
Kieyuku: Honestly, I'm surprised she manage to climb ahead of Mayu. She ranked even lower than Harunyan last year, so I guess I'm not seeing something? I personally don't like Tomochin that much.

5.  Watanabe Mayu (20088)
Melos: Mayuyu got really dissatisfied with her position. Not wanting to sound rude but it's a freaking fifth for goodness sake. You should be happy your this high. To a lot of the girls being in the top 10 is unreachable. Many girls dropped much more and lots didn't even make it to Senbatsu or Undergirls. You should be more happy with your position Mayuyu.
Kieyuku: Argh, Mayuyu wotas, where are you?? What happened to the CG REVOLUTION? Where's Team B? It would've been awesome if she were #3, and I really thought she was #3 in popularity. Disappointment.
6.  Takahashi Minami (17787)
Melos: To me, while Acchan is the face of AKB, Takamina is the joints. She's the one keeping AKB together and going. Which is why she is given the role of Captain of Team A, and is also sometimes mentioned as the Captain of AKB. She really deserves to be higher. I hope 6th is good enough for Aki-P. The whole "Takamina's rank will determine AKB's future" thing
Kieyuku: Oh Takamina~ You deserve to be much higher than this! :/ Takamina's the one who put in the most effort for AKB, right from the very start. Also, let's see how AKB goes from here, taking into account what Aki-P has said about Takamina's rank affecting AKB's future.

7.  Kojima Haruna (16231)
Melos: Kojiharu crawls up from 10th place to 7th. Good for her. She may have lost some of her spark from her earlier days, but she is someone which you can't remove from Senbatsu.
Kieyuku: Not bad but not very surprising. I'm glad that she did go back to her place somewhat. Early in the election period she was pretty low and I got worried. But of course, Harunyan wotas are aplenty, and I guess they were just waiting for the last moment to vote.

8.  Kashwagi Yuki (15466)
Melos: LOL at AKB's Reaction Queen. She has the same expression as last year's election! Yukirin is my favourite in Team B after Amina so I'm glad she got a good position.
Kieyuku: Meh...No comment. I'm OK with Yukirin and her position.

9.  Miyazawa Sae (12560)
Melos: That is definitely a pic of Sae I don't like to see. It's weird seeing Genking not genki. I'm not really a fan Sae but she does have talents and can change the mood of a song.
Kieyuku: GENKING! (: She's awesome and I do feel she kinda deserves the rise in ranking. She always injects energy into songs and makes performances enjoyable.

10.  Matsui Jurina (SKE) (12168)
Melos: That's quite a jump from midway results. And a bigger jump from last year's elections (19). I'm glad that Jurina managed to rank this high. Last year she didn't cry at all but this year she really poured. A number of people will still hate Jurina for being in AKB Singles but I hope it doesn't get to her.
Kieyuku: When did Jurina shoot up so much? D: It's appalling after all the cheers that Rena was most definitely going to top Jurina this election. The mid-result showed Jurina around the same rank she got last year....and then this. It's no wonder some people are saying Jurina's agency did some voting to make her climb up.

11.  Matsui Rena (SKE) (12082)
Melos: And the second Matsui makes into Media Senbatsu too! Her acting as Gekikara in Majisuka Gakuen really helped boost her popularity. She is my oshimen in SKE so I'm very happy she gets into Senbatsu. Now heres the problem. Rena has always been in AKB Undergirls so she doesn't really get hated much as Jurina for appearing in AKB Singles. In fact, I barely see any hating at all. However this time she is in Media Senbatsu. My guess is that those same people who hate Jurina will start to hate Rena too, and that makes me sad.
Kieyuku: Gekikara!! Rena definitely shot up the ranks this year, which I think much of the credit comes from playing Gekikara in Majisuka. Deranged, hot girl covered in blood? The audience probably lapped that all up.

12.  Kasai Tomomi (11080)
Melos: Chiyuu just barely makes Media Senbatsu. Difference of votes with her and Akicha is just 18! That's how close she is to dropping out of Media Senbatsu.
Kieyuku: I love Chiyuu, shame her ranking went down, but competition is pretty stiff so this position is alright for me. At least she made the Media Line.

- - - - - - MEDIA SENBATSU LINE - - - - - -

13.  Takajyo Aki (11062)
Melos: Just like what I said, 18 votes difference. People your votes do count. Akicha isn't really a surprise for me. She has been gaining popularity as a really fast rate and already made Senbatsu for Ponyshu. This election is only a confirmation of her popularity. Been liking Akicha recently so good job!
Kieyuku: Super close results with Chiyuu - 18 votes difference! Does it get any closer than this? To think the 18 votes make all the difference for the Media Line.
Akicha has the fastest rising popularity in AKB, probably, which also makes me slightly upset because her ranking is this high and beats many other girls who have been working hard in AKB way longer. Despite this, I do like Akicha so I'm not going to bash her or anything.

14.  Minegishi Minami (9692)
Melos: I hope Miichan doesn't get too disappointed with this. Last year she was worried with all the fresh new faces beating her in popularity and did the whole Bakuten thing on AKBINGO. So I hope she doesn't get worried again (though I would like to see another challenge).
Kieyuku: Oh hai thar Miichan. Looking good at #14! Miichan's position seems pretty stable so great for her.

15.  Ono Erena (9468)
Melos: Now Pyon is someone I don't expect to see outside Media Senbatsu. I always thought she would always stay inside there forever. She isn't promoted much nowadays so I guess that's the cause for that. I hope we will still see much of her.
Kieyuku: Pyon at #15 is slightly shocking to me. You'd think with a movie coming out (Sankaku), she'd be higher up. She's been getting facetime in PVs quite consistently so I thought she'd be at least #13, but okay. 15 is okay.

16.  Kitahara Rie (8836)
Melos: Wow I expected Kitarie to be higher. Nevertheless she is in Senbatsu and I'm happy for that. Another one gaining popularity fast. I'm certain about that she will become a staple in AKB Singles in the future.
My poor girl, Rie. I really cried when I saw this. I expected her to get 12-14. This is a real disappointment for me. I was especially sad because she said that she was sorry she couldn't make the Media Line like her fans wanted.
OH RIE IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT IT'S OUR FAULT! I'm sorry, please don't cry! You're always my number one no matter what!

17.  Akimoto Sayaka (8049)
Melos: Wow major relief. Sayaka was just barely hanging on to Senbatsu during the first and midway results. Just like Kojiharu, she is a staple in Senbatsu and taking her away from it would not be good.
Kieyuku: Yay Sayaka. She was struggling at 21/22 during the previous results, so this is good. The Team K captain shouldn't be too low.

18.  Sato Amina (6921)
Melos: Damn Amina drops down 10 spots to 18th. However a part of me knew this is going to happen. She hasn't been appearing in much media for like months already, I don't even remember when was the last time I saw her in any of AKB's TV shows. So yeah I blame that. Also last years strategy worked because the bulk of Amina wotas didn't vote until the last stretch. However the trick is out and it won't work for a second time. I'm sad to see Amina so low. She is a girl who always works hard not just for herself but for AKB too. However she will never get recognition for it. And I'm afraid that now that she joined Atelier Dencan, she would be featured less and less from stuff, because Atelier isn't an idol agency but more for Theater stuff.
Kieyuku: Melos' oshi. Amina dropped in ranking a lot, from 8th to 18th. Rather disconcerting considering how hard she works for AKB48.

19.  Sashihara Rino (6704)
Melos: Sasshi is one girl that I expected to make Senbatsu last year, but didn't. I'm happy she managed to make Senbatsu this year.
Kieyuku: Sasshi~! I love Sasshi too, and her ranking is the only one that really made me happy today, because finally our beloved Ota gets into senbatsu. Of course, it was expected, because her popularity has been on the rise. Still, I'm happy for her.

20.  Nakagawa Haruka (6567)
Melos: Wow Harugon makes into Senbatsu! You can tell in the picture that she's really happy to be Senbatsu. Last year she was totally left out of the election. She has been working much harder compared to last year and she deserves it.
Kieyuku: Biggest leap from last year to this year? Harugon didnt even make last year's Undergirls. She must be ecstatic.

21.  Miyazaki Miho (6371)
Melos: I didn't expect this. I expected Myao to be higher. She is getting pushed a lot and she is a hard worker, plus she's funny too. But well good work Myao.
Kieyuku: Barely makes it at #21. Basically this means Myao will be back row of senbatsu.

- - - - - - SENBATSU LINE - - - - - -

22.  Oota Aika (6145)
Melos: Lovetan misses out on Senbatsu. But that isn't so bad because she gets to be center of Undergirls. I actually wanted her not to be in Senbatsu for this reason. AKB doesn't make sense sometimes.
Kieyuku: Rabutan front girl for Undergirls! Frankly I hoped she'd make senbatsu, but being front girl for Undergirls is pretty awesome.

23.  Kuramochi Asuka (5355)
Melos: I was hoping Mocchi would make it higher. But then she gets a high position on Undergirls so it isn't so bad.
Kieyuku: Asuka at 23, not a surprising result. Although her rank is lower, her popularity percentage is probably about the same as last year.

24.  Oya Masana (SKE) (4634)
Melos: An SKE girl other than Jurina, Rena and Kuumin makes AKB Undergirls! Wow. This I did not expect.
Kieyuku: An SKE girl other than JR, hmm. She's pretty high too. Interesting.

25.  Masuda Yuka (4137)
Melos: The best vocalist in AKB. She was popular once. Unfortunately she isn't any more. Such talent should make it to Senbatsu easily. Unfortunately most Japanese wotas only look at the looks and not the voice or the personality
Kieyuku: The talented voice! People are finally recognizing her.

26.  Hirajima Natsumi (4106)
Melos: Nacchan! My favourite Watarirouka member. What are you doing so low! Thats the last of the Watariroukas, Ayarin didn't make it.
Kieyuku: The 4th highest WH member in the election results. All the WH members are actually doing quite well. Just a waste that Ayarin didnt make it in.

27.  Ishida Haruka (3235)
Melos: HARUKYAN DO IT! She did it! Undergirls!
Kieyuku: Harukyan is relatively popular

28.  Shimazaki Haruka (3076)
Melos: RS makes into Undergirls.....

29.  Nito Moeno (2693)
Melos: Moeno has been getting pushed a lot recently in AKBINGO and Shukan AKB so I expected her to rank higher.
Kieyuku: MO-E-NO! I honestly thought she'd be higher, it seems she's getting more promotion nowadays and her popularity is pretty good, but 29 is fine, I guess.

30.  Komori Mika (2613)
Kieyuku: Well, there's quite a bunch of people who don't like her for the same reasons, and I agree with them. But, Komorin is kinda cute and people just overlook the weak points when they vote.

31.  Sato Sumire (2591)
Kieyuku: Omg, Suumerodi~ Sumire is so so so cute, I can't find the words for it. I wish she made it higher, but then again, I've been saying that for a lot of girls.

32.  Umeda Ayaka (2499)
Kieyuku: Yay Ume-chan! I've liked her ever since I watched End Roll. Ume-chan is seriously fantastic and I'm glad she made it this high.

33.  Fujie Reina (2460)
Kieyuku: Reinyan is here, where's Wasamin? I always felt the two make a great pairing and I thought they were around the same popularity, but now I realise they're not.

34.  Yonezawa Rumi (2171)
Melos: Dropped quite a bit. Luckily they extended the Undergirls from 30 to 40. So Yonechan still makes Undergirls.
Kieyuku: Rather big drop in ranking from last year, but this ranking is alright too.

35. Takayanagi Akane (SKE) (2030)
Kieyuku: Another SKE girl? Wow. Some people are going to be mad because they really dislike the idea of having SKE in AKB singles.

36.  Yamauchi Suzuran (RS) (1945)
Kieyuku: 2nd highest kenkyuusei. Is it wrong that I don't know these girls? I seriously have no idea how they get so high with near-zero promotion. (I on the other hand feel that they are too promoted. I take it that you haven't watched Ariyoshi AKB Kyowakoku? Plus the whole Zenza girls thing.)

37.  Katayama Haruka (1935)
Kieyuku: I'm surprised she's this low, and going by some reactions, I'm not the only one to think this way.

38.  Yagami Kumi (SKE) (1909)
Kieyuku: SKE again. Kuumin's cute though, so all is forgiven. xD

39.  Matsubara Natsumi (1854)
Kieyuku: Another girl which I liked because of End Roll. Natsumi seems to sneak in at the last moment yet again. Last year, she didn't show up in the results until it was final as well. Congrats for narrowly making it in!

40.  Ishiguro Atsuki (1604)
Kieyuku: Kenkyuusei again, I'm amazed.

- - - - - - UNDERGIRLS LINE - - - - - - 


Anonymous said...

did you gets your pics from JPHIP? you might want to replace them. (flashing, angry face)

Unknown said...

Sorry for the inconvenience caused, i'm fixing them right now.

choco said...

I'm so used to love AKB with Acchan as a face. I'm not sure if I can still love AKB the same if its face has changed. That's not like I dun like Yuko and I fav Acchan more. Just I'm used to see an AKB like before.
But it's a shock.

Unknown said...

Well give Yuko a chance. You won't know until you see it. Acchan will still be in the single anyway and will still receive massive screentime in the PV. She will probably be back to the center in the single after next because that's how AKB management works. Senbatsu Election ranking only applies for 1 single.

choco said...

Honestly, I'm not sure about myself.
From the beginning, I said to myself that, it'd be better if s.o substituted Acchan in her position once. At least, we can see another AKB. And to be mean, s.o else can understand the meaning of being center.
But then as m so used to see that image AKB, now I feel uneasy.
Anyway, I need time and I'll have to give myself a chance. Both of them worked so hard, they need support from everyone.

Aigon said...

I'm actually pleased at a few of the results of this election. Yukirin getting 8th is awesome, and Masana making it into Undergirls is also a pleasant surprise. However, I'm not happy about all of the Kenkyuusei making it into the ranking. They are not full members yet, and thus do not deserve to take part in the elections.

Oh, and all the people freaking out about Acchan dropping to 2nd are just frakking hilarious. You'd think the world was coming to an end or something.

Unknown said...

I agree with your thoughts on the Kenkyuuseis. They are getting too much promotion too early. Kinda defeats the purpose of being a member. They are even allowed to be on Singles (Komorin), Heck half of the Kenkyuuseis already had much more TV screentime than a some AKB members could ever get in a year (Natsumi, Nakayan, Chiichan, etc). Kinda unfair.

Aigon said...

My thoughts exactly Melos. It seems that being a Kenkyuusei now means they treated as full-on idols now, which is not what they are supposed to be. Heck, one of them has their own solo song already. That's too much.

The elections should only really cover AKB, SKE and maybe SDN, though it looks like their having their own election, so maybe one day each group will have separate elections, which is really how it should be.

tieuruabien said...

hix..hix... sad very sad..i lkie Yuko too, but i can't stand if center of AKB48 haven't Acchan...Hope acchan is going to come back center