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24 February 2013

NMB48 Fukumoto Aina, Hirose Sena, Hisada Riko and Sugino Risa to Leave

Hirose Sena, Sugino Risa
Hisada Riko, Fukumoto Aina

This week 4 members of NMB48 announced that they will leave the group. First on February 21, Kenkyusei Hirose Sena and Sugino Risa announced that they will resign from the group. Hirose Sena because of health problems, Sugino Risa because she wants to focus on her studies. Both were 4th Generation members who had just debuted in late December 2012. Their leave was immediate.

The same day 3rd Generation Kenkyusei Hisada Riko announced her graduation because she worries about school and her health. She will have a graduation show on March 15.

Two days later, Team N member Fukumoto Aina also announced her graduation. She wants to be a variety talent and has decided to pursue this way. Her graduation date has not been announced yet. Aina is a 1st Generation and original Team N member and has always been one of NMB48's top members, ranking #43 in the last AKB48 Election.

Sugino Risa's Comment to her fans:
Original Message

I, Sugino Risa, will resign from NMB48.
I have decided to graduate thinking that I want to focus on my studies, graduate high school and work hard to enter the university I am aiming for.
There were a lot of hard things during these few months I have been in NMB48. But more than that, I think I was able to make important experiences one usually cannot make.
To all the people who have supported me: I am really sorry.
It was only for a short time, but that I have been able to work so hard until now is thanks to you all who have supported me. Your comments have always been an encouragement for me. Thank you a lot.
To the staff and the members: I am sorry for causing you a lot of trouble. I have  the impression that, thanks to you, I have been able to grow up a bit compared to the time before I joined NMB48. I will not be in NMB48 anymore, but I will still love it.
Thank you a lot.

Hirose Sena's Comment to her fans:
Original Message

It's sudden but I, 4th Generation Kenkyusei Hirose Seina, will resign from NMB48.
My body has never been robust, and due to poor physical health I had to take off lessons quite a lot. I thought that continuing like this would cause a lot of inconveniences to the members and staff, so as a result of worrying about this, I chose to resign. I admire NMB48 and I have just joined the group with everything still ahead of me, so I also have feelings of regret and am very sorry to everyone who supports me.
I was really happy about passing the 4th generation audition and being able to meet you all. I love NMB48.
It was only for a short time, and from now on I will do my best on a different way. Thank you a lot for supporting me.

Hisada Riko's Comment to her fans:
Original Message

I, Hisada Riko, will graduate from NMB48.
Since about November last year, I have consulted staff members and my family because commuting from far away was hard, and also school and my physical condition were not satisfactory.
I have also not been able to post a lot in Google+ or the blog so I caused you a lot of worries. But the times I posted, I received a lot of comments saying 'I have been waiting for this', so I was really happy.
I am really thankful to everyone who lined up in my line at handshake events, went to my birthday shows and always cheered for and supported me.
From April on I will be a high school student, and I plan to steadily do my best at my studies, re-evaluate myself carefully and find out what I really want to do. With your smiles and messages still in my heart, I will do my best from now on to fulfill my dream one day.
I don't regret joining NMB48. While I was able to work surrounded by so many friendly senpai and to meet you all and perform in stage shows, I was able to make a lot of good experiences including enjoyable things as well as frustrating feelings. From now on I will make use of this experiences and walk my own way. Also, I will support NMB48 as its number one fan with you all together.
I am sorry for being selfish until the end. It was great being able to work in NMB48 for a year. I really love NMB48 and you all. Thanks a lot for everything until now.

Fukumoto Aina's Comment to her fans:
Original Message

I, Fukumoto Aina, will graduate from NMB48.
I am really sorry for surprising you all with this sudden announcement.
I have really worried, worried and worried until I came to this decision about graduating. The answer I, only 19 years old, have thought of with all my might is "graduation".
It's been about 2 years and 5 months since NMB48 was formed. We have been really blessed, being able to have regular TV and radio shows in the Kansai region even before our first year passed.
For me, who wants to be a variety talent in the future, every bit of this was a really important task and I absorbed a lot of things from the talents I worked with as well as I could.
Last year, thanks to you who supported me, I was able to rank in the Senbatsu Sosenkyo, I got more chances to appear in various TV shows, and additionally was also able to run the Osaka Marathon something I always wanted to try. So for me it was a year I was able to grow a lot.
While spending such fulfilling days, I started to seriously think about the dream I was picturing for myself.
I started to hold a strong wish to polish my variety skills taking the challenge as a solo talent and I decided to change my direction towards variety talent and return to the starting line.
It's not an answer I have worked out lightly. And I don't regret the graduation decision I made.
I think that with this graduation I was able to walk another step towards my dream. I know that the way I will pursue from now on won't be easy. But I am prepared to overcome this. For this reason I will study even more and I will absolutely demonstrate that I will fulfill my dream.
I will work hard so that I can show my shining self to the fans and staff who have supported me, to my family and friends, and to the other members who have spent everyday with me together and with whom I have come so far. I would be happy if you watch over me kindly.
I love NMB48. Please continue to support me.

Why do NMB48 graduations always come in groups??? I am especially sorry about Aina's leave because she is one of my favourite members. Hopefully she achieves her goal to become a variety talent, so we can still see her in TV. 

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