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11 March 2011

NMB48 announces Team N

Yesterday on March 10, NMB48 announced the 16 members of Team N. The selected girls are as follows:

Team N
(Captain) Yamamoto Sayaka
Ogasawara Mayu
Kadowaki Kanako
Kishino Rika
Kinoshita Haruna
Kotani Riho
Kondo Rina
Shinohara Kanna
Jonishi Kei
Shiroma Miru
Fukumoto Aina
Matsuda Shiori
Mori Ayaka
Yamada Nana
Yoshida Akari
Watanabe Miyuki

The nine remaining girls will continue as Kenkyuusei.

Ota Riona
Okita Ayaka
Kawakami Rena
Kinoshita Momoka
Koyanagi Arisa
Hara Mizuki
Hikawa Ayame
Yamagishi Natsumi
Yamaguchi Yuuki

          They finally announced Team N just in time for the upcoming second generation auditions. Yamamoto Sayaka will be the Captain of Team N, no changes there. Since I recently changed my favourite to Jonishi Kei I am happy that she made it. Unfortunately my second favourite Ota Riona didn't get in despite her good voice.

     It is unknown what will be made of the remaining Kenkyuuseis who didn't get promoted. My guess is that their going to do it like what SKE48 did for Team E and the new batch of members who pass the auditions get into Kenkyuuseis, and then they all duke it out against each other for Team M. Overall I think the line-up is nice and balanced. Now the only thing we need is an NMB48 LOD. And since they don't have the service, we will have to wait till they appear in the AKB or SKE Theater.

By the way, Team N's color is pink. Seems like they ran out of colors. Great...... now how will I color code the Teams......

By the way

Team N 1st Stage [Dareka no Tame ni]
M01Tsukimisou月見草Evening PrimroseTeam N
M02Warning--Team N
M03Tanjoubi no Yoru誕生日の夜Birthday NightTeam N
M04Bird--Kishino, Yamamoto, Shinohara (unconfirmed)
M05Nage Kissu de Ichi Otose!投げキッスで撃ち落せ!Knock him out with a blown kiss!Watanabe, Kondo, Kotani, Shiroma, Kinoshita H, Yoshida
M06Shinkirou蜃気楼 MirageYamada, Ogasawara
M07Riderライダー -Jonishi, Matsuda, Mori, Kadowaki, Fukumoto
M08Seifuku ga Jama wo Suru制服が邪魔をするMy school uniform is in my wayYamamoto, Watanabe, Ogasawara, Kondo, Yamaguchi, Yoshida, Yamada, Kishino
M09Natsu ga Icchatta夏が行っちゃったThe summer went awayTeam N
M10Koike小池 -Team N
M11Tsuki no Katachi月のかたちThe shape of the moonTeam N
M12Dareka no Tame ni ~What can I do for someone?~誰かのために ~What can I do for someone?~For someone's sake ~What can I do for someone?~Team N
EC1Medleyメドレー -Team N
EC2Namida uri no Shoujo涙売りの少女Tear-seller girlTeam N
Medley = Beginner -> Chance -> Ponytail -> Heavy -> NMB48

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