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21 March 2011

[Shuumatsu Not Yet] 1st Week Sales

And now we bring you the sales report for Shuumatsu Not Yet, the debut single by AKB48 subunit Not Yet:

1st day sales: 50,563
2nd day sales: 34,046
3rd day sales: 15,264
4th day sales: 14,411
5th day sales: 31,772
6th day sales: 10,872

Week total: 159 678


With that, they've topped the Oricon weekly charts, with amazingly stellar sales. Considering the situation in Japan now, this is no small feat. All single-related promotional events were canceled. Single sales were relatively stable throughout the week, even seeing more than double an increase on the 5th day (probably because it was weekend).

Shuumatsu Not Yet is the third AKB subunit single to reach #1 on the Oricon weekly charts, after Watarirouka Hashiritai's Akkanbe Bashi(27,441) and Team Dragon's Kokoro no Hane (80,128). Shuumatsu Not Yet's first week has beaten all subunit single sales up til now.

Well done, girls!

I'm still waiting for my copies to arrive because of the transportation delays, can't wait to see who's trading cards I get! (I might have to buy more if I don't see Rie x-x)


Anonymous said...

What about "No Sleeves"?
Aren't they a popular subgroup that sells well?

kieyuku said...

Yes, they sell well, but Shuumatsu Not Yet outsold all their singles.
For reference, No Sleeves' highest-selling single so far is "Answer" with a first week sale of 81,846. The highest-selling subunit single after Shuumatsu Not Yet is actually Valentine Kiss, with first week sale of 95,321.