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18 March 2011

Postponed and canceled releases and events

UPDATED: 18 March 2011

     Due to the recent Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami, and the following rolling blackouts (see posts here and here), many releases and events in Japan have been postponed or canceled completely. AKB48 is no exception. Their 3rd Album Koko ni Ita Koto, which releases on 6 April, has been postponed indefinitely. The same goes for SDN48's 2nd Single Ai, Chuseyo which releases on 23 March, next week.

     AKB48 has also canceled their Takamina ni Tsuite Ikimasu concert at Yokohama Arena, which was supposed to happen at 25 to 27 March. The reason is because of the rolling blackouts, and also because Yokohama Arena is currently being used as an emergency shelter.

     It has not been confirmed but there is a 12th gen AKB Kenkyuusei living in Sendai when the earthquake and tsunami struck. Sendai is the hardest hit prefecture. She is safe and is living in one of the many emergency shelters. No name has been specified because the 12th gen Kenkyuuseis were supposed to make their debut appearance at the Yokohama Arena concert.

     The AKB48 Theater will also be closed until further notice. The SKE48 Theater will continue operations starting 31 March. The NMB48 Theater will reopen starting 15 March.

     18 March UPDATE: Itano Tomomi's 2nd Single (currently untitled), which was supposed to release on 27 April, has been delayed too due to the post effects of the earthquake and tsunami. Many other artists have canceled their releases until the end of April. Now to see if DiVA will do the same for theirs too.


AKB48 3rd Album [Koko ni Ita Koto]
6 April 2011
AKB48 Official Blog post. Translated by Miss Moonlight
We would like to express our hearty sympathy  to everyone who encountered damage by the Tohoku pacific earthquake. We are praying for your quick recovery from our hearts. AKB48's 3rd album [Koko ni ita Koto] was scheduled to be released on April 6 (wednesday), but because of circumstances concerning the production schedule stemming from the Tohoku pacific sea earthquake that happened on 11 March (friday), the release on the designated day became difficult. And, more than anything else, as a result of taking into account the damage situation of the earthquake and tsunami and considering carefully the emotions of the victims, we made the move to postpone the release onto a date not yet fixed. We ask earnestly for everyone's comprehension and understnading

SDN48 2nd Single [Ai, Chuseyo]
23 March 2011

Itano Tomomi 2nd Single [TBA]
27 April 2011
Itano Tomomi Official Blog post. Translated by sada.
Itano Tomomi's second single which was planned to release on 4/27, due to the bad situation of circumstances in the production schedule and Tohoku district after the earthquake, I considered the situation of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant and now the release is undecided and will be released at a later time.
I will announce the decision later for the sale date.
I apologize to the fans who had the pleasure of waiting, please understand.
To all the places which are now gone due to earthquake disaster, I regret it truthfully and, give my heart to all of you who have encountered damage.


AKB48 Concert [Takamina ni Tsuite Ikimasu] in Yokohama Arena
25 ~ 27 March 2011
AKB48 Official Blog post . Translated by Kieyuku.
Regarding the Yokohama Arena concert scheduled for the 25th-27th of March. As planned blackouts are being rolled out, this is necessary in such a situation. We decided that it's impossible to carry out what was originally planned for the concert and so it will be canceled. Details for refunding of the concert ticket price will be told in another entry. I sincerely wish for those in the disaster areas to regain their smiles as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

.___. and i was so excited for the album.

I guess it can't be helped; there are people in Japan still suffering from the disaster.

Anonymous said...

AKB48 is important but people of japan who is affected by the disaster is more important :)