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31 July 2011

Eguchi Aimi's profile picture stolen

Terrible news! On AKB48's official blog Togasaki-san has posted that the profile picture of CG idol Eguchi Aimi has been stolen from the theater. It is unsure what exactly happened but it took place when the monthly photosets went on sale. During that time, the lobby of the AKB48 Theater is crowded to the max with people trading and it can get quite confusing and chaotic. That was probably how the thief managed to sneak out with the picture.

This is the first time a profile picture has been stolen from the AKB48 Theater, and Togasaki-san says it is the strong bond between the theater and the fans. He thinks the photo was stolen on impulse and hopes the photo will be returned to the theater. Printing a new picture is easy but there isn't any meaning in doing so.

The profile pictures of all AKB48 and SDN48 members are hung on this long corridor that leads from the entrance of the 7th floor to the lobby. Previously the pictures were hung without any protection. Framed of course. I can't remember when it was but sometime later they installed a glass barrier to prevent fingerprints on the glass frames. Aimi's picture is grouped with all the other 12gen Kenkyuuseis, which doesn't have a glass barrier from the pictures i'm seeing

Original post: http://ameblo.jp/akihabara48/entry-10970330734.html
Translation by: loveandcoffee
Today the photograph of "Eguchi Aimi" that was hung on AKB48 Theatre's wall was stolen.
Looks like it was stolen today when the monthly photosets went on sale.
I think it was an act due to a sudden impulse and the overexcitement at the moment,
and I think that surely in this very moment the culprit is regretting it.

If you are regretting it, please return it.
It would be easy to arrange another photograph to hang.
But there would be no meaning to do so.

So far, the framed photograph haven't been stolen even once, and I think this is the "proof" of the strong trust bond that exists between the theatre and the fans.

I would be glad if you returned it to the theatre.
And I believe that such a thing won't happen anymore.

Which brings me to the question. Why not Acchan?

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