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16 September 2011

Team 4's 1st stage [Boku no Taiyou] announced

It was just in June Team 4 was formed and their 1st stage has been announced! They will be reviving Himawari-gumi's 1st stage [Boku no Taiyou] (僕の太陽). The stage will start from October, the exact date has not been set yet. The line up for now is the 10 members of Team 4 (excluding Oba Mina as she is under suspension) and 6 Kenkyuusei members so as to make a team of 16.

As I am currently supporting Team 4, it was sad to see Oba Mina being suspended and Mori Anna gone because of the scandal a few weeks ago. Now it's good to see Team 4 will be having their own stage and very soon as well, but it really is getting tiresome of reviving stages. I badly want some originality here. Hopefully their next stage will be original.

Melos comment: Actually I'm not disappointed that it's a revival of one of the past stages because it is the Himawari-gumi stages. It's been a long while since the songs from H1 was performed (except for Higurashi no Koi which somehow manages to stay in the Request Hour Setlist Best 100 concerts) so I can't wait to see this stage performed.

Hmmm that got me thinking. The main reason why the songs from the Himawari stages weren't performed was because of copyright issues with AKB48's previous label DefStar. So if they are able to perform it again, does that mean the copyright issues have been solved?

I wonder which girls will take which spots for the unit songs? Here's the setlist for H1. Ranran will most likely get Itoshisa no Defense. I hope Maria gets Himawari.

Himawari-gumi 1st Stage [Boku no Taiyou]
01.Dreamin' girls
03.Mirai no Kajitsu未来の果実
04.Viva! Hurricaneビバ!ハリケーン
05.Idol Nante Yobainaideアイドルなんて呼ばないで
06.Boku to Juliet to Jet Coaster僕とジュリエットとジェットコースター
07.Higurashi no Koiヒグラシノコイ
08.Itoshisa no Defense愛しさのdefense
10.Takeuchi Sempai竹内先輩
11.Sonna Konna Wake deそんなこんなわけで
12.Deja vuデジャビュ
13.Yuuhi wo Mite iruka?夕陽を見ているか?
14.Lay Down
16.Boku no Taiyou僕の太陽

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