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18 October 2011

AKB48 to get their own anime

Whats the next step after having your very own manga series?
Of course, your very own anime!

That's right, AKB48 will be getting their very own anime starting spring 2012! Details are scarce right now but it is known that the story will be an original story about 9 young girls (shown below) with the goal of becoming legendary idols.

There will be a battle to choose the 9 members., and will be a "battle" between all the members of AKB48, SKE48 and NMB48, over 200 members involved! It will then be narrowed down to 30 sometime in mid-November, and the final 9 will be selected in a public audition. The 9 winners will also be the ones singing the theme song of the anime.

The anime will be directed by Kawamori Shoji, the co-creator of the famous [Macross] series, and Ootsuki Toshimichi of the [Rebuild of Evangelion] movies is the executive producer. The supervisor is of course Akimoto Yasushi.

The title of the anime, as well as the broadcasters, are still disclosed. Animation will be done by the studio [Satelight], which has worked on animes like [Macross Frontier] and [Fairy Tail]

Honestly I have no idea if how this will work out. I am not liking what I see from the character designs in the above picture, which shows the 9 main girls of the show. However a lot of the staff members have worked in very successful animations (though mainly Macross and Evangelion). So you really can expect a lot from this project.

I like that the "battle" will choose members from all 3 groups AKB48, SKE48 and NMB48. There are quite a number of members whose dream is to become a seiyuu. So this project will help them to fulfill their goal.

Planning, Supervisor: Akimoto Yasushi (AKB48)
Main Director: Kawamori Shoji (Macross)
Series Composition, Script: Okada Mari (Anohana, Hanasaku Iroha, Toradora!)
Character Design: Ebata Risa (Macross Frontier)
Director: Hiraike Yoshimasa (Working!!, Amagami SS)
Executive Producer: Ootsuki Toshimichi (Rebuild of Evangelion movies)
Animation: Satelight (Macross Frontier, Fairy Tail)

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