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21 October 2011

Fujie Reina Stars in 3D Horror Movie

Team K member Fujie Reina has her first starring role in a new 3D horror film, "Enkiri Village: Dead End Survival" directed by Tsubaki Koichi and recently released on October 15.

Fujie plays the role of Enkiri-sama, a vengeful ghost, and co-stars with Yagami Ren, who plays a guide living in the cursed Enkiri Village.  Together with the rest of the cast, they appeared on October 16 at a stage greeting commemorating the movie's opening.

The making of this filmed involved the effort and participation of many residents of Hinode in Nishitama, Tokyo, the location where the film was shot.  The locals were involved in the process, acting as extras, and film staff.  Even a famous local ramen stand is featured as part of the film.

Speaking to the crowd, Fujie said "I'm very happy that so many people came here today.  There were so many bugs here, I think I got 7 bug bites.  However, it's all just good memories now."  Additionally, she urged everyone to see the film, saying "When you watch this movie, you will be able to feel the importance of relationships between people."

The film is now playing at Warner Mycal Cinemas in Hinode, Itabashi, Kohoku New Town, and Ichikawa Myoden.  On October 22, Fujie and director Tsubaki are scheduled to make a special appearance at the Hinode location.

Good to see the AKB48 horror streak is going strong, and it'll definitely be interesting to see a not-so-cute Fujie!

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