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21 October 2011

Suzuki Mariya to Star in Horror Movie

Team B's Suzuki Mariya is going to play a starring role "Kokkuri-san: The Movie," a horror film based on a form of fortune telling popular in the 1970s.  The movie will be released on November 26.

This role is triple-first for Suzuki, as this will be her first movie, first leading role in a movie, and also first horror film.  Suzuki plays the role of a high school student fighting against a curse resulting from playing Kokkuri-san.  She will be co-starring with Kataoka Asuka, who plays a homeroom teacher with special spiritual abilities.

The movie will be directed by Nagae Jirou, who has also directed such works as "2-chan Curse: The Movie" depicting the urban legends spread on the internet.  His body of work includes many horror films, and this time around, he is taking on the challenge of bringing this well-known form of fortune telling to life.

The story begins on the premise of several skeletons being found in the mountains.  These skeletons belonged to young boys who had gone missing 30 years prior.  All of these skeletons had with them the piece of paper used for playing Kokkuri-san.  The morning that this discovery was announced, Suzuki's character, Eri, discovers her mother rooted to the spot watching the news on TV.  The next morning, Eri is awakened by a scream from her mother's room, and runs in to discover that her mother has died.

At her mother's funeral, Eri meets a man, Mayami, who appears to know the truth behind her mother's sudden death.  Additionally, she is visited by a man, Koji, whose mother also recently died an unnatural death, similar to Eri's mother.  It turns out that the mothers of Mayami, Koji, and Eri, were classmates.  Upon realizing this, Eri decides to try to take action, despite her homeroom teacher's warning that "It's too late, you have already been cursed."  In the end, her teacher tries to help her escape being killed by the curse.  To discover the truth about the missing boys, they travel together to Eri's mother's hometown in hopes of solving the mystery behind the Kokkuri-san curse.

[Disclaimer: I am really bad with correct readings of Japanese names, so some of the character names might be wrong.  However it's hopefully enough to give an idea of the plot, even if the names are wrong.]

This sounds like a pretty interesting movie, and gives me hope that it may be more of a psychological thriller than the gore-filled type of horror movie.  I'll probably have to make a friend preview it for me so I can decide whether I'll be able to stomach it or not.

In any case, congratulations to Suzuki for her first big role, and hurrah for continuing the AKB48 horror movie tradition!

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