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16 October 2011

Team KII 3rd Stage [Ramune no Nomikata] Review

SKE48 Team KII 3rd Stage
Ramune no Nomikata

M00 - Overture (SKE48 ver.)
M01 - Kizashi
M02 - Koutei no Koinu
M03 - Disco Hokenshitsu
M04 - Omatase Set list
M05 - Cross (Takayanagi Akane [center], Matsumoto Rina, Wakabayashi Tomoka)
M06 - Finland Miracle (Mukaida Manatsu [center], Yakata Miki, Akaeda Rina)
M07 - Manazashi, Sayonara (Ogiso Shiori, Furukawa Airi)
M08 - Usotsuki na Dachou (Ishida Anna [center], Goto Risako, Yamada Reika)
M09 - Nice to meet you! (Hata Sawako [center], Kato Tomoko, Sato Mieko, Sato Seira, Abiru Riho)
M10 - Kodoku na Ballerina
M11 - Ima Kimi to Irareru Koto
M12 - Winning Ball
M13 - Akushu no Ai

M14 - Bowling Ganbou
M15 - 16 shoku no Yume Crayon
M16 - Ramune no Nomikata
-----ENCORE 2-----
M17 - Medley

Overture (SKE48 ver.)
You just can't have an 48 performance without the overture. You just can't. It's a crime. Well, ARE YOU READY?!?!

Kizashi (兆し)
Until now, I had not been very impressed with many stage openers; I just can't foresee B3/E1's Shonichi being topped in my lifetime. A great song to kick off this long-awaited stage and work the crowd's excitement. The girls' dance formation is also very organized and clean. The choreography also had them spell "KII" as their final pose.

Koutei no Koinu (校庭の仔犬)
Not the greatest song, but it is quite memorable as Annyan and company make puppy sounds throughout their performance. This track is a tad generic, but still, it is without a doubt the one of the cuter performance of KII3.

Disco Hokenshitsu (ディスコ保健室)
One of this set's catchier tunes. True to its title, this song sounds similar to a 80's disco tune you can groove to. I quite like the choreography but the props they had put on the stage are kind of unnecessary; were they attempting to re-create a club? Because I feel that they were detractors.

Omatase Set list (お待たせSet list)
High energy song with an awesome choreography to boot. From the amount of times the girls mentioned "KII", I'm guessing that this, along with Kizashi, is one their new signature songs. Minna no Yume~ Yes, KII, I have been dreaming of an amazing inspirational song like this! This will be the first song to pop into my mind when Team KII is mentioned to me in the future.

Cross (クロス)
The Bird/Maria of KII3; this track just oozes cool. It's nice to see Churi, Ri~na, and Tomochan turn badass for this song. Though I can't say the same about the costumes because the shocking pink blazers look plain tacky. Hands down my favorite song of this stage.

Finland Miracle (フィンランド・ミラクル)
Another generic cutesy song. At least the hook "Finlando Mirakuru" does its job in making this song memorable. I actually ended up liking this song after a few listens.

Manazashi, Sayonara (眼差しサヨナラ)
Yeah! My KII oshi Airin is in a duo with Gomatan; the girl is really talented. The performance showcases the two's sensuality and singing abilities well.

Usotsuki na Dachou (嘘つきなダチョウ)
Tenshi no Shippo, version pink. The costumes… they remind me of those the SDN girls wore in Onedari Champagne. This is very cute, too cute for my taste.

Nice to meet you!
I love this song. It first starts out ballad-like and eventually, escalates into a pop tune; it then alternates back and forth between the two layers. I feel that the girls could've organized themselves a bit better; I hope that as time passes, their choreography will snap in sync.

Kodoku na Ballerina (孤独なバレリーナ)
Beautiful song and stellar performance! It's nice to see the girls demonstrate some amateur ballet moves. Shawako looks graceful as the main dancer; those pirouettes were performed so deftly. I'm not the biggest fan of Hata Sawako, but this performance really earned her some brownie points with me. I just wish her voice could be as awesome as her dancing. I also feel that this song could be much… sadder. Then, it would be perfect.

Ima Kimi to Irareru Koto (今 君といられること)
Frankly, I don't know how to describe this song. It just sounds like an odd old school idol track leftover from some demo tape that Aki-P finally decided to put to use. It seems that there is also a bit of Scottish influence exhibited in the composition. That aside, the costumes do look very nice; I especially like the yellow-green-white color motif.

Winning Ball (ウィニングボール)
Very uplifting, and the girls' dancing was spot on. I like that an actual ball was hit into the audience; I can't imagine what would happen if Gomatan actually missed. I like this song, and it doesn't hurt that I'm a fan of baseball.

Akushu no Ai (握手の愛)
This is another cute performance. I love the choreography because the girls actually interact with one another and the audience. I really don't have much of an opinion about the song itself. Still, I have to say that Eri looks great in her dress; she has a great figure.

Bowling Ganbou (ボウリング願望)
I love how the girls wore bowling alley uniforms and incorporated elements of the game into the song's choreography. Yeah Churi~ you knocked down all the pins at the end!

16 Shoku no Yume Crayon (16色の夢クレヨン)
The third "KII" representative song in the set, tied with Cross as my favorite KII3 song. This is so Washoi B/E; I love performances that show off the girls' individuality. It really makes a fan want to get to know the girls a little better. I really hope that this song will rank high in this year's countdown event, and be as popular as Team B Oshi.

Ramune no Nomikata (ラムネの飲み方)
I did not expect the title song to be a ballad; real mellow and heartfelt. The girls also pass around a ramune bottle during the performance.

A medley of SKE singles; love some songs, hate some songs. The orange costumes are horrible. 'Nuff said.

I know that many fans have been hyped for this new stage ever since it was announced a few months back. This is Team KII's first original stage and I have to admit: my expectations were high. After watching the full performance, I can say for sure that it missed the mark. Usually, I would have more than 4 favorite songs to a stage, but KII3 only produced about 2-3 that I really like. Aki-P, I appreciate the fact that you actually headed Churi's request, but I think you should really spend more time selecting quality songs for stages, rather than going off and creating new sister groups left and right across Asia. The girls will probably be performing this set to next year, so as a fan, I'll just learn to love it.

images from natalie.mu

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