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11 December 2011

Because you were there for me: Oshima Yuko

The 2nd interview from Shukan Asahi interview series, published on the 22 Oct 2010. Oshima Yuko talks about how her father has been silently supporting her, ever since her parents' divorce. It's a touching story that talks about how parents will always be on their children's side.

I Wish That My Father Can Find a Wonderful Woman.
Translated by mammothb

I was born in Yokohama. When I was in Primary 6, my uncle, who was owns an izakaya in Tochigi handed over his business to my father, because of that, our family had to move to Tochigi.

Having to part with my friends was very tough for me, therefore, I wasn't able to understand my father's feelings. However, my father, who was unskilled with cooking, had hurt his fingers numerous times while practising cooking. After seeing my father who was trying his very best for the izakaya, I felt that I had to accept my fate.

My parents divorced before I entered middle school. They were trying to carry on the daily lives as per normal. But I was able to sense a vague uneasiness among them. They finally told me that they were getting a divorce...... It was really heart-breaking for me to hear it as we had a lot of fun times spent together as a family.

After that, my father and my grandmother and I lived together as my brother went live by himself in Yokohama at that time. Just like my mother, I developed an interest in showbiz, I entered the showbiz as a child actress at the age of 7 with my mother's recommendation. Although my father was concerned about me being a child actress, he didn't mention anything about it. I think it's because my father had entrusted to my mother with the job of taking care of me in showbiz and let me do what I want to do the most. But sometimes, he will tell me, "Don't push youself too hard."

I met up with my mother again after I entered high school. Although I had been keeping in contact with her through phone calls, it's the first time I met up with her in person since my parents' divorce. I am very similar to my mother in both appearance and character, such as how we are both unfettered and strong-willed. Though we click well, we haven't meet ever since. While looking at the back of my father who was making food preparation with plasters on his fingers, somehow I felt that I had to meet up with my mother. We still meet up quite often now, rather than a parent-child relationship, we are more like close friends.

Just like me being a child actress, my father didn't make much comments when I entered AKB. But soon after that, I casually made a remark about AKB, "In the next theatre performance, Team K is finally given an original song." My father then said, "In the previous performances, it's always been Team A's songs* right? I'm happy for you." Hearing that, I replied, "Eh? How did you know such things?" Actually, my father had been diligently following all the TV shows, radios programmes and magazines in which I appeared in since I was started being a child actress. Hearing that, I realized my father has always been secretly supporting me without me knowing. He has always been giving me support in the background. My father likes drinking and he reveals a lot to me when he drinks. Recently, he has been giving me advices regarding my job as an idol but he never gives me any negative advices, such as what I shouldn't do. It's all positive advices on what I should do to improve. Therefore, I was very happy and I came to respect him even more.* Thanks to this, I probably will be able to get over the tough times.

I will be 22 this 17 Oct. As I still have yet to realize my dream, I do not intend to get married yet. Also, I don't intend to get married before my father does. I hope my father can meet someone who is able to give him support and be blessed with good fortune as he's my most important person.

Translation note:
In the original text, Team A's songs was literally said as hand-me-down-songs from Team A. 
In the original text, Yuko said she has become the "sake pourer" for her father, the acting of pouring sake for someone is usually carried out by someone of lower status to a superior, eg employees to employer, junior to senior, child to parent. This could be generally interpreted as a sign of respect. In the context of this article, it could also be interpreted as Yuko wanting to hear more stories from her father as he only talks a lot when he drinks.

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