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10 December 2011

NMB48 Kenkyuusei Takiyama Akane To Graduate

As announced in the theater on December 10, NMB48 2nd Generation Kenkyuusei Takiyama Akane will graduate from the group. The reason given is that she wants to focus on her studies since her wish is to enter university. Her graduation show date is on December 22nd.

Takiyama Akane is the second NMB48 member to graduate after Mori Ayaka, and the first 2nd Generation member to do so. I was interested in her ever since I saw her in the theater, so this news is a bit sad. But I wish her all the best for her studies.

Takiyama Akane Graduation Message
It's sudden but I have an announcement to make so please listen to it.
Even before joining NMB48 I thought about entering university and studied for it. After joining NMB48, everyday was so much fun and I was allowed to perform in shows so everyday was an enriched experience, and so I thought 'I will do my best as NMB48'.
But when I went to school, the wish 'I want to go to university' became stronger. But I also did not want to quit NMB48, wanting to do both I became really half-hearted. I thought 'the way it is now is unexcusable to the members, staff and the fans who support me' and I was thinking the whole time that I had to make a decision.
I really love the members, the members were always my support, so I did not want to part with them. Also, you all (the fans) supported me with comments or letters, or said things like if you see my smile you can become energetic, so I wanted to do this job the whole time, and that is why I really did not want to quit but I thought it's time for me to make a decision.
Now I want to do my best at studying and achieve the goal of entering university. But because I love this job too, because it was my dream since I was a child, I will return to this stage, this NMB48 theater, at all means, so please support me kindly.
I really think it is selfish, but I love NMB48, I love you all, I love the members. That is why I ask you to please support me from now on too.
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