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31 January 2012

SKE48 8th Single [Kataomoi Finally] 1st Week Sales

SKE48's 8th single [Kataomoi Finally] completed it's first week on the charts, placing 1st in the weekly chart and selling just under 500,000 copies.

The exact sales number is 495,809 copies sold, just a little more than 4k more to reach 500k. But if you include today's (tuesday) sales of 5,918 copies, Kataomoi Finally has passed the 500k mark! It's unfortunate that it couldn't happen in the first week though.

For most of the week, Kataomoi Finally's sales closely mirrored that of their previous single Oki Doki. The big changer come on Friday, when they sold 90k copies all of a sudden. This was most likely caused by a late shipment. Compared to the 1st week sales of Oki Doki, Kataomoi Finally sold 113k more. And comparing the total sales, Kataomoi Finally has already sold 34k more! That's a great rise in sales! Keep up the good work!

Now on to my review

Senbatsu - Kataomoi Finally (片想いFinally)
It's amazing how SKE48 can communicate serious issues such as homosexuality and bullying in their music and promotional video in such a high-energy way. The 'sound' of the track is anything but morose and somber.

My initial reaction to the preview can be summed up in one word, 'messy'. Not only did the varying tempo of the song throw me off, I was shocked that Aki-P would allow for his idol groups to release yet another controversial video, this time featuring (even more) kisses exchanged between girls. Still, this song will have a listener hooked if he/she is willing to give it proper attention.

Highlights of the song are the intro with its powerful choreography, the hook (obviously), and hip hop-inspired middle eight and outro. Because this song does retain an idol sound, it can't be compared to the mothership's iconic a-sides, Beginner and Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou.

Shirogumi - Hanikami Lollipop ( はにかみロリーポップ )
Cute, as expected of Shirogumi. I'm happy that Jurina's unit is stepping up their game, both song- and PV-wise. The song can be described as a old-school idol tune with a modern twist; the retro and nostalgic look of the video is also an appropriate fit for the song itself. Though this isn't the best song on the CD, it's the most memorable, at least to me.

Akagumi - Koe ga Kasureru Kurai ( 声がかすれるくらい )
Again, a darker song for the fierce Akagumi. I love that this team is expressing their concept in a different style, and in rock, of all genres. This song shines where other stereotypical idol tracks lack, the bridge. The verses between the hooks are akin to those of a rock-ballad, rather than an actual j-rock tune. I was not a fan of Aka's previous song, but this proved to be a nice surprise. The promotional video, while not as visually stunning as that of Shiro, is inventive.

Kyou made no koto, Kore kara no koto今日までのこと、これからのこと )
I had a feeling that the group song was to be a song with a slower tempo, and I was right. This honestly sounds like a forgettable theater stage filler song. At least the composer/arranger had the decency to add some guitar riffs in there to "spice" the song up; too bad it still lacks flavor. I hope the next group song will be more upbeat, so that the rest of SKE's girls would be done some justice. If it is any consolation to you fans, this track, while the worst of this single, is not that terrible a song as I described. I just do not prefer this type of pop-ballad.

(written by YING)

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