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02 July 2013

Introduction to AKB48's 15th Generation

This is a new feature that we have decided to implement onto MELOS no Michi: an introduction to the new generation of AKB48 members. We went through the trouble of finding out more about these members to make it easier for you to oshihen to them.

Revealed on AKB48's official blog on 20th May 2013, the 8 members of AKB48's 15th Generation have already had their baptism by fire at the AKB48 Group Kenkyuusei Concert at Budokan on 5th June 2013. 4 days later, they performed their debut stage on the Kenkyuusei [Pajama Drive] stage and subsequently experienced their debut handshake event last Sunday at the So Long! National Handshake Event at Hokkaido.

Still relatively unknown in the mainstream media yet equipped raw passion and enthusiasm, do they have what it takes to usher AKB48 onto the next stage?

Name: Ichikawa Manami 市川愛美
Nickname: Manami まなみ
Date of Birth: 1999/8/26 (13)
Hometown: Tokyo
Blood Type: A
Favourite AKB48 Member: -
Current Unit Song: Junjou Shugi
Replacing Hillary in Junjou Shugi, she displays an above average standard of showmanship. With an appropriate amount of effort, she will be a fine performer in no time.

Name: Nana Owada 大和田南那
Nickname:  Naanya なーにゃ
Date of Birth: 1999/9/15 (13)  
Hometown: Chiba
Blood Type: A
Favourite AKB48 Member: Oshima Yuko
Current Unit Song: Temodemo no Namida
The most talked about and noted 15th Generation Member. Though she still exhibits nervousness while doing introductions and emcees, she has performed considerably well in her unit song. Naanya enjoys eating strawberries and melons. Her favorite song is Heavy Rotation, which happens to be the first AKB48 song she ever heard.

Name: Komiyama Haruka 込山榛香
Nickname: Komiharu こみはる
Date of Birth: 1998/9/12 (14)
Hometown: Chiba
Blood Type: B
Favourite AKB48 Member: Watanabe Mayu, Oshima Yuko
Current Unit Song: Pajama Drive
Watching her performances and emcees immediately lowers one's blood pressure. Her charm point is definitely her joyous smile, and it's hard not to smile yourself even if you are just looking at her perform on your computer monitor. Her favorite food is melonpan.

Name: Sato Kiara 佐藤妃星
Nickname: Kiichan きぃちゃん
Date of Birth: 2000/8/11 (12)
Hometown: Chiba
Blood Type: B
Current Unit Song: Pajama Drive
Favourite AKB48 Member: Maeda Atsuko
Seichan is currently the youngest AKB48 member. Though pretty shy during emcees, she has a cute voice and vibe that makes her performance a joy to watch. She needs to work on the sharpness of her dance though.

Name: Tsuchiyasu Mizuki 土保瑞希 
Nickname: Mizuki みずき
Date of Birth: 1996/10/5 (16) 
Hometown: Osaka
Blood Type: O
Favourite AKB48 Member: -
Current Unit Song: Kagami no Naka no Jean Da Arc
Pretty outspoken during emcees, she definitely fits right in with her seniors.

Name: Fukuoka Seina 福岡聖菜
Nickname: Seichan せいちゃん
Date of Birth: 2000/8/1(12)  
Hometown: Kanagawa
Blood Type: -
Favourite AKB48 Member: Kojima Haruna
Current Unit Song: Kagami no Naka no Jean Da Arc
Initially shy, she has shown improvement in the later stages and has been speaking out more during emcees.

Name: Mukaichi Mion 向井地美音 
Nickname: Miion みーおん
Date of Birth: 1998/*1/29 (15) 
Hometown: Saitama 
Blood Type: O
Favourite AKB48 Member: Kojima Haruna
Current Unit Song: Tenshi no Shippo
Mion was a popular child actress and has been cast in various dramas, movies, and commercials. Her prior history has made her one of the more notable member of the 15th Generation.

Name: Yumoto Ami 湯本亜美 
Nickname: Yuami ゆあみ
Date of Birth: 1998/1/29 (15) 
Hometown: Saitama 
Blood Type: O
Favourite AKB48 Member: Oshima Yuko
Current Unit Song: Junjou Shugi
Although Yuami is able to hold herself decently during introductions and emcees, I personally feel that Yuami can do more to improve her expressions during performances. One of those "normal members at first sight," Yuami will have to work on getting a distinctive feature or point to gain more appeal.

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