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04 November 2009

[RIVER] 2nd week sales

Haven't posted about the RIVER sales for some time. In future I wouldn't post about the sales if the single isn't in the top 10 until the end of the week.

The daily sales of Week 2 was a rollercoaster ride with AKB coming in and out of the ranking few times. They started week 2 day 1 at #18 to then charge back in at day 2 to #4. They then went back down to #11 on day 3. Day 4 and 5 were at #9 and went up 1 spot to #8 for day 6. Then there was a sudden drop back to #19 on day 7.

Week 2 sales scored pretty high despite the release of other big artists like KinKi Kids, UVERworld and Morning Musume. KinKi Kids's [Swan Song] took the #1 spot as usual with 160,407 sales, Morning Musume's [Kimagure Princess] at #4 with 36,274 and AKB48's [RIVER] took #5 with 16,943 sales. That brings the total sales to 195,522. Only 4,478 copies left until it breaks the 200,000 mark. That should be reached hopefully by the end of this week. Incredibly, RIVER's week 1 sales beat Swan Song's week one sales by 18,172 copies. That is a big achievement. Great job girls.

RIVER starts week 3 on a good note at #5, behind BIGBANG. Kanjanni8, another Johnny's group, took the #1 spot with 84,078. #3 sales stands at 7067. On an interesting note, Kimagure Princess dropped all the way to #28.

TOTAL WALLETRAEP AMOUNT (as of 04 November, 2009)
Week 1: 178,579 X 1,600 yen = 285,726,400 yen or 3,137,167.46 USD
Week 2: 16,943 X 1,600 yen = 27,108,800 yen or 298,194.01 USD
TOTAL: 195,522 X 1,600 yen = 312,836,200 or 3,441,154.68 USD

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