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07 January 2010

15th single name: [Sakura no Shiori]

The name of the 15th single has been announced to be [Sakura no Shiori], which translates into something like Bookmark of the Cherry Tree (according to online translators). There will be 3 different versions to be released. Type A, Type B and Theatre version.
All 48 girls (new Teams so no Meetan, CinDy and so on) will be in Sakura no Shiori. There still isn't much information about Majisuka Rock. Previews aren't even out yet. Enkyori and Choose Me are performed by the PB and YJ Teams. Each single will come with a handshake ticket.

Sakura no Shiori (Type A)
01. Sakura no Shiori (桜の栞)
02. Majisuka Rock 'n' Roll  (マジスカロックンロール)
03. Enkyori Poster (遠距離ポスター) (Team PB)
04. Sakura no Shiori (off vocal ver.)
05. Majisuka Rock ' Roll (off vocal ver.)
01. Sakura no Shiori (PV)
02. Majisuka Rock 'n' Roll (PV)
03. Enkyori Poster (Team PB) (PV)
04. Bonus Movie (卒業おめでとう)映像 ("Congratulations for Graduating!" Movie)

Sakura no Shiori (Type B)
01. Sakura no Shiori (桜の栞)
02. Majisuka Rock 'n' Roll  (マジスカロックンロール)
03. Choose Me! (Team YJ)
04. 桜の栞 (off vocal ver.)
05. マジスカロックンロール (off vocal ver.) 
01. Sakura no Shiori (PV)
02. Majisuka Rock 'n' Roll (PV)
03. Choose Me! (Team YJ) (PV)
04. Bonus Movie (ほんとは好きでした)映像 ("The truth is that I really loved you" Movie)

Also on AKBINGO last night (or this morning), a performance of Sakura no Shiori was aired. Damn I so epicly love the song. I'm such a sucker for this type of music. It's like my 3rd favourite single song right now (1st and 2nd is RIVER and Kimi no Koto). It just sounds so calm peaceful and angelic. I think this will be a big hit. Maybe slightly lesser than RIVER (it's just too awesome) but still a very big hit. I am however worried. There are quite a lot of negative comments on S48 and Gogo. Quite a number of people hate it. It's also isn't the type of song that that most wotas would loop forever and ever. Even though I did just that and looped the song for 100+ times \m/. Nevertheless it is a graduation themed song and it is released near the graduation period and is aimed at the graduating people. Here are the previews. BTW WHERE IS AMINA IN THE AKBINGO PERFORMANCE!!!!

AKB48 - Sakura no Shiori (桜の栞) (AKBINGO performance)

AKB48 - Sakura no Shiori (桜の栞) (Tokudane! program)

Cover A and B (A is the one with acchan only) (B has Takamina, Acchan, Jurina)

(Credits to S48's aakun, Criss, RocketStarLauncher, takka, )

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