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15 May 2010

The greatness that is Team B has ended.

AKB48's Team B ended their 4th Stage [Idol no Yoake] on the 19th of April 2010. That's two teams down, only Team A is left. All members of Team B were present at the show. I shall not go into the details of the show because I'm really tired and my schedule is really shit nowadays so I don't really have the time. Instead I'll just do a post about Team B itself. Nothing special.

Team B has always fascinated me. Although they are my least favourite Team out of the three (doesn't mean I hate them, their close behind Team A, and Team K is my eternal no 1), they are a wonderful team just like the other two. A number of people think that Team B is the lousiest Team because the girls in team B aren't featured as much as the girls in Team A and Team K. This is totally not true. The girls in Team B are just as hard-working as the other Teams, if not more. They have worked all the way from being compared to the other two teams when they first started out, to getting Shonichi for #1 at the 2009 Request Hour concert. They have all the qualities that the other two Teams have, they have some of the best songs in AKB, and also Team B has some of the best singers and dancers in AKB. Team B may be my least favourite Team, but it's members and songs have taken many of the high spots in my ranking.

The NEW Team B will have their debut performance on 21 May 2010, just a week away. The NEW Team B's first Stage but the 5th Stage under the "Team B" name. It is titled: 

Team B 5th Stage [Theater no Megami] (The Goddess of the Theater)

Awesome name is awesome. I really can't wait for this to start. If K6 was an indicator, B5 will be awesome too. I can't wait to see what type of songs Aki-P has planned for them, and what song Amina's subunit will get. Hopefully she will get lots of solos in B5, Maybe she will even lead a unit.

(Credits to Makistar, ossan)

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