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23 December 2010

Suzuki Mariya unwell

AKB48 Team B member Suzuki Mariya has been unwell for over a week.

The first sign of trouble started when after her 14th December post about being excited for Christmas, Mariyannu stopped blogging or sending out Mobame(Japanese mobile mail subscription), and her radio show was cancelled.

Then on the 16th, Togasaki wrote on AKB48's official blog about Mariyannu's appearance on the 17th's Team B theater show being cancelled due to health reasons. On the 20th, Togasaki wrote a post about the members not attending Team B's Christmas day theater show, which with 3 other girls, included Mariyannu.

On the very same day, Mariya's blog finally had an update; alas, not from herself but her agency.

Thank you for always supporting us.

Please allow us to report on our agency's Suzuki Mariya.

She is now taking a break, after being looked over by a doctor for her physical condition.
She wants to get better and heal fully, so that she may appear before everyone again.

Our heartfelt apologies for the late announcement, and causing worry to everyone.

We hope to seek your understanding.
Please continue supporting us.

                       Dresscode Corporation

Source: http://ameblo.jp/mariyasuzuki/entry-10742774811.html

Many AKB fans and observers have been speculating what has happened to her because of the prolonged absence that was only explained with a vague reason of having a "physical condition". Some fans have expressed concern while others are spreading malicious rumours, which I condemn because it only serves to make things worse for fans who are genuinely worried.

I myself am worried for Mariyannu. Dresscode was so slow to report on the situation, causing even more worry because a simple illness would not have taken that long to explain. Also worth considering is how a "physical condition" would have restricted her from even sending out Mobame. Since a blog requires sitting up and using a computer, it's understandable. But for Mobame, it only requires a mobile phone. I really hope maybe she just broke a couple of fingers and was unable to type, and then also happened to have a fever (it sounds bad to wish this, but compared to all the other possibilities, this is really one of the better situations I can hope for).

As a sidenote, it would be better to avoid visiting Japanese forums like 2ch discussing Mariya's status. Don't feed the trolls.

Get well soon, Mariyannu! ._.


Yanki☆Mina said...

I hope to hear an update when she is better.

Anonymous said...