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18 March 2011

Team E 1st Stage [Pajama Drive] Review

Hey, sada here! Here's my first review to kick off my time with MELOS no Michi, since there's nothing happening with SKE for the next month. A little late but I think it's fine. SKE48's Team E 1st Stage [Pajama Drive]. I was really excited when I heard this would be their first stage. It's hard to see the girls in the current Live On Demands (LODs) SKE48 is putting out but hopefully better quality videos will come out soon. Also my Team E oshi is Shibata Aya.

Here's your setlist~

SKE48 Team E 1st Stage [Pajama Drive]
OPOverture (SKE48 ver.)---
M01Shonichi初日Opening dayTeam E
M02Hissatsu Teleport必殺テレポートSure-killing TeleportTeam E
M03Gokigen Naname na Mermaidご機嫌ななめなマーメードIll-tempered MermaidTeam E
M04Futari Nori no Jitensha2 人乗りの自転車A bicycle for twoTeam E
M05Tenshi no Shippo天使のしっぽAngel's TailKimoto, Ueno, Shibata
M06Pajama Driveパジャマドライブ-Yamashita, Tsuzuki, Mano
M07Junjou Shugi純情主義Pure-heart principleHara, Takagi, Isohara
M08Temodemo no Namidaてもでもの涙Careless tearsKaneko, Nakamura
M09Kagami no Naka no Jean de Arc鏡の中のジャンヌ・ダルクJoan of Arc within the mirrorUmemoto, Kobayashi, Yamada, Takeuchi, Sakai
M10Two years later--Team E
M11Inochi no Tsukaimichi命の使い道Usage of lifeTeam E
M12Kiss Shite Son Shichattaキスして損しちゃったSet back after a kissTeam E
M13Boku no Sakura僕の桜My cherry blossomsTeam E
M14Wasshoi E!ワッショイE!Heave Ho E!Team E
M15Suifu wa Arashi ni Yume wo Miru水夫は嵐に夢を見るThe sailor dreams up a stormTeam E
M16Shiroi Shirt白いシャツWhite ShirtTeam E
(note: I am watching the 110205 LOD. Shibata Aya is absent from the February LODs for school reasons. She returned in March once her studies were done. Her replacement is Kobayashi Emiri.)

Let's kick off the show with...
M00 - overture (SKE48 ver.)
They showed this cool intro on the main screen. I kind of miss the random lights flying all over the place like in AKB LODs but these are alright.


M01 - Shonichi
Aww Yukari is cute for taking to the crowd.
AND the best opener of a stage starts! This isn't terrible but the stage looks crowded without the hydraulics moving the stage. This stage is small too. Erika is moving like a demon... Slow down girl.  Oh good zoom ins. THIS IS SO NEEDED. I can't see anything with this bad quality LOD. Team E is energetic. There isn't any extremely bad voices that are seeping through. Overall vocals are alright.

M02 - Hissatsu Teleport
Oh I didn't really talk about the outfits did I? Well these outfits have blue and gold pinstripes compare to Team B's pink and gold, I'm assuming. With gold trim and the bottom and black socks instead of red and gold chains. In all other aspects I'm pretty sure they're the same. I do love have Team E interacts with each other while performing. I thought they would still be stiff since it's their first stage. They do the song justice. Their poses are cute.

M03 - Gokigen Naname na Mermaid
*o* I'm so glad they used a different colour other than the blue they used for B3. I really hated the light blue. The yellow looks different too, more orangey. Umemoto and Kaneko's voices are terrible. I am miffed that they are front girls for Team E. The performance is really cute though. The green outfits are so cute~ I really can't get over them.

M04 - Futari Nori no Jitensha
It's a cute song sung by cute girls. Nothing really wrong with it. I love how they interact with each other. With a smaller stage it's easier to follow the performance. I enjoyed this a lot.

M05 - Tenshi no Shippo (from a different LOD)
You'd think that Kanon would have gotten to lead Pajama Drive. But since Kanon is like a little angel, she can stay here <3. God those tails are huuuuuge. XD Kasumi's balloon just exploded. Aya sounds amazing. Everyone is adorable. Their tails are so wiggly. I think they got different gloves. Kasumi's are less yellow.

M06 - Pajama Drive
Yukari isn't so bad in Pajama Drive. I think she suits it more than Kanon by a long shot but I wouldn't mind a concert shuffle of Kanon in PD. These outfits are a million times better than whatever they wear in B3. Haruru's outfit is my favourite by far. Oh are they wearing converse? Nice touch. Oh wait nevermind. Yukari's cardigan is kind of out of place. I wish the outfits had more colour though. Just white is boring. There's a hint of pink but meh. Not bad. I was kind of put off by Tsuzuki and Haruru in the same unit but it's alright. They're better dancers than singers.

M07 - Junjou Shugi
-_-' The autotune in this song is like 2 times as stronger and 5 times as worse. The outfits are slightly different. More sequins and Kyoka's and Yumana's are very similar. I was put off by this unit selection as well. But it's not that bad. I mean the autotune is bad but they aren't that bad of dancers. Oh sweet the random kks are here. Ignoring the autotune, the performance asn't terrible. Minapon worked it. Kyoka looked awkward and Yumana actually tried. I didn't expect that. A nice little turn welcomes in our next unit...

M08 - Temodemo no Namida
I've heard a lot of people saying that they hate this version of the song. That it's terrible and horrible and ruins the song and I realize that it's terrible. But I like the performance, mainly because I'm a big Nakamura fan and the outfits are amazing. I love blue. Kaneko looks like a doll and not a pretty one but I think that is the image she is going for because in the other songs she's energetic. Nakamura is just like... I don't know what to say just diva-ing it out. Kaneko's voice needs major work. Nakamura does too but I can bear listening to her. Just realized that one outfits contrast. AWESOME. The end pose were it looks like they are sniffing their outfits is really awkward.

M09 - Kagami no Naka no Jean de Arc
Our last unit of the stage. ;=; I was really starting to enjoy them.
Ooh Nice flag. I really like how they changed who gets what outfit. I prefer it this way. It's more balanced. The center girls get the colourful outfits and the rest get those. D: Umemoto shut your mouth. Please. Erika doesn't sound too bad. Koami sounds good too. Erika's overdancing works her. I like the change this stage has from loli adorable to cool, dramatic songs that show up after the units. YES GUY ON THE LEFT WHO KNOWS THE DANCE. The audience has been so quiet this entire performance.

M10 - Two years later
Kaneko doesn't sound as bad here. She shouldn't sing cute songs then. Tsuzuki doesn't sound half bad. I'm worried when Umemoto comes in. D: Oh gosh. At least she looks good >_> The outfits are slightly different. I'm pretty sure the B3 ones didn't have lines that glow in the dark. Both socks have pink lines on them instead of the just one in B3. Performance wise this wasn't bad. I kind of wish it was more energetic though. Most of the girls were kind of boring. 

M11 - Inochi no Tsukamichi
Lighting for this stage is really bad but maybe it's intentional to see the glow in the dark stripes. Posing in the beginning is cool, they really look like puppets. Stage looks messy with everyone crowding around. Kaneko's monologue line was cool. The head tilt thing looks terrible without something for the girls to sit on.

M12 - Kiss Shite Son Shichatta
I don't really like this song. I really hate the screaming someone does. Very bored here.

M13 - Boku no Sakura
It's a boring and slow graduation song. These outfits have gray skirts with black and gray ties compared to B3's pink skirts and red, silver and pink ties. I don't think the girls vocals are very good for slower songs. I'm a bit bored with the lack of different types of outfits.

INSERT 01 - Kenkyuusei Dance

M14 - Wasshoi E!
E E E WASSHOI! One of my favourite team songs. There seems to be an echo when they sing. Annoying. Nakamura-kun kills me. It's so rushed. Audience looks so meh. I wished they would get into it. I love the line they get into the end. I really don't like the hats attached at the waist.

M15 - Suifu wa Arashi ni Yume wo Miru
A big meh. It's an intense song and everything but I don't like it very much. I don't think these outfits go very well with the song. I like the meaning but it sounds too rough for me. I realize it's supposed to be this way being about sailors and what not. Not a bad performance. A bit more intense energy would be nice.

M16 - Shiroi Shirts
The show is coming to a close sadly. Shiroi Shirts is a great closer. It has a nice feeling. xD Erika is such a spazz. She's like rocking out to the song. The posing whatever they do near the end is great. 

Final thoughts: It's been a fun performance to watch. You can see most of the members have some difficulty showing the emotions for more dramatic and intense songs. They do their loli, bubblegum cute songs perfectly well. I really enjoyed watching the stage. No one in my mind was a very bad dancer. They were all in step except maybe Kaneko Shiori a few times but I'll let those slide. The second time around it's much better.

B3 for Team E's first stage isn't a really good choice. There's a lot to live up to I guess and for a first stage it's kind of surprising. Don't get me wrong here. I was really excited when I heard they'd be doing B3. It's just... I don't know. It feels weird.

All in all not a bad stage. I hope they'll get more used to the performances and more accustomed to these songs. Next time I see them perform I'm hoping they'll blow me away.


Melos125 said...

THANK YOU sada! Thank you! You ruined my Temodemo >:( . Now I will forever remember the end post as outfit sniffing.

Melos125 said...


sada said...

It has been bothering me since the original. That and Mika's fingers being spaced out so much and crooked really made me hate the performance.

It does look like it though. 8D

You're welcome~