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11 June 2011

New AKB48 Kenkyuusei transferred from NMB48

Announced at today's handshake event, AKB48 was to take in a new member. Her name is Eguchi Aimi, and she took part in NMB48's 2nd generation auditions and passed. Somehow, she got transferred to AKB48's Team Kenkyuusei, generation 12.5.

A few weeks ago in an episode of Star Hime Sagashi Taro, Producer Akimoto Yasushi said in an interview that among the members auditioning, there was this particular one. When he first saw her, he thought "this is the one!", and likened her to SKE48's Matsui Jurina. which shows the amount of skill she had and the kind of expectations he has of her. His exact words were "won't this girl probably shine?"

This is not the first time a member got transferred between groups. When SKE48 just started, Nakanishi Yuka and Deguchi Aki were transferred to SKE48 to help promote the group.

She is quite pretty. At first glace she looks like a mix of Acchan, Tomochin and Amina, with a dash of Yuko and Rena. Since Aki-P compared her to Jurina, I too am expecting a lot from her. I still wonder why he transferred her to AKB Kenkyuusei and not just let her shine in NMB48. One possible reason is that she could be living in Tokyo. She is already on the cover of Shupure, so get ready for some major pushing. Pictures below


Princess♥ said...

She looks pretty and I like her name!
I'm excited to seem her performing ^^

Anonymous said...

She looks like Acchan to me

Anonymous said...

Now we know she's not real xD