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18 July 2011

Itano Tomomi's [Fuini] - 1st Day Sales + Review

A couple of days back, AKB48's Itano Tomomi dropped her 2nd single as a soloist, ふいに(Fuini), on the charts, and came in #1 on the Oricon Daily Chart with close to 51k units sold. Congratulations to her!

Although Tomochin managed to come in #1 on the charts in the first day, it is noticeable that this single has not sold as well as her 1st one, Dear J. To put this into perspective, here's a comparion for the sales of both singles up till now:

Dear J
Day 1:   86,681
Day 2:   26,404
Day 3:   12,085
Day 4:   10,493

Day 1:   50,874
Day 2:   15,589
Day 3:   6,940
Day 4:   5,169

So, why is it not selling as well? Well, for one, Dear J was highly anticipated, as it was the very first production of the first soloist of the top selling group in Japan, AKB48. This could be one reason contributing to why Fuini not doing as well. Still, it is a pretty good result for her, so no complaints there.

I had the chance to check out the tracks on the single, and here's my opinion on the 2nd single for Tomochin below. Overall I think it is not too bad, especially with a powerful title track. It really adds on to the diva-like flavour and image that Hori Pro wants for Tomochin. (3/5)

Fuini (ふいに)
The good: A really charismatic title track, the song made use of a heavy electro backbeat against the vocals, which made it something catchy to listen to. Also, the chorus made a good climax for the song. My favourite for the single.
The bad: With Dear J, I thought this single would have a title track of a different flavour. While the song is good, it would be better to hear a song of a different sort. Too much repetition could make her a artiste that is seen as inversatile.
The extra: Check out the PV for the song if you can! I thought the video was pretty nicely produced. The appeal comes from the PV showing a more mature side of Tomochin.

Come on!
The good: The b-side of the single. It can be heard that this song is influenced from our western neighbours, with a slightly more hip-hop like feel to it.
The bad: The song lacks somewhat a special flavour to be memorable. Also, it is still quite generic to be deemed as a great song.

Boku no Sei(僕のせい)
The good: A slowed tempo ballad, this song does a great job featuring Tomochin's vocals as a whole. Filled with emotions, the number is packaged well, with the piano and acoustic guitar complimenting the singing. A nice way to end off Type A single.
The bad: There could be more variations to the song. I felt like the song could do with more built up and a better climax. Otherwise, the song is not too shabby.

Don't Miss it!
The good: The B-side to the Type B version of the single, the mid tempo song is pretty much a energiser to the tracklist. Very upbeat and catchy to listen to, it ends off well in a uplifting manner.
The bad: Again, another generic song that is not memorable. I probably would not scroll to the song intentionally.
The extra: In this version of the single, it comes with a DVD containing Tomochin having an interview in English. She sounds funny, but I do appreciate her effort for trying (: Some fun to look at.

Tsuki no Inori(月の祈り)
The good: Yet another slowed tempo ballad, this song gives more emphasis to the sadder side of the listeners. The emotions can be felt stronger, and the feelings passed on clearer. A good song in my opinion.
The bad: There could be more opportunities to showcase Tomochin's vocals here. In this song it was rather flooded by the effects. Otherwise, it is something worth listening to.

Dark Side
The good: Star wars? Of course not. This song found in the theater edition of the single gives off a sexy vibe, which is something quite unique in that sense. Sounds like a potential stage song.
The bad:It is quite difficult to find anything wrong for this song, since the feel given off is very unique on its own. Overall a special song to look out for.

So there it is! Do remember to check out the songs for yourself. And as much as possible, support original, support the girls! :)

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