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16 July 2011

SKE48 to open the rollercoaster Takabisha

8 SKE48 members will be attending the opening event of Fuji-Q Highland's newest rollercoaster Takabisha (たかびしゃ) on July 16th at 10:30PM. Also attending the opening is comedy duo Vetoben.

The attending SKE48 members are:
Team S: Ono Haruka, Matsui Jurina
Team KII: Ishida Anna, Mukaida Manatsu
Team E: Ueno Kazumi, Kaneko Shiori, Kimoto Kanon, Nakamura Yuka

The event (but not the coaster) is free admission. The 8 members will have a short talk on the stage right in front of the coaster, before taking a ride on the coaster and then give their impressions of it afterwards.

Meaning "dominant" in English, Takabisha holds the word record for the steepest roller coaster, featuring a 43 meter 121° drop that is sure to make all but the bravest scream their lungs out. The previous record was held by Timber Drop rollercoaster in Fraispertuis City Park in France, which was only 113° steep. Riders will actually experience weightlessness during the 2 second dive.

However the most impressive thing about the Takabisha has got to be it's price tag. The ride costs an impressive 3 billion yen, or 37 million USD, to build. Tickets are priced at 1000yen, meaning it needs to have 3 million tickets sold in order to pay back.

Check out some pictures of the coaster here:

As well as a video of the ride.

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